The Great Conqueror

Chapter 26 - What has he done!

Endure, and endure when there is no more to endure!

The warriors felt a little different atmosphere, it seems that the wild attack in the Soros is on the defense, and the defense of what bright is the attack.

Zou Liang quickly adapted to the rhythm of the other side's attack, in the ferocious attack as long as the attack is not in vain, Zou Liang is also very cautious, he knows that his defense is attacked is no joke, perhaps instantly transformed defense can eliminate a little damage, but there is no shield, this damage is definitely not completely eliminated.

Perhaps from the beginning fearless, all this for Zou Liang is the illusory world of battle, no fear, a person without fear, you can be more comfortable.

In the shadow of the sword, Zou Liang's pace is more oppressive, appearing in a position that makes it more difficult for Soros to get out of the sword, because a defensive-minded person, not only to watch out for his opponent's movements in this step, but also to anticipate his next move, Zou Liang is in a position to bring out a rather threatening attack, that points directly to his shield and armor defenses can not be located.

Soros must be suppressed with a faster attack.

A bizarre scene appeared, Soros in the midst of a frenzied attack actually began to retreat, retreating while returning fire?

An unarmed opponent?

It was so bizarre, so bizarre that there was an uproar under the battle altar.

How is this possible!

This guy just took two steps and forced a fierce tiger-clad warrior to retreat!

The way he was waving his sword frantically seemed to be in fear!

How is this possible!

Is this the Soros known as the Steel Tiger?

Even the warrior following him could not understand, but Zou Liang's heart was in praise, he really could not underestimate the beast, for a warrior who could make a prediction of the follow-up attack, who could underestimate?

Only the weak pay attention to the immediate, the strong focus on the follow-up control, Soros's backward counterattack, so that his prepared attack completely unable to perform, not to mention what a combination of moves.

In 3D fighting, it is too difficult for a master fighter to try to connect a move, because every fighter will have a pre-determined, dangerous not to try.

Because what you fear, will certainly happen!

Soros did not because of the battle altar below the scornful doubt and any distraction, because the same thing happened to him, that time is the shame, and now ...... is not!

He absolutely trust his own judgment, every step back incomparably calm.

This is an opponent who is moving towards maturity in both combat skills and mental state.

Zou Liang is excited!

I have always thought that in the beast race can not touch such a person, now see is that he is guilty of gullibility, to cold weapon fighting through hundreds of years or even longer beast race certainly have more advanced combat skills.

In the moment of Zou Liang's excitement, Soros's eyes lit up, in the sense that the opponent's state a momentary change, followed by the inevitable attack, Soros is afraid of the other party has been evasive, that is like a waiting viper, waiting for a fatal blow that will appear at some point, but if the viper makes an attack, he will no longer be scary!

Zou Liang's body really made a shift in weight, which is the precursor to the attack!

This is the moment!

Soros struck, has been protecting the body of the tiger shield fiercely a diagonal upward ruffle, while the hand fang sword in the moment of cover to kill.

This is one of the Tiger tribe's killing moves - Tiger Shield Kill!

Soros used this move to kill three warriors who were stronger than his beast spirit.

The moment the giant shield is raised, not only destroys the rhythm of the opponent's attack, but also acts as a shield, while the fang sword is attached to the tiger shield stabbed out, incomparable concealment, and this move in the hands of Soros incomparably cold and pure, the whole set of movements like a flowing water to make out.

And this time the center of gravity has moved Zou Liang want to dodge, the first to defy their own power.

Soros's eyes are filled with the light of victory!

Kill ~~~~~

Once you see Soros tiger shade kill appeared, his followers burst up wild roar, this is how invincible kill move ah!

Miso ......

A strong warning sign appeared, his invulnerable Tiger Shade Kill actually pierced empty!

How is this possible!

Where is the opponent?

Stepping ......

Zou Liang's foot collapsed violently on the tiger shield, the tiger shield heaved, Zou Liang's body flipped forward, mid-air feet like death chains strangled Soros's neck.


Click ......

Huge force came, Soros hard top, this moment he once again felt the death of the descent, but he did not give up, must hold out.

Soros clenched his teeth desperately, he is Tego, to hold on with the power of Tego!

This is a deadly hold on, as long as Soros a loose neck will be broken, he held on, a surge of confidence, but the crisis did not end.

The body rolled, suddenly as death strangled his neck feet loosened, at this time the body is not controlled and the ground vertical, a strong sense of crisis surged to the heart, swiftly a foot in front of the eyes to expand, Soros's pupils shrink violently!

Zou Liang's right leg with a violent swing, the back of the foot inside buckle - side kick kill!


The fragile neck of Soros, who was hanging upside down, instantly snapped, and his body lost control and tumbled out if a stone smashed into the ground.

Somehow the battle altar has gathered thousands of people around, incomparably quiet.

Zou Liang slowly put away his feet, that gaze as cold as a million years of ice, that moment Zou Liang is a cruel warrior, with the most appropriate and direct moves to check the enemy to death.

The battle, like a lion pouncing on a rabbit, every blow must be used with full force!

A powerful armored warrior, the neck completely broken, bizarrely laid aside, this is what kind of strength.

At this moment, people understand why Soros came up to express that kind of tribute.

Because ...... powerful!

And in the beast race, the greatest respect for your opponent is to give your all!

Zou Liang's gaze slowly retracted, just that moment is completely combat state, wait until the fight is over to remember ...... day ah, his purpose this time is to test the strength of the beast spirit armor, what has this done!

In a look around,...... my ass, this is what eyes, this group of guys should not want to group assault it, how are all such a straight stare at him.

The empty battle altar was crowded, but incomparably quiet, nearly a thousand people witnessed this incredible battle, simply legendary incredible skills, especially the hunting shadows present, but also for this kind of action crazy, that is what a subtle dodge, what a flexible attack!

Let all the hunting shadow despair tiger cover kill, in front of him is so unbearable, and the final attack is how decisive and ruthless, a fatal blow.

This is the realm that countless shadow hunters are fascinated by, is this man a shadow hunter?

What is it?

No one knows.

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