The Great Conqueror

Chapter 22 - Ghost drawing?

Zou Liang then realized that he was a little too forgetful and hurriedly let go, "Really, I'm afraid it's not good, right?"

"Hmph, trying to provoke me, it's useless."

Zou Liang laughed and began to flip through the book, teasing the beautiful little princess in a good mood, it seems that the world is not only cruel, or quite a few beautiful things.

Really when Zou Liang looked in, a whole new world appeared in front of his eyes, creation!

Inside some basic introduction, let him incomparably comfortable, because it is designed with a large number of mechanical principles, tectonic principles, this world's technology obviously can not be compared with the Earth, many ideas are derived from experience, and Zou Liang is to know what it is also know what it exists.

The first time he appeared, he stood in the soul engraving patriarchal level, perhaps some small technical he still need to hone, but from the theory and eyes, to find a rival is also incredibly difficult.

Zou Liang did not think much about it, completely into it, because in his previous life he lived twenty-seven years, the only life skills is engineering production, with which knowledge to do this cold weapon construction is really a bit pedestrian, not to mention his love of fighting, himself also like to imitate the weapons in which to do some of their own models, this interest in that world looks little future, in this world is hot!

Zou Liang completely forgot about time, forget about the side of Alicia, people live too need to identify, perhaps the soul engraver profession, can make up for his past life regrets, but also to establish the existence of this life.

This is not a dream, this is the real self.

The first thing is that the soul engraver has the strength to be called a soul engraver, but Alicia's ideal is to become a war cry priest, so she did not do any work in this area, and did it with her chin propped up on the side watching Arthur.

Bill's patience is not very good, Bill read the book, about a few minutes to get bored, and soul engraver things are the most meaningless, but also the most difficult to understand, once encountered can not understand the place it is difficult to continue, but the situation is the opposite, Arthur at first or casually flip, but unconsciously began to seriously.

"Give me paper and pen!"

Zou Liang said without looking back.

The other party's gaze was completely in the book, completely forgetting everything around.

Men look particularly handsome when they are serious, especially a thinking man, Arthur is certainly not pretending, but really need to record something.

Looking at Alicia fell asleep on the table, while the room Arthur is repeatedly drawing, one after another scrapped, and drawing ......

Until the day was hazy dark, Arthur stretched and turned his neck, it's been a long time since he worked so hard.

"Ah, it's dark, the canteen is out of food!"

Until paying attention to the surrounding rooms, Zou Liang realized that this is no longer a school, too engrossed, combined with their own understanding, has forged a whole set of armor style for Ernest.

Olivia also raised her head, straightened her body and patted her mouth, yawned, "Such a boring thing you can also look at all afternoon, the young man has a future."

Zou Liang smiled, he found a lot of feeling, just came here, like a dream, only thinking about escaping, but after experiencing the battle, the influence of Arthur's soul is great, feel like they are also sixteen years old, but he forgot that he is Zou Liang, even if he came to this world, he ultimately want to do is their own.

Looking at the pretend old-fashioned Olivia, Zou Liang felt that this root orphanage sister like, the little ones always want to make others feel that they are adults.

"Bored, right, look a little long, in fact, you can not have to accompany me."

"That can not be, at least I am also a sister, come let sister see, an afternoon drumming up something?"

Alicia jumped to Arthur's front, looking at the table full of drawings, picked up a, the above is a dense number of symbols, and are three-dimensional design, perspective, overall diagram, partial diagram.

Olivia frowned, "What the hell is this drawing, or throw it away, the high priest see to scold, ah, these are the silk for prayer ......"

Olisia took the point of paper where enough, and Zou Liang did not pay attention to what was used, as long as you can draw it casually took over.

"What can not let me see ah." Thomas walked in, pretending to smile all afternoon, his face was stiff.

"Hee hee, nothing, ah, it's dinner time, Arthur, let's go eat."

Olivia hurriedly blocked the table, but with her size, how could she block it.

As soon as Thomas saw the silk on it, his face sank, the little ancestor, this is used to write the holy word, Thomas rushed over, this look, the heart immediately cooled, these little guys are too able to waste.

This is what the hell drawing charms?

Thomas, after all, is not Olivia, at least a copper engraver, decades for the soul engraving love, so he quickly found the mystery.

Soon, Thomas's hand shook, a handful of all the silks were snatched up, one by one, that small eye stare as big as a copper bell.

Olivia knew that something was wrong, and that the high priest was so angry, "Uncle Thomas, it's my fault, I shouldn't have drawn, regardless of Arthur's business."

Zou Liang where is a fear of things master, "these are my paintings, master master, disciple think, do you want to invite me to rub a meal."

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Thomas's head shook like a rattle, "Patriarch, this is a patriarchal work, the beast god has revealed his spirit, hahahahaha!"

Thomas clutching the drawing a bit of hand dancing, feverish.

Olivia was completely dumbfounded, what was going on, as the supreme leader of a large city temple, the spokesman of the beast god, solemnity was a must, to let Thomas become like this.

"Arthur, is this really your anthropomorphism?"

Zou Liang stood up and wiggled his butt, "Oops, I'm hungry, and I can't think of anything when I'm hungry."

"Ah, rice, dinner, dinner right away."

The Grand Master's farce to the point of the same as the rattle, from the moment this drawing appeared, Arthur's position is completely different.

Thomas knew very well what was standing in front of him, this could be the genius who was going to reverse the temple's disadvantage in soul engraving!

"Olivia, let's go get Ernest together, this guy is probably starving too."

"Okay, let's go."

"Master-sama, please prepare a dinner, a little more generous, a little tired today."

"No problem, of course no problem." Thomas's face smiled like a lotus flower in full bloom.

When Zou Liang and Olivia arrived at their residence, they found Ernest trembling like a pendulum, but still stiff.

The actual fact is that this fool has been standing all day!

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