The Great Conqueror

Chapter 21 Cheap Master

"Beast spirit exists in our body is chaotic, no attributes, but the soul engraver is to discover the power contained therein, after centuries of accumulation, soul engraving has formed a standardized system, and discovered five major attributes, arcane, attack, defense, speed, agility, five attributes cleverly matched to create invincible beast warriors! "

At this time Thomas's expression is incomparable gods and goddesses, add a halo on your head can do God.

Thomas is still worried that Arthur can not understand, although his talent is very good, but the Bill race's head are relatively stupid, Thomas is also a certain psychological preparation, waiting for Arthur to ask questions, as a competent priest, must have is patience.

Looking at Thomas's enthusiastic little eyes, Zou Liang also widened his eyes, the atmosphere suddenly stopped, he did not know why Thomas looked at him like this.

"Ahem, Arthur, don't you have any questions?" Thomas asked kindly, for the apprentice to be as warm as the sun, alas, the chronic disease of the Bills, dumb enough to not even have a problem.

"Teacher means that you understand the clever combination of the five attributes?" Olivia asked with a smile, looking like she was not the least bit unfamiliar with these things.

Zou Liang heard very seriously, "five attributes according to the warrior's own internal beast spirit's attribute tendencies, as well as occupational characteristics of a comprehensive consideration, and then develop a plan to create a suit."

Thomas and Olivia face to face,...... this is Bill?

It is simply Fox ah.

Thomas pressed the heart of the surprise, "very good, a very comprehensive and profound understanding, like hunting shadow tendency to attack, agility, speed, archers focus on attack, agility, to fully consider the characteristics of the profession and the warrior's own conditions."

The high priest also did not expect, just a simple talk, Arthur grasped the essence of the soul engraver.

Zou Liang, on the other hand, smiled bitterly, this kind of comprehension is the most basic of a graduate student, can not understand is really the brain problem, suddenly, he understood his huge advantage, that is the concept, he is equal to stand on a very high level of understanding the world, this advantage is unprecedented.

Seeing his disciple so intelligent, Thomas is also eloquent, beast type change, lies in stimulating the instinct, equivalent to punching, the early stage is relatively simple, the later the more difficult, can break through the silver light level into the great golden shine state of the beast few and far between, in this process, the role of the soul engraver is mainly to guide, and the soul engraver's greatest ability lies in the armor change, and armor change is indeed the current mainstream, after all, like Archer Shadowhunter Battlecry Priest and other professions are generally armor change.

"To create armor is divided into three steps, the first, mimicry, the so-called mimicry is the style of armor, according to the height and size of the armor changes and other data to create, and currently better armor style is basically monopolized by the soul engraver guild."

Thomas paused for a moment, realizing that he said a little bit of the mouth, dry cough a few times, "Of course our temple also has a lot of secret design, as long as you have the strength, the temple is not as stingy as the engraver's guild."


Zou Liang psychological smile, this is not the design? The first thing you need to do is to design this east where they are.

"High priest, our temple really have, how I do not know?" Olysia asked curiously.

"Ahem, this your main occupation is not a soul priest." Thomas was a little embarrassed.

"Arthur, mimicry is actually the key to soul engraving, if you can't get a good drawing in your hands, then the talent is even better, and the armor you build is also in vain."

Olisia really put their own as a senior sister, the look of a small adult look Zou Liang straight want to laugh, their own mental age at least twenty-seven, how still with a child, but Zou students directly put the blame on Arthur's soul.

"Olivia said good, but that is also to advanced after the need to pay attention to, with a good mimicry, and then is to build, the shorter the time, the less the beast spirit consumption, the better the data of the armor, of course, we can use some techniques to make up for it, which is the beast spirit of the demon, this is a skill, wait for practice when I give you specific, simply put, the soul priest is a noble profession of the mind and hand, Arthur, the Bills are a little worse in this regard, despite your talent, but must work hard ah."

"Yes, master, the dumb bird flies first, I will work hard."

Arthur see the soul priest cracked a giggle, it seems that the high priest Thomas is taking him as that straw that saves his life, this probably involves the big picture of the whole Mengjia Empire, the struggle between the temple and the grand consul, the actual control of the temple has declined over the years, and the great Rhineland grand consul Pompey has entered the peak of the golden armored warrior, just one step forward will lead to an imbalance in the situation, and the soul engraving The division guild is obviously somewhat inclined to the consul system, the three parties can not split and compete with each other.

Of course Zou Liang such a small role is not to consider these.

"You experience yourself first, the books here feel free to read, if there is anything you do not understand you can ask Olivia, I still have a prayer service to lead."

Thomas is also a busy man, for Arthur, he is just a hope, perhaps itself is the soul priest line, even the high priest sometimes also desire a miracle, but the result is what, it will not have much impact on him.

A soul engraver, not only to be good talent on the line, there are various aspects of the conditions that govern ......

As soon as Thomas left, Olivia stood up, looking at Arthur suspiciously, slowly turning in circles, carefully sizing up, looking at Zou Liang a little scalp, this eye is not quite right.

"Strange, strange, too strange, you are really the Bills?" Olivia said with big eyes waiting for Zou Liang, as long as the other party's eyes have a flicker, she will immediately find.

"Of course it is, could it be that the Bill mark on my head is a fake?" Zou Liang pointed to his forehead.

"The beast spirit seal can also be faked, but I think you can't get it, I thought you were stupid, but I didn't think it was very smart."

Olivia stuck her waist, like a curious baby.

Zou Liang stretched his back and laughed: "You are also very smart, when I first saw you, I thought you were a little nymphomaniac."

"You are the one who is a little nymphomaniac, dare to talk to senior sister like that, looking for a fight!"

Olivia's pink fist punched over, this is completely little girl's psychology, Zou Liang unceremoniously grabbed the other party's small fist, so soft, so cute.

"Girls, be gentle, don't move to throw a punch."

"People want to be war song priestess!"

"Do you sing well?"

"Just said you're smart you're stupid, war songs and not singing, Olivia singing but the best, but you're bad, do not sing to you!"

Their own small hands are still being held by Arthur, Olisia also feel that this master brother is too bad, feel very strange, can not be so always be held by him, Olisia or break free a little.

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