The Great Conqueror

Chapter 20: The movie star

Although there are not many things, but clean up and organize the room also used a day of time, Ernest always go to bed early and get up early, as soon as it is dark fall back to sleep, for him every day is happy.

Zou Liang but to organize their thoughts, it was the end of the mountain, and suddenly there is a darkness, is not a good thing is not certain, it seems that the high priest seems to want him to regain the temple in the soul engraving disadvantage, although the overall is not comparable, get a genius gas soul engraver guild is also good, to their level, the fight is this face.

The soul engraver's guild, Zou Liang also has no good feelings, there are rivals is good!

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

Yelusamo City a huge estate, a young man is practicing sword, surrounded by more than ten warriors together, still can not break through his sword network.

Boom ......

More than ten warriors exploded together, the young man proudly collected his sword, a Fox butler hastily sent a towel, "Young master, you are in good shape today, I think it won't take long to perform soul engraving."

"Oh, no, still improving, only the best state can create the best beast spirit armor, every single one of my stats must be perfect!"

"That's for sure."

The young Rheinlander wiped his sweat, his golden hair glistening in the sunlight, "What has Ichabod been doing lately?"

"Young master, Ichabod had the armor created for him by the Satsuma Silver Light Engraver, I heard the data is quite perfect, he has been practicing his combat skills in seclusion recently, I think he wants to show it at the spring festival."

Chief Steward Fox said respectfully.

"He is eleven wins in the beast spirit world, right?"

"Yes, young master, according to our surveillance, it is eleven wins, which is still a bit short of your thirteen wins, young master."

Ichabod Randy, the Panther clan, the Randy family is also one of the five great clans of Yerushalayim City, and Kurt and Ichabod are recognized as the two most talented young people of the young generation of Yerushalayim City, as the Rhineland clan, Kurt naturally took the route of armored warrior, while Ichabod is a shadow hunter, and although the two are only sixteen years old but both have become the key training target of their respective guilds.

The corners of Kurt's mouth spread a confident smile, "Amos, don't you think that's what makes it interesting, it's too lonely without an opponent."

"Young master is wise, Cantone Silver Light Engraver has already vacated his time for you, he will do his best to create the best white outfit for you!"

Cote nodded, the Rhine, is the beast gods favored beast race, has a balanced strength, speed, agility, offense and defense, and the ability he showed more outstanding, coupled with excellent combat skills, in Yerushamo City, can teach him a high and low has been only Ichabod this guy, the two have become warriors since the fight has been three years, mutual victory and defeat, now is a juncture, become a white suit warrior.

Cote actually also long ago stored enough beast spirit, but he is not in a hurry, but to prepare more adequately, and strive for an optimal data, which is more secure, after all, for armored warriors, less a beast power point, the future of this difference will be increasingly large, so in the easiest to control the white suit can not be half negligent.

With the identity of the temple, one or two students casually say hello on the line, and the college would have been a basis for the major guilds and temples.

Perhaps because of a good night's sleep, the two brothers got up earlier, Ernest honestly stand pile, this time not only the two arms are placed on the bowl filled with water, the head also put a, Zou Liang also did not forget to tell Ernest this bowl is borrowed from the temple, very expensive, broken can not afford to pay, and break the bowl of the priest is a disrespect to God.

This can be Ernest scared, honestly hold up.

Putting Ernest aside, Zou Liang went to find his cheap master Thomas, this world unless the bored nobleman, most early to bed and early to rise, I think the high priest is also the same.

The high priest has been busy with various things over the years, but never put down for soul engraving, but to the copper brand level also stagnated, and I'm afraid that the technology in the soul engraver's guild of copper brand can only be considered medium, after all, in this area of attainment, the soul engraver's guild is too strong, hundreds of years of accumulation is not the temple can compare, this is also the high priest's regret, inheritance is easy, create difficult, especially the design of such things Something that requires spirituality, a bad design is the end of everything.

The high priest finished the morning class, see Arthur has been waiting early at the door heart is also relatively satisfied.

"Good morning, master." Seeing Thomas, Arthur also showed a bright smile.

"Come with me, I'm going to teach you the basic teachings of soul engraving starting today." Thomas nodded his head.

Zou Liang's heart smiled, learning such a craft, in the future he and Ernest's sustenance is not a problem, of course, the most important thing is that he is also extremely interested in soul engraving, second only to the pursuit of power.

"High Priest, I want to hear it too!" A crisp voice rang out, somehow Olisia also arrived, the little girl today tied a pink headband, looking even more pink.

"Ahem, Olivia, didn't you learn these basic things at ......?" Thomas stroked his beard and said, frankly speaking, he did not want to come on vacation Alicia know too much.

"Nominal disciple is also a disciple, ah, and at home I heard that the high priest used to be very, very famous soul priest, for our temple great glory, Olicia also want to learn."

Olisia said reverently, her big eyes shining with adoration.

"Haha, that's true, come along."

A thousand wears a horse's ass, the higher the status the more people actually like it.

The first thing is to introduce the history of the soul engraver, which Zou Liang has read countless times in many books, but it is embarrassing to interrupt Thomas's interest in talking about it.

"The beast spirit is the divine power given to us by the beast god, it grows with growth or battle and other various ways, and soul engraving is what allows this potential power to be transformed into actual combat power."

Thomas said, "You can always ask me if you have any questions."

This is the benefit of a private teacher, and as soon as Thomas' words left his mouth, Zou Liang raised his hand.

"Master, why doesn't everyone just use beast spirits to fight?"

"Oh, if beast spirits can fight directly why do we need soul engravers, beast spirits exist in the body if not engraved, it will not increase the combat power." Thomas was not too surprised, and only Bill would ask such questions questioning common sense, "I know there is a warm feeling when there is a beast spirit in the body, the role in battle is minimal, you will be given a specific introduction later.

Zou Liang's heart is in the right place, his face immediately became very pious, smile is also more naive, he felt he should have taken the Northern Film, maybe he can be a movie star.

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