The Great Conqueror

Chapter 2: Heavenly Mutilation

"Yo, if it isn't the Heaven and Earth Twins, it's early today too."

Like the daily opening, the crowd burst into laughter, and those who had just entered followed suit, announcing the start of a pleasant day.

The Hebrew brothers have always been hardworking, but in the Mengjia Empire worship the strong, like they can only be clowns in the eyes of others, the object of flirtation.

Zou Liang smiled slightly, and kindly nodded, not goaded also have to goaded, who let them no money and no power is not a noble, not even strength, but also really no arrogance of the capital, for people to entertain a little is also the value of existence.

The two fatalities of heaven and earth are the two fools of heaven and earth, also called the sky is crippled, a simple-minded limbs are not very developed, a simple-minded limbs are not very developed, when the old bear who did not adopt them for the War College to provide a lifetime of service, they can not enter here.

Zou Liang clear, incredibly clear, but subconsciously feel that they are talking about Arthur, nothing to do with their own, the heart is not much of a feeling.

War College is not all day fighting, each occupation is divided into theoretical courses and practical courses, quite delicate, Mengjia Empire also thousands of years of history, divided, in the civilization thought of high, the law is also relatively perfect, the divine right and secular power combined quite well.

The theory class began, Ou Nist efforts to stare at the big eyes seriously listening, very serious, so that Zou Liang are feeling eyes so wide, eyes will not fall out, but he knows very well, this guy in eight out of ten can not understand anything, Bill bear race although the empire's six races, but the mind is relatively weak, only strong combat power coupled with fertility, as an ally of the Tigers, can maintain such a position.

Zou Liang then eyes around, the above Fox teacher speaks what has absolutely nothing to do with him, the classroom beauty is really quite a lot, at first Zou Liang was worried about the dinosaurs crisscrossing here, but on the contrary, from the perspective of the opposite sex, here is heaven.

The Fox Fox girl's spiritual beauty, Snake Snake girl's enchanting, Leibert Leopard girl's hot body, etc., is simply a man's happy world.

But for the former life is very nerdy, this life is fragile Zou Liang, can only pass the eye addiction, the beautiful women will not look at him, even if they look, nine out of ten is also directly skipped.

A morning time is flying, look east and west, in a sleep soon passed, in fact, think about it is full of happiness.

The contentedness is always happy.

"Big brother, let's go training together this afternoon."

"This one of mine is also for you, big brother has to go to the library in the afternoon, you go by yourself."

Perhaps the only family in this lonely world, Zou Liang also has a very good feeling towards Ernest, not to mention that Ernest also treats him with immense respect, even if no one else treats him as a human being.

"It's all because I'm useless and have to make big brother work." Ernest scratched his head, but still happily swept up the food on Wang Dong's plate.

Zou Liang helplessly smiled, perhaps like Ernest is really happy, everything is optimistic, no worries, said Arthur is also considered an alien in the Bills, surprisingly so persistent, think about yourself is not as good as him, what was persistent in his previous life?

It seems that after the college entrance exams, life is liberated, the only thing that can hold up the persistence is the game, but unfortunately, their professional and game ability in this world is not useful at all, should have known better than to do a cook, what mechanical engineering, God how not to remind him of the time of the university entrance exams.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

"Hello, may I ask which side of the herbal illustration category?"

Zou Liang is bored lying on his back, a soft voice came to his ears, Rui Porter rabbit tribe, so fine and soft and polite, definitely not the style of the arrogant six major tribes.

The majority of rabbits belong to non-combat professions, in the empire is relatively weak, but there is no shortage of rich merchants, but Mengjia Empire, the size of the voice is determined by the strength of combat strength, light money or not enough.

Zou Liang snapped his head up, beauty!

Among the beast beauty, the rabbit's body but let people spurt blood, it is true, Zou Liang did almost spurt, the rabbit beauty in front of you is quite impressive, this majestic enough to make people tremble, feel for people do not know rabbit girl, read all x film also in vain ah.

"What are you looking at, talk." A yell, immediately wake up Zou Liang from the fantasy, a Bill clan, but the brothers are the Bill clan in the College of shame, the major clan competition, the Hebrew brothers are often taken out to attack the Bill clan, so the same clan is also very bad for them.

"Right, turn left is."

Zou Liang is not angry, the rabbit beauty frowned, still very polite nod of thanks, but the Bill clan's strong man is a little self-interested.

Although the Mengjia Empire worships strength, but want to bully men and women is not so easy, after all, the divine beast is loving every one of his people, as long as creating problems, peace and quiet life is not bad.

The Bill tribe of this strong man is obviously very interesting to the beauty even chased over to set close, Zou Liang shook his head and continued to doze off on his own, maybe sleep up he returned to his own world, which is a dream.

The sun is setting, Zou Liang began to organize the library, I have to say, this place is really messy, "Grandma, these barbarians do not know that after reading the book to put back in place!"

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

When he walked to the herbal illustration area, he saw that there were still people who hadn't left.

"This student, the library is closing, you can come back tomorrow." Perhaps it was very quiet, under the meaning of Zou Liang used the tone of his world.

The back turned around and looked a little depressed at the unassuming Bill "celebrity", it was the rabbit girl.

"Excuse me, can you give me five minutes, right away."

"OK, I'll pack up also takes a while, just leave before closing." Zou Liang nodded with a smile and went about his business, for the beauty, appreciate appreciation, is the spice of life, he is not a nymphomaniac.

The rabbit girl was a little surprised, but did not care, concentrating on copying the information needed.

But not until Zou Liang left, Zou Liang is not without its rewards, at least after coming here, he remembered the second name Avril, a cute rabbit girl.

Back in the dormitory, Ernest had returned, only to come back lying down, covered in injuries, somehow Zou Liang could not help but be angry.

"Those bastards beat you again by cutting!"

"Big brother, is my poor strength, I will work hard."

"Shit, these guys really fucking deserve it!" Zou Liang is really angry, in his memory, Ernest has been beaten like this more than once, can cut sparring cut like this.

He did not want to provoke anyone, but how someone always find fault, this world is also really cheap ah!

Zou Liang's sudden outburst of foul language was spoken in Mandarin, Ernest looked bewildered, of course, knew that big brother was angry for his own good.

"You wait, I'll help you bandage it."

The basic medical Zou Liang will still be, in fact, even if not get to Ernest's recovery, this kind of superficial injuries will not take long to heal, just look at his nose and eyes swollen, Zou Liang heart can not help but anger upward.

Suddenly, Zou Liang froze, he ...... really got into the role?

(The next shift, around five o'clock in the afternoon, the new book for recommendation votes ah!

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