The Great Conqueror

Chapter 19 Cheap Master (five more finished, recommended votes!)

Dizzy, got lost in thought again.

"Let's cheer together."

"Okay, let's call out for Master Sister first." Olicia stuck her waist and laughed.

"Sister? What sis?"

"Don't you know, I'm the name-bearing disciple of the Grand Priest, although you are a closed disciple, but the initiation is later than me, you have to call senior sister."

At the thought of being a senior sister, Olivia's eyes were bent with laughter, and that look could make a man faint.

And Zou Liang did faint, unknowingly called the sister, so small has been captivating, grow up still, God ...... beast God bless, they have to top ah!

"Master brother good, sister please take you for a ride!"

Today is indeed the happiest day for Olisia, to come here really came right, this hundred years the first Bill soul engraver is she found!

The first thing you need to do is to look at Olivia's sly gaze, Zou Liang had to correct his judgment of her, and at first he really took her for a little girl who didn't know anything.

Under the leadership of Olisia, Zou Liang has an understanding of the basic composition of the temple, the priests are mainly divided into spirit priests and war priests, like soul priests, and some small groups of subdivision of the priests are basically playing the sauce.

The war priest that Olivia wants to become is the war song priest, using the beast spirit power to cause resonance and instantly improve the combat power of the warriors.

But the war song priest is indeed full of danger, the beast spiritual power of this profession is mainly used in the helmet, the maximum to strengthen the AoE, defense and close combat ability is quite poor, and general combat is also the object of focus, can be said to be the favorite of the shadow hunter.

Olivia rarely meet a dumber than her, this does not know, that also does not know, the whole a curious baby, a want to know, a willing to say, will meet a good talent, the two East pull west long forgotten the time.

Until the two are hungry this only remembered that there is the high priest this back, and in fact the high priest has long been anxious, sent priests everywhere to find them, but do not dare too loud.

The two of them were hungry, and then they remembered that there was a high priest.

Thomas has a brand-new priestly robe in front of him, to immediately circle Arthur, once the word gets out, like Sam Anderton such unscrupulous old unashamed still do not know what tricks will be used!

Fortunately, the other party is a Bill, if it is Fox or something, he is really hard to keep, but Bill's words, move with love and reason, Bill is more dead-eyed, or a great grasp.

It seems that Olivia is really a blessing, the first time to bring people back to bring this baby.

The more you think about it, the more pleased you are, but the Lord High Priest is also a little anxious about where the two little ones ran off to.

Until Arthur and Alicia appeared in front of, the high priest only revealed a smile, "Come Arthur, try your priestly robes, although you are my disciple, but also from the beginning of the trainee priests.

Compassion plus solemnity, Thomas high priest also long time not in front of others to play the gods.

Arthur saw the other party acting so hard, of course, to cooperate, "Master, hungry."

"Ah, look at my memory, already let them prepare, do not worry, in the future, the master will not let you hungry."

Thomas heart sighs, look at this ghost world, put so a genius hungry like this.

"Master, I still have my brother, he is still hungry, I can't eat alone."

"Good, good, good, heavy hearted, this is the good people of our beast god, give me the address, I will immediately send someone to pick him up, in the future you brothers should not worry about these things."

Thomas is happy to bloom, this kid is so merciful, they are better to him, the future will not die to follow him, the temple's glory will depend on him.

Thomas is laughing, Zou Liang stared at Arthur Chen pleading face heart is also snickering, alas, the future of the food is finally settled, but hopefully here is not a vegetarian ......

Zou Liang, of course, is next to no one, since the high priest so want to enlist them, kindly he always have to give each other a chance.

"Arthur, recently you will live in the temple, I want to carry out the basic training for you engraver, although you are still talented, but also after hard hard training to become an excellent soul priest's."

"Master, I haven't taken the exam yet." Arthur said vaguely, with a large piece of chicken leg stuffed in his mouth, as to whether it is a chicken from the earth is unknown.

For Arthur and Ernest's rudeness, Thomas did not have the slightest dissatisfaction, and even a little love, the diamond in the rough, the lovely nature of the Bills.

On the side of Alicia very elegant small bites, seems to appreciate the two eat more interesting than their own food, probably never had anyone eat so in front of her.

"It's a small thing, I'll have someone say hello over at Angelo's." Thomas looked at his disciple with great affection.

"And Ernest."

"It's all a small matter, I see that Ernest's body type is perfect for the beast change." Thomas laughed, "It can be your attendant in the future."

Brothers on the battlefield, a choice of armor change, a choice of beast change is very normal, generally beast change will be used as a mount, due to the blood relationship combat power is also extraordinary.

This Arthur has learned in the history of the continent, shook his head, "He will be armored change."

Thomas and Olivia are a little strange, "Why?"

"I'm not in the habit of riding my own brother." Arthur said lightly, maybe it's a normal thing for people in Amond continent, but not him.

Thomas and Olisia both showed a hint of difference, and Olisia's big beautiful eyes showed a hint of appreciation.

Thomas will not dwell on such trivial matters, he sees only Arthur's ability, but this ability can play to what extent depends on Arthur's perception.

The Grand Priest can get to today's status, of course, will not be in a hurry, after the meal to the two prepared time, on the other hand, sent someone to notify the College of convenience, such a small thing to say hello on the line.

Ernest and Arthur looked at their spacious and bright large room a little difficult to accept, "Ernest, after we have to live here temporarily."

Zou Liang put himself on the bed, really comfortable ah, eat people's mouth short, take people's hands short, the high priest so helpful, he must also contribute, it seems that his talent in soul engraving is still good.

It's just that Olivia is still a little disappointed that she can't go out and play, but it's nice to have two more friends, and the little girl is really dedicated to her duties, missing something immediately trotting all the way to find it.

"Big brother, Miss Olivia is really nice." Ernest said, rubbing the back of his head, except for the old man and big brother, no one seems to do this to him.

"You're not bad either, Ernest, the training is going to be even harder in the future, we have to repay people."

Ernest nodded vigorously, Zou Liang lying on the bed, he had a good idea, no matter how the other side is intended, it is good for them, to be generous ah.

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