The Great Conqueror

Chapter 16: Please give me someone who needs to be saved

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Zou Liang is very clear that he can not take care of him for life, teaching people to fish is better than teaching people to fish, he wants to complete his old man's dream, let Ernest become a real Bill Bear warrior!

Ernest gritted his teeth and held on for dear life, usually moving stones are not so sad ......

Zou Liang adjusted his body state, his practice focus or the use of the beast spirit power, in the beast spirit world, is to appear in the state of the beast spirit, the transformation of the beast spirit is almost barrier-free, Zou Liang do the action incomparably smooth, but the real world, to the body and the combination of the beast spirit is the error, must be reduced to a minimum error.

This one big and one small, one standing, one jumping around, indeed, there is the aura of heaven and earth double stupid.

A period of time before the examination, class does not matter, it is everyone's own preparation, Zou Liang to Ernest arranged a day of training program, or mainly to adjust his body, too stiff.

Zou Liang himself came to the Soul Engraver's Guild Yerushalama City branch, no need to ask anyone, the Soul Engraver's Guild building has always been the most gorgeous in a city, this point is not comparable to either the City Lord or the temple.

The Soul Engraver's Guild is located in the center of the city, not far from the Shadow Hunter's Guild was also good, but not afraid of not knowing the goods than the goods, and the Soul Engraver's Guild's group of buildings, compared to a bit of the countryside.

The entrance is two huge stone sculptures, the Earth people like to pose lions, people here pose unknown giant monsters, Arthur's knowledge of this area has not been much supplemented, also can not recognize.

The two upright guards at the door are of the Rhineland, showing more faction.

The first thing you need to do is to get your own food, clothing, and shelter. Zou Liang knows he doesn't have the skills to support his family, but if he can become an engraver, even at the lowest level, he can at least earn enough for their pre-life.

Just as he was about to step through the gate, the clatter of weapons crossing startled him with a pick.

The Rhine guards raised their eyebrows, "Boy, where to go!"

Zou Liang sighed in his heart, these two days still feel that the quality of the orcs is good, this encountered the dog's eye, should be the lion's eye.

"Oh, this big brother, I do not know the words, here is the soul engraver guild?"

"Nonsense, in addition to the Soul Engraver's Guild this Yerushalayim City has the second building well, go aside."

Another Rhine guard is also very impatient, early in the morning, a poor Bill here in the eyes, really is an eyesore.

After all, if you want to make a living here in the future, Zou Liang is still patient, but his tone is also indifferent, "I am here to do the soul engraver test, not here, where do you want me to go!"

"Soul engraver, you?"

The two Rhinelanders looked at each other, followed closely by laughing uproariously, laughing with tears in their eyes.

"He, he wants to be a soul engraver, haha, it's really the biggest joke of the year, I can't, my stomach is twitching."

Two Rhine guards were laughing so hard that a clear cough rang out, "What's all the noise."

A middle-aged man in silver robes walked out, and by the beast spirit mark on his forehead was a Sneak.

"Lord Jacob, this Bill is coming to do the soul engraver test, what do you think?"

As soon as they saw the middle-aged man, the two guards hurriedly became incomparably respectful.

Jacob frowned slightly and frowned, "What nonsense, this is the Engraver's Guild, drive away drive away."

"Yes, my lord."

The silver-robed engraver incomparably arrogant swept a glance at Arthur, the eyes can no longer be described with contempt, as if seeing a monster, Bill also want to become a soul engraver, sows can be on the tree.

Every year there are always so many whimsical young people, the engraver's guild which is not busy with business, will not just waste time.

"Hear that, get out of here before we get mad."

The Rhine guards than criticized, and their faces became ugly.

Arthur shrugged helplessly, there are so many uneducated people everywhere you go, but he had nothing to be angry about, after all, a Bills want to be a soul engraver in addition to Ernest believe, no one really believes.

Obviously the engraver's guild is not, Arthur is also hesitating to go back to it, or to go to the temple to try.

There are eight or nine temples are the same, but after thinking about it, no matter what or to try, try to have a one percent chance, do not try a little chance.

Besides, he really does not want to let Avril help, friends to friends, but this kind of thing will certainly cost a lot of money, owe a favor, this does not feel good.

The actual fact is, the machismo of Zou students is still very exuberant.

The temple is a very big place, but it's a little more modest.

The temple is built with white marble throughout, giving a very comfortable feeling, Arthur this time to keep his eyes open to find a beautiful and kind priestess to lead the way.

Olivia finally became a glorious priest, although she wanted to become a war priest, but after the final test she became a spirit priest, the high priest's teachings are still ringing in our ears, no matter what kind of priest is to proclaim the glory of the beast god, to be friendly to their fellow man, to be cruel to their enemies, to carry forward the bravery of the beast race.

Olisia wanted to do something to shine the light of the beast god, but in the temple everyone gave way to her, I thought that to this remote Yerushalayimah city no one would care about her, it seems that she still underestimated the mother lord, but since she is here, Olisia must do something, she is fifteen years old, is an adult, to become a truly qualified priest!

"Great beast god, please give me someone who needs saving."

Olisia prayed reverently.

And the other side of the unlucky Arthur, originally wanted to find the good face, but he found that the otherwise very good face after seeing him is not very good face, when listening to his request, basically all first froze and then smiled, but the quality of the priests is obviously a little better than the soul engraver guild, at least did not throw him out, but no one is willing to agree to him, after all, bring a Bill to test, will certainly be scolded by the soul priests.

The temple is willing to do soul priests more or less with the family or political relationship, occasionally there will be because of faith dedication, or certainly all run to the engraver's guild, after all, soul engraver in the temple basically nothing to develop, and only the entire temple system can not find a golden shine engraver, the temple is not without efforts, after all, is the servant of the beast god, and soul engraving such close to the ability of the beast god but become a weakness. This makes the temple feel embarrassed.

I'm afraid that this is also the wish of generations of popes, but unfortunately, some things once deep in the hearts of the people, want to reverse, even the temple is also very difficult, on the basis of a point, only the engraver's guild has a high level of armor change design, it is enough to cut off the idea of engraver into the temple.

After all, those who can be a copper brand will not want to stay in white clothes, not to mention that every engraver has a dream in his heart, eager to touch the legendary beast spirit armor.

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