The Great Conqueror

Chapter 100: The top of that thing (second shift)

The spring festival ended, perfectly, but the city of Yerushalayimah still echoed with the battle song of faith, and in the morning, more and more people went to the temple to attend the prayers.

Arthur, the title of Prince of Battle Songs also went unnoticed. This double priest with infinite engraving talent and battle song talent could not be stopped from becoming a celebrity in Yerushalayimoh.

Who said that the Bills could not be dashing?

The battle song priests also began to learn this latest faith battle song with Arthur and will sing it collectively at every weekend's salute.

Of course Zou's position in the temple is also further consolidated, despite being a trainee priest, but basically, his words represent Thomas' meaning, before there were people who were obedient, but now, everyone is heartfelt admiration, it is his efforts to reverse the decline of the temple.

Want to win the respect of others, you must first do something worthy of respect.

Even if it has always been known for the old-fashioned Komu main priest is no longer opposed to Arthur, apparently to win the hearts of old believers like Komu, just rely on will engrave, can make money, engage in relations is useless, he focused on faith, he believes that the priests who can sing this war song, absolutely has a devotion to the beast god, and as Arthur himself said, this is inspired by the beast god.

Although the seniority is far from, but Komu also turned a blind eye.

The priesthood level of the temple is handed down from hundreds of years ago, has not changed, a trainee priest to priest, at least five years, and this is still the case of the establishment of great merit, the reason is that faith originates from the test of time, ability is not the key to verify piety.

The law is correct, but this also leads to the ability of people do not want to stay in the temple, that day is too difficult, which is also afraid that the temple gradually towards the decline of a reason.

Only Zou students but do not care about the false name, these days the real power is the king, the title of this East, he is generous.

The people lined up at the door waiting for the engraving in an orderly manner, after so many things, the people of Yerushalayimah restored respect for the temple, the president of the Shadow Hunters Guild also bowed his head and publicly apologized, which in the past was an unthinkable thing, which is equal to the re-recognition of the leadership of the temple, undoubtedly a hard slap on the face of the consul.

But people do not for their own heaven and earth, Reno can not help, he was in danger, Sara also did not step in to help, then it is not his fault, experienced the spring festival, who knows the future of Yerushalayimah who do the master.

In the eyes of outsiders, Arthur is an outstanding engraved priests, but like the professional guilds these people know, this kid is deeply valued by Thomas, many things Thomas have to ask his opinion, like the matter of offerings, this kid dare to intervene, and surprisingly no one said anything.

The people who will see the wind and rudder, like Renault, where dare to see people as trainee priests, I heard that Thomas is busy with the campaign for the Red High Priest, soul engraving and battle hymn things are basically Arthur is responsible for, Renault still have to beg others ah.

As for the engraver's guild is to give a high compensation, in fact, money is a small matter, the engraver's guild is rich, not bad money, the problem is a big loss of face, Sam Seton's day is very difficult.

War College is about to open, a large number of new students influx, and Zou Liang and Ernest's second-year student status is obviously no problem, Ernest into the armor warrior branch, Zou Liang chose the pharmacist branch, Curt, Randy, Patrice also smoothly become a three-year student.

After the spring festival, everyone is also very busy, Cote they are also busy with their own guild things, to complete the guild on the task given, and Randy is even more heavily used, no way Renault to repair the relationship with the temple, also have to start from Randy, not to mention Randy and Arthur's relationship is good, is known to Yerushalayimoh, which is also Renault's curve policy.

Avril is busy with his family's business, after the spring festival so a publicity, Ripert in Yerushalayimoh turnover surprisingly rose fifty percent, which was not thought of before, and Avril is also a smart person who cited three, immediately launched a similar promotion in other cities, while contacting the temple, sponsorship of some of the temple's activities, the condition is by the way to do publicity, these days the temple is a lack of money, plus The shaman's care, why not do it?

The Zou students are working more, socializing more, they have to train, the time schedule slowly, he has to arrange the battle song and engraving before the start of the school year, and the Avril family offerings have been firmly in first place, so Zou Liang also do not have to waste time for the engraving of others.

The life of Ernest is the most boring, of course, is relative to others, for himself, indeed slowly, three thousand push-ups in the morning, tie horse stance for an hour, go to the Warrior's Guild in the afternoon to participate in some simple combat training, while the morning and evening there is impact training, has now begun to practice the left shoulder impact, as Arthur said, the impact of the impact will have a feeling.

The timing of the impact, the use of force, if you can make the pace better with the force, some things do not need to be taught, practice makes perfect, these details are the most critical, and if at first taught to Ernest, there is no effect at all, but by Ernest's own understanding out, that is the real technique.

By the day before the start of school, the temple of Yerushalayim has entered the right track, soul engraving, Maru has been able to fully undertake this aspect of the work, for this dedicated old priest, Zou students have been treated as a beloved, but also with Thomas to let Maru as the main priest of the matter, and this is obviously within Thomas's ability, as long as a suitable opportunity to talk to the Sparrow shaman on it.

When the news was revealed to Maru, the old Maru were moved speechless.

At this time, the Holy See also launched a debate, the center of the debate is naturally whether the Battle Hymn of Faith can become one of the holy songs of the Holy See.

The eight shamans also had their own ideas about this.

"Your Majesty, the hymn is of great importance, so I think we should be cautious."

"Your Majesty, this battle song is suitable for proclaiming the will of the beast god, uplifting the people, and is helpful for raising faith."


Has been between the sound of debate within the Holy See increasingly want, the conservative faction is not willing to change, the innovation faction is the establishment of the Lord to promote, there are some people to consider from the political interests, this battle song from the province of God Yao, if it is set as a hymn, then Sparrow will not be complacent death.

Pope Benedictus XV sat on his high throne, only fifty years old, he belonged to the "young and vigorous" stage, rumors, after hearing the final results of this Yerushalayim, the pope has never drank a few glasses.

Of course, rumors are just rumors, happy to be happy, the hymn is designed to the fundamental of the Church of God.

"Sparrow, this is from your jurisdiction, what do you think?" Benedumar recently all in a good mood, if it was such a mess in the past, has long been furious.

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