The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

The first chapter of the national warrior


The border of two countries.

Lu Fei, wearing a silver mask and a black augur robe, stood on the lonely end of the world with his sword across his horse.

Around him, there were only a thousand people.

Facing 100,000 people below, but no one is afraid!

In the air, all the aura of slaughter.

Lu Fei, the richest person in Jiangnan Lu family.

When the Lu family suspected her mother's origin is not good, unwilling to accept her, but due to the identity of the eldest grandson of Lu Fei, the elder Lu promised to stay. But when Lu Fei was thirteen years old, he finally found an excuse to throw them out of the house.

That night, the three of them knelt outside the door, begging, but Master Lu has not been able to change his mind.

Later on, Lu Fei secretly left to wander abroad, accidentally met his master, took over Langya Pavilion to become the head of the pavilion, he was out on the battlefield, defending the frontier, fast and furious.

The first time I saw him, I thought he was going to be a good friend.

In order to find his parents' whereabouts, Lu Fei rushed back with a thousand iron horsemen, wanting to return to headquarters and then return to the field, but did not expect to meet the frontier distress signal halfway, Lu Fei did not hesitate, immediately bring people to support.

I didn't expect that this was an ambush!

"Caesar, take your Langya Pavilion, surrender! Come to our country, treat you with a national warrior!" The leader of the 100,000-strong army, opened his mouth to persuade surrender.

Lu Fei gripped his long sword and yelled, "Brothers, tell him! Are any of you willing to surrender?!"

"I would rather die than surrender! Vow to follow the Pavilion Master to the death!"

Thousands of people around him, roared in unison.

"Do you hear me! This is my answer! Langya Pavilion, forward!"

Lu Fei roared, raised his sword and spurred his horse, but a thousand people facing 100,000 people, even if they break out, it is an extravagant hope!

But their duty is to protect the country!

If they don't shed blood, how can they get peace, and how can their loved ones live in peace and happiness!

"Langya Pavilion, forward!"

Everyone red-eyed, roaring forward, Lang Ya Pavilion, no one retreats.

The sound of killing passed, Lu Fei as well as the remaining hundred people retreated back to the cliff, all of them are scarred.

But the eyes are still as sharp as eagles, without the slightest fear!

"Caesar, surrender!" The enemy army shouted again.


Lu Fei leaped down from his horse, waved his battle robe, and knelt on one knee in front of the many generals.


When the others saw this, the multitude knelt down!

"Brothers! I, Caesar, am incompetent, I let the traitor make a mistake and bring you into danger. I, Caesar, am sorry to all of you!"

Lu Fei roared, "But I know that you will never surrender to the enemy, even though you know you will die today! We, born as Chinese, die as Chinese ghosts, and will be Chinese in the next life!"

"We are willing to follow you, Master, to die with our horses! We will shed our blood on the frontier!"

"Live as a Chinese, die as a Chinese ghost, and be a Chinese in the next life!"

The rest of the people, filled with tears, let out a loud roar.

"Good brothers!"


Lu Fei got up, plucked up the battle flag, turned over to his horse, his eyes were wide open in anger: "Langya Pavilion, forward!"

"Langya Pavilion, forward!"

More than a thousand people, all roaring in unison, although they know it is a moth to the flame, but no one retreat!

That day.

More than a thousand people from the Langya Pavilion, no one survived.

That night, the world's largest intelligence agency, Langya Court out, a variety of scandalous secrets exploded around the world, a variety of assassinations assassinations in a frenzy, this night a full tens of thousands of people disappeared.

The people who ambushed Caesar this time, including relatives, all buried with them.

No one knows, when the Caesar, in the end, did not survive, but the Chinese, given the title of national warrior.

The Langya Pavilion, a force known for its intelligence agency, leapt to the top of the world, untouchable.


Hongzhou, May.

Dense overcast clouds.

At the end of the fields north of the Dragon Ridge Mountains, an extremely rare place for individuals, a white minivan heads north.

The bumpy and rugged road seemed to be a pair of big hands, gently shaking Lu Fei and making him wake up slowly.

"Didn't I fall off a cliff? I can't believe I'm still alive!" Lu Fei opened his eyes violently.

Above, it was dark and hazy, and it was impossible to see what place it was.

"I... Where the hell am I?"

Lu Fei muttered, the memories in his mind, like a tidal wave, came rushing back.

His heart, instantly cooled down.

Three years.

I didn't expect that I had lost my memory for three years.

A scene of events flashed in his mind.

When the battle of the lonely cliff, he planted the battle flag in the head of the opponent's leader, but was outnumbered and finally forced to fall off the cliff.

He was forced to fall off the cliff. He did not expect to escape from death, but he also lost his memory and forgot everything, but he had the belief in his heart to find his parents' whereabouts.

With his faith, Lu Fei returned to Hongzhou and worked as a security guard in Shen's group. Later, he was designed by Shen Qianqian, and when he was drunk, he appeared in a room with Shen Qingyin.

As a result, Shen Qingyin lost her position as the heir of the Shen family, and the family's power returned to the hands of Mrs. Shen.

For three years, he has been working as a cow in his mother's family, although he has been ridiculed as a waste, but he does not care.

Shen family!

What a Shen family!

I didn't expect to have such an origin with me!

Shen Zhijun, you betrayed me and told others about my parents' whereabouts, causing my parents to be brutally murdered.

But you never thought that I would still be alive.

Not only that, your son and daughter, they even dragged me into your Shen family with their own hands.


Very good!

In Lu Fei's heart, his anger was burning.

But thinking about Shen Qingyin, Lu Fei's heart, and a few more soft.

I never thought there would be such a destiny in the world.

Back then, when Lu Fei was on a mission, he had met Shen Qingyin.

At that time, she was like a snow lotus on the iceberg that had not yet blossomed. Lu Fei's partner made a bet with him that within seven days, he would rip off Shen Qingyin.

Using a world-class intelligence system to investigate Shen Qingyin's preferences, the pursuit of a woman, afraid of the unprecedented madness.

Within seven days, Lu Fei walked together with Shen Qingyin as promised, and the next time, the two lived the life of ordinary people, but Lu Fei as the pavilion master, where can stay forever.

He left a letter to Shen Qingyin, and left.

Fate has its way.

In his return from amnesia, when his life was hanging by a thread in the hospital, Shen Qingyin did not hesitate to donate blood for him, and after the amnesia, he stayed in Shen Qingyin's company as a part-time driver for security.

If not for him, Shen Qingyin would not have been designed.

There is only one reason.

Because he is very similar to Caesar.

But Shen Qingyin doesn't know that he is actually the Caesar!


While Lu Fei was still remembering.

The brakes sounded.

Lu Fei heard the sound of footsteps getting off.


The rear compartment opened, a beam of sunlight came in, Lu Fei quickly squinted his eyes, and only opened them after a long time.

Lu Fei finally got a good look at where he was.

A white sky, while the surrounding area was dark, surrounded by a square silhouette, so that Lu Fei's heart astonished.


He was actually lying in a coffin!

Lu Fei stretched out his hands and pushed hard above, cold glass, stable as a rock, and the sound of digging resounded outside.

He was going to be buried alive?


I'm not dead!

Lu Fei heart yelled, hands desperately slapping the glass.

Suddenly, another memory came flooding back.

Instantly, endless anger filled Lu Fei's heart.

Someone didn't just want to bury him alive!

And to force his wife into submission!

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