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Chapter one hundred Shen Wenshan ran away!

"Not yet, but there are already eyebrows." Shen Chao expression gloomy, "Qianqian, do you remember what Lu Xingping said at noon when he was beaten by Xiao Lang."

"Said what words?" Shen Qianqian froze and tried to recall, but eventually shook her head to indicate that she was not sure.

"I remember clearly, Lu Xingping should have said something like, to take revenge on the Xiao family." Shen Chao's fingers danced on the screen, as if he was still confirming the accuracy of certain information.

"I remember!" Shen Qianqian shouted, "It seems to have said so at that time, but then ...... brother, what happened?"

Shen Chao did not reply immediately, looking down at his phone and replying to two more messages before he slowly lifted his head, "The Skywolf Group changed ownership."


Shen Qianqian's body shook, the Skywolf Group has changed ownership? Then it means that the person from the Xiao family is no longer in charge of the Skywolf Group, is it because he offended Lu Xingping?

The reason why Lu Shaoshan hit Lu Xingping was that he didn't want things to be exposed? But Lu Xingping was still very angry, after all, he was beaten by Shen Lang in front of so many people, so he just went back to deal with the Skywolf Group.

How else could it be such a coincidence.

"Brother, do you mean to say that actually Lu Xingping is still the same Mr. Nu, there was a misunderstanding in the middle but his dad had to create the misunderstanding, not wanting people to know his real strength?" The more Shen Qianqian said, the more excited she was, she really didn't expect it to be the case.

The more she thought about it, the more she thought it was possible, otherwise where under the sky there is such a coincidence, and the 30 million loan, is not the bank president Luo approved down?

It turns out that Lu Shaoshan is trying to hide his strength, after all, trees attract the wind.

"It should be so." Shen Chao nodded with a serious face, "Unfortunately, this matter can not change anything, the grandmother will not change her mind, she has said this in front of so many people, and then change the words, I am afraid ......"

"As long as this thing is true, even if Shen Qingyin that woman as the general manager and how?" Shen Qianqian shook her head, "How about this, later I find the opportunity to say that it is to make amends with Xingping, and I will see if I can, tomorrow, take back the 30 million loan ......"

"Take it back? Do you think the money released, it is so good to collect, unless it has not been released." Shen Chao smiled bitterly, "You first inquire to find out what is going on on the side of Lu Xingping."

At night, Shen Chao, who was preparing to sleep, suddenly got another message about Shen Wenshan.

Shen Wenshan had run away!

He had already found out Shen Wenshan's air ticket, and at this time, the other party had already arrived abroad, the more this happened, the more Shen Chao felt that things were a bit weird.

It is said that before leaving, Shen Wenshan also went to the Zhaqi Bank, as for what to do, then no one knows.

Bang Bang Bang!

Shen Chao knocked on Shen Qianqian's room door and asked somewhat anxiously, "Qianqian, do you know which bank that second uncle gave grandmother that financial contract in the first place?"

"I don't know, what's wrong." Shen Qianqian asked.

"What else can happen, I have gotten the news that second uncle has run away." Shen Chao handed the phone to Shen Qianqian, "If my guess is good, there must be something wrong with that financial contract, just like what we guessed at first, the movie investment is afraid to be fake."

Speaking of which, Shen Chao is not angry, on the contrary, his face is full of surprise, originally sleepy eyelids dozing Shen Qianqian, instantly came to the spirit.

She snatched the phone, carefully look at, when saw the airline tickets and Shen Wenshan's whereabouts, Shen Qianqian hurriedly began to recall, but simply can not recall that the financial contract is which bank.

Shen Qianqian thought about it, she remembered when someone happened to be standing next to her grandmother, she immediately called each other, and sure enough, someone knew which bank that financial contract was!

Although so late, but Shen Qianqian still looked for that bank friend's phone, when the financial contract out, the other side froze: "There is, but if the money expires, it will be returned directly to my current account, you take the contract is not to withdraw the money."

"You're not being cheated, are you? Do you have the other party's ID number? If you have, you can give me the ID number, I will check it for you from the system tomorrow, of course you can't tell anyone about this."

"Okay, okay, I'll send it to you later." Shen Qianqian looked for a police friend again, and soon found Shen Wenshan's ID number, sending the number to Shen Qianqian.

Help naturally inevitable gossip, heard Shen Qianqian said things, the other party silent for a moment: "Qianqian, I guess you were cheated, your second uncle was in the country for a long time, I can see the check-in records, he basically lived in a few dozen dollars of small hotels."

Shen Qianqian more digging down the more alarmed, did not expect things to be true, the second uncle is really a fraud, that financial contract, do not need to wait for the results, she has determined that it is false.

"Brother, grandmother was cheated, and also cheated 50 million." Shen Qianqian told Shen Chao about the matter, when the 50 million was said, Shen Qianqian did not care at all, it was the Shen family's money, not her money.

"Good Shen Qingyin, since this is the case, it means that the loan or something is not at all the second uncle behind the help. It seems that really Xingping family has something to hide from us, and now I'm really looking forward to tomorrow ah."

Lu Fei found another place to accompany Wang Yan Yan to have some dinner, drove Wang Yan Yan to home, live, is an ordinary neighborhood.

"It's so late, you can send me up." Wang Yan Yan looked at Lu Fei pitifully, "all these things that happened today, made me a little afraid."

"It's too late, it's better to forget it." Lu Fei shook his head, "Mom told me that boys should know how to protect themselves outside, especially when they meet female hooligans."

"You really don't have to be afraid, I actually have a boyfriend." Wang Yan Yan reassured Lu Fei, "It's just that he didn't come back today, usually he waits for me downstairs."

Lu Fei stared at Wang Yan Yan, how can I feel that the other party is fooling himself, but on second thought, Wang Yan Yan has a boyfriend, is this not a very normal thing?

Without a few boyfriends, how can it be a slag?

Wang Yan Yan saw that Lu Fei did not seem to believe, she opened her phone and fiddled with it for a moment, handing it to Lu Fei: "Look, every day he waits for me downstairs, and then sends me up before going home."

Lu Fei looked at the information on the phone, is also a little speechless, it seems to be true, but see this scene, Lu Fei do not understand how they are getting excited.

Could it be that there are still attributes added?

"To tell you the truth, I came to Hongzhou is because of him, in fact, I am not the scum girl you say, I just want to make my life a little more fulfilling and exciting, but he can not give me." Wang Yan Yan slyly looked at Lu Fei.

"If you don't send me up, I'll tell Qingyin that you beat up a lot of people today, that you're not as cowardly as you appear, and maybe I can help her find out what you're really hiding."

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