The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 98 spilling the beans

Wang Yan Yan looked complicated, she really didn't expect that Lu Fei's strength was so terrifying that she had thought that Lu Fei would die if he didn't run, but now, the other party was standing by her side like a king, protecting her.

He is also silently guarding Shen Qingyin?

Wang Yan Yan looked at Lu Fei, her heart suddenly had a few more envy, at this moment, she seemed to read Lu Fei, the other party for Shen Qingyin, willing to come to the door to be a waste, but Shen Qingyin still does not know.

Hearing Yang Ming's plea, Wang Yan Yan was shaken, did not expect Yang Jian had returned from outside, she slightly lowered her head, cherry lips slowly opened: "Forget it, you go."

She is not angry?

How is that possible!

Yang Jian has come back, if really what Yang Ming, then Lu Fei ushered in will be crazy revenge, the courage of a man can not try, Lu Fei is powerful, but also can not fight the Yang family ah!

Yang Ming heard Wang Yan Yan's words, his face was happy, he got up and was about to leave, he couldn't even care less about the four people he brought, but before he could leave, he heard a cold voice from behind him: "I only said you should apologize, did I say you should leave."


The crowd, including Wang Yan Yan, turned their heads to look at Lu Fei, with shock written in their eyes!

Yang Ming turned around fiercely, seemingly angry at Lu Fei for this meddling, and his tone took on more than a little impatience, "She has already forgiven me, why are you still meddling!"

"Lu Fei, forget it." Wang Yan Yan yanked Lu Fei's arm.

Yang Ming glared at Lu Fei and turned to leave, but before he could take two steps, Lu Fei suddenly moved.

Lu Fei shook off Wang Yan Yan's hand, and in two steps, he chased after Yang Ming, and with one right hand, he grabbed Yang Ming's hair.


Lu Fei's right foot kicked at the bend of Yang Ming's leg, Yang Ming screamed miserably and directly fell to the ground.

And then.

Lu Fei grabbed the kettle next to him, the lid opened, and the whole pot of water was poured on Yang Ming's body.

"Ahhhhh! Ah ...... ah!"

Yang Ming screamed miserably, his body rolled continuously on the ground, and in his panic he did not forget to growl: "Lu Fei, my cousin has come back, you're dead you're really dead."

The others did not expect Lu Fei would be so fierce, a retaliation, Wang Yan Yan in the back of the eyes a little red, when has she ever let someone so protective.

Lu Fei did not respond to Yang Ming's words, he carried the kettle and smashed it directly on Yang Ming's leg in front of the crowd.


Yang Ming screamed miserably, his left leg was afraid that Lu Fei had broken it again, this time it was even harder than last time, and he didn't know when he would recover.

He looked at Lu Fei out of the corner of his eye, Lu Fei didn't have any expression, as if he was smashing the wood, and smashed it once again.


Yang Ming screamed out again.

The others looked at Lu Fei in horror, the other party knew they were from the Yang family, but they still laid such a cruel hand, was that man really Shen Qingyin's husband, was he really the waste of the Shen family?

It should be that they have mistaken the person.

Or was it that the trash was driven to desperation and also exploded?

"The surname Yang, I have given you many opportunities, it is you who do not cherish them." Lu Fei looked at Yang Ming coldly, "I'm waiting for you in the underground garage, if you want to call someone, just come."

After saying that.

Lu Fei dragged Wang Yan Yan towards the outside, the people here, more and more people, Lu Fei did not want to make a big deal out of this matter, strength show too much, Shen Qingyin will certainly be more suspicious.

The two came to the elevator, Wang Yan Yan then came back to her senses: "Lu Fei, are you crazy, do you know that you broke Yang Ming's leg, the Yang family will certainly not let you go, and that Yang Jian has come back, did not you hear."

"We'd better hurry up and drive away, or Yang Jian's people find up, it's not that simple, he has a person by his side, but the provincial special warfare king, you simply can't beat."

"You seem to know a lot about the Yang family?" Lu Fei looked at Wang Yan Yan with interest, he did not bother to investigate Wang Yan Yan, because he felt that if he knew everything, it would be meaningless.

Besides, Wang Yan Yan's origins, Lu Fei could guess a few points, seeing that Wang Yan Yan did not speak, Lu Fei opened his mouth and asked, "You should be a child of a rich family, right?"

"I am not." Wang Yan Yan shook her head, "I am the same as Qingyin, also the family is not important, of course, Qingyin met you, she now becomes very important, she is very lucky, sometimes I really envy her."


The elevator came, Wang Yan Yan entered the elevator and suddenly felt: "Why did you hide your identity before you met Qingyin, or rather, why are you still hiding now."

"You'll know later, before it was just my memory loss." Lu Fei briefly explained, "You have a marriage contract with Yang Jian?"

"Mom and Dad set it, I do not agree." Wang Yan Yan for the first time in front of a man to reveal his heart, "In fact, I had a boyfriend, talked in college, the family did not agree, when his situation is similar to yours, or even a little better than you."

"Well, there shouldn't be many people who are worse off than me." Lu Fei smiled to himself, that experience was really the most miserable moment.

Elevator reached the negative first floor, Wang Yan Yan followed Lu Fei persuasion: "Lu Fei, we'd better go, do not wait here, those four people are not as good as you, but if you call a few more people over it, you even if you are more powerful, I'm afraid that two fists can not beat four hands, you still ...... "

"How far can I go?" Lu Fei interrupted Wang Yan Yan, "Even if I go, you think he will let me go? I promised you, helped him cure his leg, you also contributed, but he met you, and how did he treat you."

"This water if it is hot water, you will be disfigured know." Lu Fei glanced at Wang Yan Yan, wet clothes, clinging to the body, but also a kind of indescribable temptation.

Wang Yan Yan let Lu Fei said, is also silent, for Lu Fei's gaze, she did not notice.

Two people shoulder to shoulder to the parking place, just a car pulled up in front of their car.

Lu Fei pressed the unlock button, the car lit up twice, but the driver got off as if he didn't see it, turned around and walked on towards the front.

"Hey, you're blocking our car." Wang Yan Yan shouted.

Only then did the driver turn around: "Wait a minute, I'll go get something and come back."

As soon as the words left his mouth, he recognized Wang Yan Yan, at once he frowned and walked back, coldly scolding, "What are you shouting for, don't you know who I am? Supervisor Li of your unit is my brother, believe it or not, I'll have him fire you."

Wang Yan Yan froze for a moment, did not expect to meet such a rash head, she looked up and down the other side and asked, "You are stupid, right?"

"What did you say!" The other party's face was furious, pointing at Wang Yan Yan, "What's your name, tell me if you can! And is this man from your company, what's your name!"

Lu Fei did not pay attention to the other party, he turned his head to look, and suddenly sneered: "What is my name, I will tell you later, I first deal with something."

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