The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 96 Are you a fast gunner

"Xiao Lu, originally this was planned, but you also know that the company's affairs are now more." Shen Qingyin is a little weak, "Now it's already mealtime, I can't let her eat alone, you can even help me out."

"Why don't we go eat something near your company." Lu Fei found a reason.

"But the restaurant I have already booked, it's too wasteful not to go, you go down, listen to me." Shen Qingyin was like persuading a child.

"Or ......"

"Right I remembered, it's not convenient to drive to the company now, I'll go on a shared electric bike ......"

Lu Fei words have not finished, Shen Qingyin is already off the car, casually close the car door head also did not return: "You do not drink at night ...... you want to drink to find a chauffeur it, drink car do not open wine."

Shen Qingyin hurried away, even drink not drive the words are given wrong, and even a feeling of wretched escape.

Wang Yan Yan pulled open the car door, a fragrance hit the face, a light scent water is not only good smell, but also to stimulate the hormone secretion of men.

Lu Fei just wanted to get out of the car, Wang Yan Yan's head stretched in, just collided with his forehead, painted with rose-red cherry lips, and Lu Fei's mouth, but also a distance of two or three centimeters.

"What in the end did you do to your wife, so afraid of you, could it be that you can not bear, ready to find you a little wife." Wang Yan Yan stared at Lu Fei's eyes, her eyes had a few teasing.

The little wife is not ...... looking for a wife afraid to be true.

Lu Fei now more and more regret, when the recovery of memory, directly with Shen Qingyin said his identity is not finished, must get a what brother's identity.

This is the end!

He now confessed words, feel with stretching his neck to Shen Qingyin chop is no different, and now to find him a wife, really want to happen when something, the future is to be afraid that she poked with a toothpick to death.

Wang Yan Yan's phone vibrated twice, Shen Qingyin sent her the restaurant's group purchase list.

Lu Fei parked the car, and Wang Yan Yan came to the restaurant, only to find that this place is very petty, the lights are a little dim, very suitable for couples in love, he glanced at Wang Yan Yan, found that the other party is looking at him with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

"You said your wife is really relieved." Wang Yan Yan smiled lightly, "Let us two alone here, do not know that fire prevention in turn against girlfriends."

"I also think so, otherwise let's go." Lu Fei was really afraid that he had some wine, could not control himself, what about Wang Yan Yan ate?

His wife knows, it is logical, let him and Wang Yan Yan married? How to pop up a Caesar in the future, it is simply a joke.

"Don't ah, if you leave, I will immediately call Qing Yin and say that you are too ugly for me and left with a beautiful woman, leaving me here alone to eat." Wang Yan Yan's fingers fiddled with her phone, and her red nails were extra bright.

"Then I go to a toilet always okay." Lu Fei got up and walked towards the toilet.

Wang Yan Yan saw Lu Fei's departing figure, the corners of her mouth curled up slightly, but her eyes were also a bit strange, what was wrong with Qingyin today? In the end, what happened with Lu Fei?

Or did the two of them make a bet?

Wang Yan Yan picked up her phone to send a message to Shen Qingyin, wanting to know what was going on, when the sound of footsteps suddenly came from her side.

"I said you wouldn't be a fast shooter ......" Wang Yan Yan's words were only half spoken because the person who came, was not Lu Fei, but Yang Ming.

She stood up with some surprise and looked Yang Ming up and down, the other party's leg was surprisingly well, not even in a cast!

"How did you your leg healed." Wang Yan Yan was a little surprised.

"How did it get better, you helped me, do you still not know?" Yang Ming pulled a chair and sat down, the four people who came with him stood behind him, attracting a lot of curiosity.

"What, little sister-in-law, look like you still hope that your cousin my leg will never get well, right, so that I won't find you out with that brat in private."

Yang Ming said, the smile on his face became sinister, he just got out of the hospital today, he heard Wang Yan Yan dressed in fancy clothes, in the square waiting for whom to eat, waiting to see, only to know that it was Lu Fei.

That Lu Fei.

Even if he cured his leg with whatever water, Yang Ming would not be grateful, he swore that when he was well, he would take revenge on Lu Fei, and he had warned Wang Yan Yan, he did not expect that the other party would still dare to come to Lu Fei, and even have a private meeting with such a place.

"Yang Ming, didn't I tell you that your leg is not Lu Fei's words, I'm afraid ......"

"Even if my life is saved by him, I will let him die just the same!" Yang Ming's voice raised a few decibels, directly interrupted Wang Yan Yan's words, "What is he, beat up Laozi, and then come to help him, and Laozi will remember his love? I have grassed his mother, and then apologize to him, is it that he will forgive me."

"Yang Ming, you are clearly two logics, how could you have clashed if you didn't stop the road for no reason in the first place." Wang Yan Yan argued reasonably.

"I'm happy." Yang Ming suddenly laughed hideously as he picked up the still-hot water on the table and suddenly splashed it on Wang Yan Yan's face.


Wang Yan Yan subconsciously dodged, but in the end she didn't, and the still somewhat hot water pounced on her face, making her whole face hot and spicy, looking very wretched.

"What are you and them!"

Yang Ming grabbed Wang Yan Yan's neck and violently pushed her into the card holder, not Wang Yan Yan's hands braced down, afraid that her head would hit the partition board.

"You're a fucking bitch in heat, aren't you, as long as it's a person you can serve." Yang Ming pointed at Wang Yan Yan's nose and scolded, "Just this bitchy look of yours, I don't know how you got hooked on my cousin, but you won't be able to enter our Yang family at all in the future!"

Yang family!

Many people heard this word, one by one is silent down, in real life, although there is no ancient those rules, but we all know in our hearts, there is still the existence of class, like the Yang family, in Hongzhou is actually a behemoth.

Although I do not know what the man who hit the Yang family, but they definitely will not be able to provoke, and even the restaurant waiter did not dare to go forward, can only watch in silence.

Lu Fei on a toilet also figured out, anyway, on a meal, as long as he does not take the initiative, even if Wang Yan Yan is a scum girl, he crossed a small song to the outside, when saw many people get up to look away, Lu Fei also looked over.

At once.

His face changed, he saw the arrogant and domineering Yang Jian, and also saw the wretched Wang Yan Yan, who had someone splashed with water.

The person sitting in front seemed to know that Lu Fei came with Wang Yan Yan, and kindly reminded: "Brother, did you pick up someone's girl? Hurry up and run."

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