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Chapter 92 confrontation

When arriving at the company, Shen Qianqian and the others had already appeared in the conference room.

Grandma took Shen Qingyin's car, which of course they knew, and the housekeeper's notice didn't say anything about it, so it gave their hearts a sense of foreboding.

Most likely it was about the transfer of the person in charge.

"Damn, it seems that Shen Qingyin has convinced the grandmother in the car, or maybe she gave all that 10 million to the grandmother." Shen Qianqian's words were filled with anger.

In fact, when coming back, grandma took the initiative to ask to take Shen Qingyin's car, they knew that things were going in a bad direction.

"Is there any news from the people investigating second uncle." Shen Chao asked in a low voice.

"Not yet." Shen Qianqian shook her head, "I just sent the second aunt home, seems to hear her meaning, the second uncle is still sleeping at home, as for that piece of land ......"

Speaking of that land, Shen Qianqian's head is about to explode, things were going very well, but who knows, Lu Xingping is also not Mr. Nu, and not what he said L and N do not distinguish, Mr. Nu should be someone else.

"You say Mr. Nu, could it be the second uncle." Shen Qianqian raised a speculation, "I remember that the second uncle's previous nickname seems to be trying harder and harder."

"Don't think about that aspect for now, I didn't expect that Lu Xingping was also a poking second hand." Shen Chao shook his head, "If you want to know, only to find that line manager Luo, but I sent someone to go, the other party is not willing to talk at all, but also threw my people out."

"Let her become the general manager first, I just don't believe, she became the general manager can not be greedy for money." Shen Qianqian narrowed her eyes, "Right, there is that 500,000 last time, we have made a lot of evidence, the grandmother began to suspect us, but now should suspect Shen Qingyin, or ......"

"Let's see first." Shen Chao shook his head, the situation today, must not act rashly, if Shen Qingyin really contributed the 10 million, then the grandmother will certainly favor her.

Shen Qingyin and Lu Fei both followed Old Lady Shen towards the conference room, Lu Fei glanced at Shen Qingyin, who was originally following a somewhat humble Shen Qingyin, but at this time walking, is actually a few more brave.

The events experienced in the past few days have really made Shen Qingyin grow up.

Come to the meeting room.

The meeting room became quiet, everyone looked at each other, they could all see Old Mrs. Shen's displeasure.

After taking her seat, Old Mrs. Shen sternly grimaced: "Today, I called everyone back to discuss about Shen Qingyin becoming the general manager of our Shen family company, before someone reported that the accounts under her were not correct."

"I also received some news and have a good idea, since General Manager Shen said that she is fair and selfless and will not take a single penny from the company, let's bring out the evidence and pair it up."

Shen Chao and Shen Qianqian both looked at each other, both saw the joy in their eyes, did not expect that their earlier layout, really came in handy.

The grandmother rehashed the old story, must be because of money conflicts, this Shen Qingyin really stupid, money into the company, when the general manager, and then find a way to take out is.

And also have to talk back to the grandmother.

"Grandma, this matter is also good to do, or ask the housekeeper to call over the two right-hand men of General Manager Shen to ask, will not know." Shen Qianqian said, "Someone who sends a message in advance on the road, it's not easy to say."

"You all bring your phones up and put them on the table." Old Mrs. Shen looked at the crowd.

Everyone immediately put their phones on the table, including Lu Fei took them out, seeing this Old Dowager Shen turned his head to look at the butler, as a beloved, without Old Dowager Shen talking, he knew who to go and call over.

But the butler just turned around, Lu Fei suddenly spoke: "Grandma, since you want to investigate, then why not simply get the people that both parties want to find over, we suspect that the account was misappropriated by Shen Qianqian and the others, so I also want to invite two people."

"You bullshit!" Shen Qianqian was furious, "You a waste, what qualification do you have to participate in our Shen family's meeting, you get out of here."

"Grandma, I am willing to guarantee with ten million dollars." Shen Qingyin said in a cold voice.

"Who are you going to shout at." Old Mrs. Shen looked at Lu Fei.

"Guo Chao from the marketing department and Xu Juan from the finance department."

When these two names were said, both Shen Chao and Shen Qianqian's faces changed, they didn't expect Lu Fei to know these two people, soon, their expressions became calm.

Both of them are their beloved, but also do not know how much oil and water, even if Shen Qingyin side to investigate out what, so what?

The two of them are their inner circle, and they don't know how much oil they eat.

Shen Qingyin is a bit surprised to look at Lu Fei, do not understand what Lu Fei shouted those two people to do, can not Lu Fei grasp what information is not?

"Good, call them here." Old Mrs. Shen did not know these two people, but since Shen Qingyin was willing to guarantee with 10 million, then she naturally would not refuse.

She had her own channels in the company, and she had already gotten a rough conclusion of what was going on with the half million, not Shen Qingyin, but also Shen Qingyin's men.

As a manager, Shen Qingyin, can hardly be blamed!


The four were brought over by the housekeeper, and when the four met, they knew what they were about to face. Seeing Old Lady Shen and the others sitting in the conference room, the four exchanged a greeting and stood side by side at the door.

"You four, now it is Chairman Shen who wants to ask you something, you know honestly say it, and whoever gives you small shoes in the future, you can react directly to Chairman Shen." Shen Chao said.

The four people nodded their heads one after another.

Old Mrs. Shen swept her gaze at the four people, seemingly deliberately silencing the atmosphere and deliberately creating a bit of intimidation before she spoke, "You four, who is Zhang Qi."

"Chairman, I am." Zhang Qi stepped forward.

"Well, then I ask you, what happened to the 150,000 in that material and material fee on the 15th of last month, you come clean, I can give you a chance to reform and will not police to pursue."

Old Mrs. Shen's memory is very good, even the date can be said directly, so that it adds to the invisible pressure.

"That fee?" Zhang Qi raised his head suspiciously, "Chairman are you asking the wrong person, the 150,000 was made by Xu Juan, it doesn't have anything to do with me."

"Zhang Qi, what are you talking about!" Shen Qianqian was the first to stand up and loudly scolded, but in her heart she was alarmed, earlier she helped Zhang Qi's children into the school district kindergarten, and also found a job for her wife, how suddenly changed her mind.

Old Mrs. Shen glanced at Shen Qianqian, so scared that Shen Qianqian hurriedly sat down.

Old Mrs. Shen took a sip of water, and did not think, after a long time before continuing to ask: "Is that so? Then you tell me, how did your child enter the school district kindergarten, I heard that your wife also changed a job, the money did not enter your pocket? And how did the teacher receive your big red envelope."

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