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Chapter 85 He is not Mr. Lu?

Li Daoming ah, that is a year will not venture a few times a person, even some important meetings have not seen each other open, the other party's power is not as powerful as Ma Tianfu, but he opened the most famous ivory tower restaurant.

Below the company, it is involved in many industries, and some people even speculate that Li Daoming may be the richest person in Hongzhou, only he is not willing to show his wealth.

What's going on here?

Li Daoming also for the Shen family's waste to stand up? Or are they really not used to seeing this kind of bullying of the weak? Many people were silent for a moment and eventually chose to believe the former.

People like them shouldn't take the initiative to offend Qian Baojun and the four of them over such trivial matters, how to say that the four of them are also dignified figures in Hongzhou.

And behind them, there is also the backing of the Skywolf Group's Xiao Ding Shan.

Li Daoming and Ma Tianfu are not fools, how would they offend Xiao Dingshan for this trivial matter?

"General Li! What do you mean by that." General Wei frowned, "You also look uncomfortable? It's quite a coincidence that both of you big shots showed up today, but unfortunately, you're still not qualified."

"Yeah, plus what can you do." General Manager Wan said lightly, "You are still not qualified enough to make us concede ah."

The bar is up!

The two parties are on a collision course!

Watching the hilarious is not too big, each one feels that today's noon banquet is too wonderful, only the crowd feels that this insufficient qualification words seems to be heard somewhere before?

Wasn't it Lu Fei who just said that to Qian Baojun and the others?

The other side also wanted to use this trick to humiliate Lu Fei?

While the crowd was waiting for Ma Tianfu and Li Daoming to speak, suddenly another man's voice rang out: "Not qualified? Then what if you add me to the mix!"

The crowd turned around.

Seeing the person who came, everyone boiled over!

Xiao Dinshan!

I didn't expect Xiao Dinshan to appear. I'm going, this matter, Xiao Dinshan also played a role, what is this situation? And looking at the meaning of Xiao Dinshan, it seems that he is on the side of Ma Tianfu and Li Daoming.

"Xiao Dong!"

Qian Baojun four people, completely did not expect Xiao Dinshan would step forward, moreover, stood on the other side of them, such a situation made them all dumbfounded, not knowing what was going on.

Could it be that Lu Fei was very powerful?

Shen Qingyin is the Shen family, nothing secret, everyone knows, the only possibility is Lu Fei!

"Xiao Dong, we ......"


Xiao Dinshan slapped Qian Baojun on the face: "What are you, dare to make trouble here! I think I've fed you too much."

"Xiao Dong, it's not like that, this stone was originally ......" Hong Ying's face was anxious and he hurriedly explained.

But before he could finish, he received a slap from Qian Baojun: "Shut up!"

Qian Baojun is full of anger, he eats after Xiao Dinshan's farts, and how can not understand the significance of Xiao Dinshan's appearance, must be that Lu Fei has some unfathomable background, otherwise how could Xiao Dinshan hit his face in public.

Hong Ying covered her face, her face was red, and she felt that the people were looking at her with a mocking look.

Xiao Dinshan hands behind his back, his eyes calmly sweeping Wei and Tao and Wan, three people with ugly faces, legs weak, and regret.

Had I known that I should not have come out to participate in this matter.

"In the future, the industries of the four of you have no half relationship with the Skywolf Group, the previous accounts, I will have people recalculate with you, whoever dares to underestimate me, Xiao, can try."

After Xiao Dinshan finished speaking, the whole hall was silent, just because of this small matter, he actually kicked all four people out of his circle.

"In the future, but all four of them, including their families, are not allowed to appear in any of the properties of the Skywolf Group."

"Xiao Dinshan you ......" General Manager Wan was younger, and his face suddenly turned pale when he heard Xiao Dinshan's words.

Xiao Dinshan glanced at him and patted his head as if he remembered something: "Right, your father should also go in to rest and rest."


The field was in an uproar.

No one expected that Xiao Dinshan would strike so hard, not only did he deal with the four people, but he also struck out at Wan Dasan, this will definitely cause a storm in Hongzhou ah!

"Chairman Xiao, I ......"

Mr. Wan wanted to say something else, but Xiao Dinshan simply ignored him.

Xiao Dinshan turned to look at Lu Fei and smiled faintly, "Mr. Lu, Mrs. Lu, I've made you suffer!"

"Welcome Mr. Lu! Madam Lu!"

The ten people who came with Xiao Dinshan suddenly shouted out in unison, all of them were shaken, goose bumps rose on their bodies, when had they ever seen Xiao Dinshan welcome a person so grandly.

Even, this banquet, it should be for Lu Fei!

Shen Qingyin looked at this scene in surprise, turned his head to look at Lu Fei beside him, completely do not understand what happened, why Xiao Ding Shan would suddenly strike?

Could it be that there was still a mistake in recognizing someone?

Shen Qingyin some panic.

Lu Fei, however, held Shen Qingyin's hand and nodded slightly to Xiao Dinshan, and then his gaze looked at Qian Baojun and the others, and the four people who were arrogant to him earlier now had changed their eyes.

"Bitch, still don't kowtow to Mr. Lu and admit your mistake!" Qian Baojun slapped Hong Ying's face, then grabbed her hair and kicked with his right foot, directly making Hong Ying kneel on the ground.

Hong Ying cried out with a face full of humiliation, earlier Shen Qingyin was still an existence she despised, but unexpectedly now, she had to kneel in front of Shen Qingyin and beg for forgiveness.

"Qingyin, I was wrong, I was wrong! I should not have cut in line, that stone is not mine, we are roommates ah, you forget our four years in college, we live together ......"

Hong Ying at this time began to play the emotional card again, so that many people are slightly shaking their heads, this woman is really not human, if this time kneeling on the ground is Shen Qingyin, she is afraid that she can put her foot on Shen Qingyin's face.

"Mr. Lu, we just also blind, have eyes not to know Taishan, we apologize to you."

"Mr. Lu Mrs. Lu, please let us go."

"Mr. Lu Mrs. Lu ......"

"Forget it." Shen Qingyin shook her head slightly, seeing Hong Ying kowtow and apologize, she was finally soft-hearted.

"Throw them out to me!"

Xiao Dinshan waved his hand, and the people behind him immediately came up, ignoring the resistance of the five people, and directly lifted up and headed outside.

Xiao Dinshan nodded slightly to Lu Fei, of course he understood Lu Fei's meaning, did not want to expose his identity, so Xiao Dinshan also prepared another gift.

Invite the other Mr. Lu in!

From the beginning to now, more than half an hour has passed, Old Lady Shen and others have been waiting outside, and even asked someone to find him, only Xiao Dinshan felt that the time had not yet come, speaking of which, he really had to thank Qian Baojun.

If it wasn't for him, he really couldn't have planned this big show to sell favors to Lu Fei.

"Dad, this Lu Fei is not Mr. Lu, Mr. Lu has been outside, and my brother has gone to invite him." Xiao Jun hurriedly ran over and said in a low voice.

Said in a whisper, but still used the volume of many people.

Recognize the wrong person?

Everyone else was full of consternation, as if they felt as if they had made another oops today?

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