The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 84 You are not qualified

Hong Ying suddenly laughed, looking at Lu Fei as if he was looking at an idiot, before she could speak, another man's voice suddenly sounded in her ears.

"He's not qualified? What about adding me."

The crowd looked.

They were astonished.

Mr. Tao!

The other party is also considered a district boss, did not expect him to come out this time to stand for Qian Baojun, this matter can be a big deal, ah, if Lu Fei still does not bow down, then really have to suffer.

"You?" Lu Fei looked at the other side, "You are also not enough."

"Is that so? Then what if you add me."

Another person stood out.

General Wei!

Responsible for the market of steel raw materials and so on in this part of Hongzhou, with strong funds under him, the other party is most famous for breaking both legs of people who offended him and then pushing them down from the second floor.

The other party also came to stand up for Qian Baojun.

"You? Not enough either." Lu Fei sneered.

Next to Shen Qingyin face has been pale, did not expect so many people have come out to help Qian Baojun, which is clearly bullying them, but in the eyes of the crowd, it all seems to have become should.

These rich people, they can do whatever they want?

Shen Qingyin's heart was filled with anger, but there was nothing she could do, she grabbed Lu Fei's hand tightly and desperately signaled Lu Fei to stop talking, but Lu Fei was unwilling to lower his head.

"Not enough? Then what if you add me to it." Another voice interjected, as if everyone felt that joining forces to bully Lu Fei and Shen Qingyin had become fun.

Two Shen family's trash, coming to this occasion, probably also Xiao Ding Shan's alms!

"General Wan! How come he also made a move."

"This is bad, Mr. Wan his family is a unit, but also in charge of the market this, Shen Qingyin if you do not agree again, then the Shen family will have to suffer in the future."

"Wan Dashan's son!" Someone sucked in a breath of cold air, finally recognized the identity of the other party.

Wan Dashan.

As long as one is doing business in Hongzhou, who does not know the name of Wan Dashan like thunder in their ears.

The only people who can be disdainful of Wan Dashan are the big families and groups like Xiao Ding Shan, right? But what is the Shen family, but a medium company, want to get rid of the Shen family, simply easier than squashing an ant.

Lu Fei laughed, his laughter was full of disdain: "Still not enough!"

Once these words were said, the crowd was shocked.

Qian Baojun, Tao, Wei, and Wan!

Just these four people together, I'm afraid they can rule the Shen family to death, this Shen family's trash, is really too unaware of life and death, don't they know that his actions will bring the Shen family to its doom?

"Lu Fei! Stop it, stop it!" Shen Qingyin had tears in her eyes, "We don't want it, let them have this stone, let's go back first."

Shen Qingyin is really afraid!

Not only the business community, even the right people have come forward, if she really wants the stone, then the Shen family is afraid to be finished, these people, the Shen family but can not offend ah!

Some waiters shook their heads slightly and sighed softly, the Shen family is finished, even if the stone is handed over this time, I'm afraid it will become a laughing stock, and many people will even take the initiative to cut off relations with the Shen family.

The Shen family, it's over!

Qian Baojun and the others, like a poisonous snake, stared viciously at Lu Fei, looking at him more like an idiot.

"You have guts! Kid, you still dare to talk tough even now! Manager, come over here, break this kid's legs and throw him out, if anything happens, my husband will take the blame!"

Hong Ying yelled, security guards hurriedly ran up, the specifications of the party was the highest level, security guards are equipped with more than 20 people.

There were many people who knew Qian Baojun, and when they saw that Lu Fei, a waste of the Shen family, dared to refute Qian Baojun's words, they were all like hungry wolves, staring at Lu Fei.

"Kid, give you one more chance to kneel down and apologize to Master Qian! Otherwise, I'll break your dog legs today!" One of the security guards even pointed an electric baton at Lu Fei's nose and warned, with an arrogant temper that made many people feel angry when they looked at him.

However, they could not do anything at all!

Just because Lu Fei has no background and no money, he deserves to be bullied by these rich people?


Should not!

But what can be done, Lu Fei finally had to bow his head and admit his mistake, even kneel on the ground and obediently hold the stone to Qian Baojun's face.

If he didn't, he would be finished!

At this time.

A figure walked up quickly, dragon walk, the crowd saw the visitor were frozen, did not expect Ma Tianfu would appear here.


Ma Tianfu a loud slap, directly smacked the security guard's face, smacked the security guard's face red, moreover, several fingerprints appeared: "Dogs fighting for power, when did Laozi teach you this!"

This slap, directly confused the security guard.

The crowd was also confused.

No one expected that Ma Tianfu would suddenly appear and would stand up for Lu Fei, could it be that Ma Tianfu and Lu Fei knew each other?

"Break his legs and throw him out!" Ma Tianfu shouted with a tiger's face.

The people he brought immediately grabbed the security guard, without giving the security guard any words of explanation, Ma Tianfu's men, with ruthless tactics, went up and gave him two kicks.

Ka Ka.

Along with the security guard as a pig-like scream, the security guard's legs were really kicked off, the pants instantly began to black, blood stained the carpet.

The crowd saw this scene, their hearts chilled.

Only at this time everyone remembered that Ma Tianfu also has a nickname, Master Ma, the other party's ruthless tactics back then, still in the minds of many people, the memory is still fresh!

Qian Baojun and others, their faces were ugly, Ma Tianfu doing this was undoubtedly equivalent to hitting them in the face, but he actually stood up for a waste from the Shen family?

This is somewhat out of the ordinary.

Hong Ying was so frightened that his face turned white, he didn't dare to say a word more at all, this is the power of a big brother, the aura of a big brother.

"Mr. Ma, what do you mean by that." Qian Baojun was a little annoyed, "Today is Chairman Xiao's banquet, isn't it a little too much for you to make a big fuss! Are you going to stand up for these two losers from the Shen family?!"

"Stand up for them?" Ma Tianfu sneered, "I Ma Tianfu is just not used to seeing you guys over here taking by force, Qian Baojun your old face still want, this thing I saw with my own eyes, the stone is also bought by them, you see the baby eyes red, in the end who is unreasonable and make a big fuss!"

"Ma Tianfu, we are not afraid of you now." Chief Wan's face sank, "We can ignore what just happened, I tell you, with your current status, you are not qualified to take charge of this matter."

"Ma Tianfu, you indeed have no such qualification." Mr. Tao also spoke slowly.

"He is not qualified, but what if I am added?"

A voice sounded in the ear.

The crowd turned around to look, and again sucked back a bright breath, Li Daoming!

Li Daoming actually came too!

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