The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 80 - The arrogant Lu Xingping

Less than ten o'clock, the Shen family took action, and the two Mercedes leased by the Shen family were already waiting at the entrance of the company. Since they were attending the invitation of the Skywolf Group and the Treasure Appraisal Conference, there must be a lot of luxurious families.

Naturally, they, the Shen family, also had to support the scene a little.

"Where is your father?" Old Mrs. Shen was also dressed very grandly, just like New Year's Eve, and scanned around, and did not find Shen Wenshan.

"Mom, Wenshan drank too much yesterday at a dinner party outside, and is resting at home, so he won't come today." Zhao Meilan only knew that her daughter was going to be the general manager, and had a few smug moments on her face.

"Well, in that case, then let's go." Old Mrs. Shen was helped into the car, and two other senior members of the Shen family also followed.

The car departed.

Shen Chao suddenly patted his head and pretended to apologize: "Aiya, look at this brain of mine, when I counted people, I didn't think of forgetting your family, big sister, by the way, didn't you buy a BMW? Then in that case, why don't you drive yourselves there."

"Shen Chao you bad seed, what's in your mind don't think I don't know!" Zhao Meilan was so angry that she pointed at his nose and cursed, "My daughter is the future general manager of the company, if you dare to treat us like this today, don't blame us for flipping out later."

"Second Aunt, who will be the general manager, that's really not certain yet." The corner of Shen Chao's mouth curled up slightly, "Still really think your daughter is so excellent ah, do not know how many people rubbed good things, fox fake tiger, grandma said, the general manager family but must come, you do not come."


Shen Chao then led the people to the car and set off.

"I'm so angry!" Zhao Meilan stomped her foot in anger, "That Shen Chao, just like his father, is a wilful bastard, I don't know how the Shen family can give birth to such a thing!"

"Mom, forget it, or we're not going." Shen Qingyin said, "In fact, it does not matter if I am the general manager, we still ......"

"What do you mean it does not matter, you do not have to be the general manager, then my old face where to put." Zhao Meilan screamed interrupted Shen Qingyin's words, "You say that waste, non-say buy a house, said so many days, I have not even seen a shadow!"

"If you are not on the general manager again, then you might as well let me go to die and forget it, you say how I am so unlucky, married to your father, the money still can not take out to spend, I do not care, this breath I can not wait for that financial contract expires to issue."

"Since Lu Fei said there, it must be there, not that in the renovation." Shen Qingyin explained.

"Look at you, this is only how long, with his brainwashing, you ......"

Before the words were finished, a Rolls-Royce suddenly pulled up beside it, startling Zhao Meilan, subconsciously took two steps backward, seeing that it was a luxury car, and hastily tugged Shen Qingyin out of the way.


The car door opened.

The driver dressed in black stepped down and bowed to Shen Qingyin and Lu Fei: "Mr. Lu, Mr. Shen, Mr. Xiao heard that you were coming and specially asked me to pick you up, please get in."

Mr. Shen? Mr. Lu?

Shen Qingyin and Zhao Meilan looked at each other, both of them were a little surprised, this car was here to pick them up?

"Xiao Dinshan won't be a member of the Skywolf Group soon, so I guess he came to pick us up for the sake of Qin Shou, in that case, let's go."

Lu Fei poked Shen Qingyin with his elbow and explained in a whisper in his ear.

Shen Qingyin thought about it, there is really this possibility, she was still hesitant to go, was dragged by Lu Fei into the car.

"Aiya, look look look, this is the general manager travel frame ah." Zhao Meilan sat on the passenger side, touching this and that, "This car is definitely better than the one your grandmother and the others rented."

Rose Manor Hotel, outside luxury cars like clouds, Old Lady Shen and her party rented a car, in which can only be considered the lowest grade, see this scene, a group of people suddenly as the country bumpkins.

"Wow, this place is really too high class, right?" Shen Qianqian took out her cell phone and kept taking pictures, "Xingping, this time it's really thanks to you, if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be able to attend this kind of banquet, look at the ones who can come to attend, which one is not worth hundreds of millions."

Lu Xingping smiled, "The water in Hongzhou is very deep, usually you can't see that there are so many people with money, in fact, there are more rich people than you can imagine."

"Although Xingping's family is not rich, but that is the power that rich people dream of." Old Mrs. Shen complimented, "Xingping you also have a great future in the future, these people, don't they all depend on you to eat."

"Grandma is joking." Lu Xingping smiled modestly and didn't say anything else.

Shen Chao looked around: "Grandma, Shen Qingyin family has not yet come ah, before I will order two cars, I said squeeze them reluctant, non-say more than one person sitting uncomfortable, to drive her that BMW over ......"

"Then we won't wait." Shen Lao Taijun face sunk, "not yet become the general manager nose up to the sky, since she thinks her BMW is good, let her change BMW, and when she comes to know, what is called outside the people outside the sky."

Lu Xingping walked in front, and before he could enter, he was stopped by four security guards at the door.

"What are you doing!" Shen Qianqian took Lu Xingping's arm, "Do you know who he is, he is the guest that your Mr. Xiao invited today, Mr. Lu! This is the invitation!"

The security guard took a glance at the invitation and immediately shook his head: "It says Mr. Nu, not Mr. Lu, although I only graduated from junior high school, I still know how to read."

"All right." Lu Xingping heard the security guard's meaning and casually took the invitation back, "Your kind of status, I'm afraid you haven't heard of Mr. Nu on it, you go to Xiao Ding Shan, just say that I, Lu Xingping, am here, and he will naturally tell you why you should address me as Mr. Nu."

"By the way, Governor Luo is also here, right ...... forget it, you go to the briefing on the line, told you that you are not qualified to know."

The security guard smiled and nodded, just turned around but his face was disdainful, another pretentious rich kid, and brought so many people over, have not seen the world.

When the family was waiting outside, Shen Qianqian suddenly shook Lu Xingping's arm: "I didn't expect to see a Rolls-Royce in Hongzhou, this car must be very valuable, what kind of people are able to ride in such a luxury car ah."

"That must be rich, ah, and very rich, this kind of personal status honorable, Qianqian, let's take a few steps backward, do not provoke people." Old Mrs. Shen turned around and led the crowd to the side of the Mercedes, waiting quietly, "Since it's Xiao Dong's fault, it won't hurt for him to take a few more steps."

"Right, grandma, let's back off a little more." Lu Xingping held his chin high, "This is Xiao Dingyan's mistake, he should be the one to pay for it."

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