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Chapter 8 Mysterious congratulatory gift

Just now, He Jiarong, who was still strutting his stuff, was forced to kneel on the ground, and hearing his last shout was Lu Shao, could it be that his son had molested a woman and molested the Lu family?

In the crowd of people look terrified.

Zhao Hu led the people to the front of Old Mrs. Shen, causing her to panic, not knowing how to deal with this scene.

"This gentleman, our Shen family has absolutely no relationship with the He family ......"

"Old Mrs. Shen, you've misunderstood." Zhao Hu shook his head and pulled out a red wedding invitation from his body, "This is the bride-price from our Lu family!"

"A thousand taels of gold!"

"A bride price of a thousand catties!"

"Thousands of stores!"

"A thousand mu of land!"


Listening to the list of gifts, all the people of the Shen family, looked at each other with disbelief.

The Lu family came to give them a bride price for the Shen family?

Is this a joke?

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The red boxes opened one by one.

The golden red and white appeared in front of the crowd, shocking everyone.

As expected of the Jiangnan Lu family, the first shot is such a big deal!

But who is this for?

The Shen family, but no one thought of Lu Fei, after all, Lu Fei and Shen Qingyin have been married, completely excluded directly.

Old Mrs. Shen looked excitedly at Zhao Hu: "Mr. Zhao, I wonder which of our Shen family ...... the Jiangnan Lu family has taken a fancy to."

"Naturally, it's the most outstanding one of the Shen family." Zhao Hu smiled blandly, but did not explain, turned around and left, leaving behind the crowd who were looking at each other.

"Congratulations to old Mrs. Shen, congratulations to old Mrs. Shen, the most outstanding one of the Shen family, and not married, is not Qian Qian?!" Someone suddenly burst out laughing, "I didn't expect Qianqian to find a good man, and didn't tell us ah."

"Also looking for a Lu family, the same surname Lu, this gap is not a little too big."

The Lu family people came back to their senses.

They looked at Shen Qianqian.

Shen Qianqian is also full of confusion, she herself is not sure when she had a relationship with the young master of the Lu family, but now it seems that the Shen family can only give her gifts, right?

"Qianqian, you, you, just how long are you going to hide it from grandma?" Old Mrs. Shen looked at Shen Qianqian in an angry manner.

"Grandma, I'm not sure ...... I don't know how to tell you." Shen Qianqian hurriedly found an excuse, "Maybe it was given to Shen Qingyin."

"It's really for my wife." Lu Fei said blandly.

The crowd roared with laughter.

This Lu Fei really give a bamboo pole to climb up, their own surname Lu, and really think he is a Lu family?

"A member of the Lu family?" Shen Qianqian sneered, "You are also worthy of the surname Lu?"

"The surname Lu, indeed, does not deserve my surname." Lu Fei smiled blandly and wanted to say something else, but he let Shen Qingyin tug down violently, signaling for him to stop talking.

"Then it seems that our Shen family is not worthy of having you stay here either." Old Mrs. Shen's cold voice rang in her ears.

Shen Qingyin's face turned pale and she hurriedly explained, "Grandma ......"

"If we didn't have a woman from the Shen family that the Lu family had taken a fancy to, do you think, you would have been able to get through this easily? You're a spiteful person who came out of poor mountains and water, thinking that you can solve all things with your fists?"

Old Mrs. Shen ignored Shen Qingyin's words and issued a question to Lu Fei.

"Since you are so powerful, then I would like to ask you, how are you going to solve the problem that you caused our Shen family's cooperation with the He family to be interrupted and made my Shen Group worse?"

"How to solve it?" Lu Fei thought about it, "The He family is only the second in Hongzhou, compared to the Skywolf Group, it's not worth mentioning at all, then wouldn't it be better if we cooperate with the Skywolf Group."


When the Shen family heard Lu Fei's naive words, they laughed loudly.

Shen Qingyin tugged Lu Fei's arm, looking flustered, Lu Fei didn't know anything about business, and this idea was too naive.

The Skywolf Group is such a big enterprise, and they have long set their eyes on overseas, so why would they care about this part of Hongzhou?

If not for Xiao Dinshan's nostalgia for the old days, maybe the headquarters of Sirius Group had moved to Magic City.

"Then it seems that the aunt of our Shen family must know the security guards of Sirius Group." Shen Qianqian squeezed in an odd way, "Why don't you talk to your security guard friend and ask him to go to Chairman Xiao and ask him to come and cooperate with our Shen family?"


There was another round of laughter from the crowd.

"Lu Fei, stop talking." Shen Qingyin saw Lu Fei being ridiculed as a clown over here.

She looked at Lu Fei with a hint of sadness, he was after all an uneducated little security guard, not the learned Caesar.

The two of them, after all, are still people of two worlds.


Shen Qingyin perceived a cold look, she turned her head to look, just to see the old woman Shen staring at herself.

For a moment, she was at a loss for words.

Old Mrs. Shen was about to speak when a man's voice suddenly came from outside the door: "The Shen family is flourishing, it is really enviable, Old Mrs. Shen, I, Xiao, happen to be passing by here, I wonder if I can come and ask for a drink?"

The crowd looked for the voice.

When they saw the person coming, everyone's eyes were written with shock.

Xiao Dinshan?

How could the chairman of the Skywolf Group, Xiao Dinshan, come here personally?

And to come in to ask for a drink?

Everyone subconsciously looked at Lu Fei.

Is Lu Fei's mouth enlightened? When he said he wanted to cooperate with the Skywolf Group, he really came to the opportunity?

Old Mrs. Shen froze and froze again, then quickly came back to her senses and greeted her with a smile on her face: "Xiao Dong is here, I am sorry to welcome you! Please take a seat!"

Xiao Dinshan laughed loudly and followed Old Mrs. Shen to sit on the main seat, glancing at Lu Fei and then at Old Mrs. Shen: "Today I happened to come out for inspection and saw this grand old mansion, and only after inquiring did I know that it was the Shen family."

"Compared to the Xiao family, it is just a small family, Xiao Dong is polite." Old Mrs. Shen compensated with a smile.

"To be honest, our Sirius Group recently wanted to invest back in Hongzhou, and seeing this happy scene of the Shen family today also made me feel quite touched."

Xiao Dinshan raised a glass of wine and stood up, "Cooperation depends on the person first, this atmosphere of the Shen family, the company will certainly not be bad, I also take this glass of wine to say, if there is an opportunity, our Sirius Group is willing to cooperate with the Shen family."


The wine glass in Old Mrs. Shen's hand slipped down.

She smiled excitedly, "Dong Xiao, are you telling the truth?"

"A gentleman's word is hard to follow, not to mention that there are so many witnesses from the Shen family." Xiao Dinshan put the wine in his cup and drank it down in one go, "Ha, good wine, since that's the case, then I'll drink this celebratory wine first."

Old Mrs. Shen excitedly also drank the wine in her cup, in one go.

Xiao Dinshan put down the wine cup, his gaze swept the Shen family disciples in the field, and suddenly fixed his gaze on Shen Qingyin's body, "Rumor has it that the daughter of the second young master of the Shen family is quite talented in business, so if there is an opportunity to cooperate, it is time to give more guidance to the people of our Skywolf Group."

The crowd was stunned, not expecting Xiao Dinshan to praise Shen Qingyin.

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