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Chapter 77 faith seems to be shaken

Xiao Ding Shan is such a person, usually happy and angry invisible in color, today can make him angry, enough to see how angry he is, but he beat Li Wen, let people some people can not understand.

"Scrap him for me, break all his limbs." Xiao Dinshan slowly spoke.

Shen Qianqian Shen Chao and other people's eyes were written with a look of excitement, Shen Qingyin's face changed greatly, hurriedly opened her hands and blocked in front of Lu Fei: "Xiao Dong, this matter started because of me, if you are ......"

"Uncle Xiao, even this woman to fight together." Li Wen shouted.

But just finished, suddenly found someone grabbed his arm, Li Wen looked in panic and saw that the people brought by Xiao Ding Shan, did not go to grab Lu Fei, but grabbed him!

"Uncle Xiao, are you grabbing the wrong person!" Li Wen's face was anxious.

"With the reputation of the Skywolf Group, corrupting my good deeds, I'll be merciful to you if I don't kill you today, give me a fight!"

The last three words, Xiao Dinshan almost roared out.

The four bodyguards shot out one after another, three of them held down Li Wen, while the other one raised the bench and smashed Li Wen's arm fiercely, without even considering the possibility of the other party being hospitalized to repair it.

The room resounded with Li Wen's pig-killing roar.

"Old Mrs. Shen, this person is not half related to our Xiao family, I don't know what promises he makes, but none of them can represent the Skywolf Group." Xiao Dinshan turned to look at Old Taijun Shen.

Without waiting for Old Mrs. Shen to reply, Xiao Dinshan walked to Shen Qingyin's front and directly bowed in apology, "Mr. Shen General Lu, I'm sorry for the trouble I caused you, I'm here to apologize to you."

"Xiao Dong ...... forget it." Shen Qingyin saw Li Wen was broken limbs, fainted to death on the ground, she was a little soft-hearted again.

"After all, it is a relative of Xiao Dong, Xiao Dong can be sure to take care of him, do not die." Lu Fei suddenly said.

Xiao Dinshan was shaken, hurriedly nodded, get Lu Fei's response, he did not continue to stay here, let people tug Li Wen's broken leg, like tugging garbage, dragged him out.

"Xiao Dong ...... Xiao Dong ......" Old Mrs. Shen hurriedly chased after him, and when Xiao Ding Shan turned back, she asked somewhat nervously, "Xiao Dong, Mr. Li once before Helped our Shen family to get a loan of thirty million, but please Xiao Dong see the face of our company's cooperation, do not cancel the thirty million loan."

"Thirty million loan?" Xiao Dinshan first looked at Lu Fei, and then looked down at Li Wen, who was like a dead man, and suddenly laughed, "Old Mrs. Shen is afraid of being cheated, I can guarantee that this thirty million loan was never negotiated by him, if you don't believe me, you can ask the person who gave you the loan."

"So does Xiao Dong know Mr. Nu? With the president of Zhaqi Bank Luo knows ......" Old Mrs. Shen asked afterwards in disbelief.

Xiao Dinshan no longer pay attention to old Mrs. Shen, walked straight out, but his heart is remembered Mr. Nu, his first reaction, this Mr. Nu is Lu Fei.


The box is in an uproar, did not expect that after half a day, they were still deceived, Li Wengen originally is not the so-called Mr. Nu, so who is this Mr. Nu in the end?

The party ended in a hurry, Shen Qingyin did not go to the company, but followed Lu Fei home, on the way, she thought of today's aggravation, her heart was a sour.

She is in the Shen family, what exactly is she?

When she met such a danger, no one from the Shen family helped her, and if it wasn't for Lu Fei, she would have died inside today.

What's the point of living when you've lost your face?

"Lu Fei, did you call Xiao Dinshan." Shen Qingyin opened her mouth and asked.

"Yes." Lu Fei nodded, "Xiao Dinshan is still hanging out at Skywolf Group, since Li Wen is his man, he must be useful, but I didn't expect that Li Wen is a fox."

Shen Qingyin took a deep breath, she had a lot of things to say, but did not know how to speak, after this incident, some faith, she felt, seemed to waver.

At this time.

Shen Qingyin's phone rang, surprisingly, it was the phone of the old lady Shen, see the situation she hesitated for a moment, and did not answer.

If it were before, she would certainly not hesitate to pick up the phone, but now, she is suddenly a little tired.

At this moment.

Xiao Dinshan is standing in the hospital with a gloomy face, looking at Li Wen who is lying on the bed bandaged into a mummy, he is angry with his teeth itching.

"Uncle Xiao ...... why are you helping him." Li Wen cried.

"Li Wen, you shouldn't have come back." Xiao Dinshan's face was gloomy and he slowly spoke, "What else do you want to do, I will do it for you, you can go on your way without worry."

Li Wen was frightened like death, and struggled up excitedly, "Uncle Xiao, why in the end, in the end ...... ah!"

Xiao Ding Shan punched him in the leg: "Why! My life are in the hands of that person, is what you call a waste, not kill you, our Xiao family people will go to bury for you, you are outside, have not heard of the person called Sky Wolf?!"

Heavenly Wolf!

Li Wen's face turned pale, his mind suddenly recalled what he heard at the beginning: there is a most terrifying person in the underground world, when he is a god, he takes on the form of Caesar and knows everything. When he was a demon, he took on the form of the Wolf, and when the Wolf came out, all nine tribes were killed!

"Uncle Xiao save me, I do not want to die, I do not want to die ......" Li Wen screamed frantically, but unfortunately no one listened to his plea, as if he was a dead body.

At this time Xiao Ding Shan Xiao Lang, and his eldest son Xiao Jun stood outside the door, full of worries, they did not know that Wolf is Lu Fei, but Qin Shou repeatedly help the Shen family, that proves that the Shen family must have a special presence.

After investigation, they realized that that person was probably Lu Fei!

Combined with all the things that happened around Shen Qingyin after Lu Fei appeared, the more they were sure that Lu Fei's identity was terrifying, and even if it wasn't Skywolf, it definitely had a great relationship with Skywolf.

The more they dug down, the more they were overwhelmed, and now this matter of Li Wen appeared, which made them even more alarmed.

"Dad, or we go to the Yang family, the Skywolf Group still has a lot of things in our hands, we ......"

Before Xiao Lang finished his words, he immediately made Xiao Ding Shan veto, if the Skywolf really made a move, the Yang family was afraid that they would not be able to save them, and the punishment for them might be even more severe.

Xiao Jun pondered for a moment, slowly spoke: "Dad, I heard that the Shen family also got a loan of 30 million, a person named Mr. Nu help, I thought about it, there is no what is called Nu within the company, much less this surname."

"I remember, Zhaqi Bank's President Luo just came, it seems that L and N do not distinguish, the other party may know that Lu Fei identity is not good to say, so they deliberately said Mr. Nu ...... I wonder if we can have a thank-you banquet and invite Mr. Nu."

"If Lu Fei is willing to come, then it means that there is still room for things to be eased, if he doesn't come, then we can consider seeking the Yang family's help again."

"Then let's try." Xiao Dinshan agreed, no matter what, he felt that it was better to try first to see if he could get Skywolf's consent, and then think of another way if it didn't work.

After all, no one wants to die!

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