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Chapter 73 is really a scum

Shen Chao siblings also froze for a moment when they heard about the meeting to be held, Shen Qianqian was a little surprised: "Brother, what do you think Grandma is looking for us? Could it be that something happened on Shen Qingyin's side."

"That's possible." Shen Chao sneered, "Shen Qingyin that woman just started, must be a lot of mistakes, no big deal this time, the grandmother will certainly not summon people. Just as well, we can ask Shen Qingyin if the loan has a clue, if not, we can tell grandma the good news."

In the morning, Lu Xingping called Shen Qianqian, said he had found a friend in the bank, in a way to loan 30 million low-interest payments to them.

Originally this matter has not been implemented, Shen Qianqian was not prepared to say, but today it seems that you should be able to say out to wash off the joy.

The two siblings came to the conference room, the people in the conference room, are also confused, do not understand what happened.

This kind of meeting, but belongs to the emergency meeting.

When people were almost there, Old Mrs. Shen walked in with Shen Qingyin. Old Mrs. Shen had a stern face, as if she was very angry, but she let Shen Qingyin hold her hand, which made people feel very strange.

"Brother, what is going on, why does it feel weird." Shen Qianqian asked.

"I don't know." Shen Chao shook his head.

When Old Mrs. Shen sat down, she said with a stern face, "An emergency meeting was held because there was another big event in our Shen family, about our General Manager Shen Qingyin."

Finished speaking.

Old Mrs. Shen turned her head and did not want to look at Shen Qingyin, anyone could see that she was angry.

"Grandma." Shen Qianqian hurriedly spoke, "I have good news to tell you, my brother he has found a friend, he may be able to give our Shen family a loan of thirty million."


Shen Chao hurriedly got up, "Originally I shouldn't have overstepped my authority, but I thought, we can't all count on my big sister, so I'll find connections myself. As you know, my big sister has a nest egg to take care of at home, and I'm afraid she won't be able to keep busy."

"And my big sister has just become the general manager, I'm afraid her hands are full, and she may not have the ability to hold up such a large company ......"

"Well, is there any certainty about the loan then." Old Mrs. Shen asked.

"This ...... may be certain, but the specifics of the situation ......"

"No certainty to say out to invite what credit!" Shen Lao Taijun bellowed, "Just you have the ability is not it, we Shen family left you, all starved to death is not it!"

"Grandma my brother does not mean that ......"

"Shut up!" Shen Lao Taijun stood up, "the meeting has just begun, just listen to you guys,, or I this position by you to sit!"

Shen Chao and Shen Qianqian scared face pale, do not dare to speak, the heart has a kind of indescribable strange.

Shen Lao Taijun took a deep breath, tiger face to look at Shen Qingyin, and then look at the crowd: "Today I want to among criticism Shen General! In the end, it's not like you're still talking!"

Shen Qingyin lowered her head and did not speak.

Shen Chao and Shen Qianqian, one by one, gloating in their hearts, it seems that Shen Qingyin has made grandmother angry, now there is a good show.

"You guys say, this just became the person in charge not long ago, this is only a few days ah, first to ask for money, one afternoon to get the money back, and then a loan, this is only half a day, and then the loan is completed."

"Tell me guys! The young people nowadays, give us the old generation a chance to live, what is she trying to do! This is slapping my old face."

As she said that, Old Mrs. Shen's face showed a bright smile and she simply couldn't close her mouth.


The crowd was dumbfounded, and only at this time did they understand the meaning of Old Dowager Shen's words, which was not to reprimand Shen Qingyin at all, but to praise her in disguise.

I go!

Shen Chao and Shen Qianqian's faces changed, what did they just hear?

Shen Qingyin has already negotiated the loan of 30 million? Someone has released the money?

It's only been half a day, how is it possible?

The people below immediately echoed, each looking at Shen Qingyin with eyes full of pleasing smiles, no one expected that Shen Qingyin would be able to negotiate down a 30 million dollar contract.

"How is this possible, I didn't hear it wrong." Shen Qianqian's face changed, "Then what exactly did Shen Qingyin use to get the release so quickly."

"It must be Shen Wenshan, without Shen Wenshan's words, how could she be so smooth." Shen Chao's face was gloomy and he clenched his fist, "Damn! I didn't expect to let her get ahead of me, but it doesn't matter, I want to see how long she can be dashing, this piece of land, if she has the ability to get into it."

Shen Qianqian looked down at the phone with a stern face, and suddenly a trace of joy appeared on her face: "Brother, I just got a message, the city government planning to come out soon, the focus is to develop 320 near that block."

"Really?" Shen Chao face a happy, if this is really the case, then Shen Qingyin now no matter how scenic, in the end absolutely will not win.

"Of course, Lu Xingping told me." Shen Qianqian handed the phone to Shen Chao's face, Shen Chao immediately showed a happy face, great, if this is really the case, then he would love for Shen Qingyin to loan more money out, the more the better, it will all be his anyway.

Grandma would definitely shift her focus from the Skywolf Group to their piece of land.


Governor Luo arrived in person with his people and signed the contract right in the conference room. The people looked at Shen Qingyin as if they saw the original Old Lady Shen, another genius manager had appeared.

"President Luo, thank you so much for Zhaqi Bank."

After signing the contract, Old Taijun Shen was excited: "You are sending charcoal in snow to our Shen family, that is."

"Old Mrs. Shen is very kind, if it wasn't for Mr. Shen, we wouldn't have decided to put the loan down." The governor said with a smile, and when he saw Shen Qingyin, he was actually stunned.

A woman with long legs and stunning looks, a woman who looked very arrogant.

But then he thought of that big breasted cute peach blossom eyes Xu Nuo, the two women are definitely different styles of women, but both are Lu Fei's women.


The bank president Luo's heart once again labeled Lu Fei as a scum, and specially instructed him not to bring Xu Nuo to Shen's house, so it was, because he was afraid that the two would run into each other.

"Governor Luo, look it's noon, I've already had someone book a wine table at the Ivory Tower, we must have a good meal at noon." Old Mrs. Shen excitedly looked at Shen Qingyin, "Right Qingyin, you call your friend over too, this matter is also thanks to his help."

Mr. Lu also came?

He wanted to refuse, but when he heard that Lu Fei was also coming, he hastily agreed to do so.

Lu Fei, I'm afraid that everyone wants to make friends with him, no one would refuse to make friends with a tycoon!

"Then I'll go back to take care of a little business first, before the meal time, I'm bound to arrive on time." Banker Luo laughed.

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