The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 70 to my wife to put 30 million loans

"The Shen family has recently had a project demand that requires a loan of thirty million, so I would like Governor Luo to be able to put the loan out in the name of the bank."

"Of course, the designated lender is Shen Qingyin, I will immediately have someone call the money over, also exists on that account opened by Xu Nuo, three hundred million is enough?"

"Enough is enough." The governor's face was overjoyed, "It would be good if we could have more."

"Then five hundred million." Lu Fei thought about it, "What commission is high to do what it is, specific you to operate on it, need my signature?"

"This we have rules in our line, even if the commission ......"

"Bring it to me to sign." Lu Fei lazy with the governor of Luo nagging, waved his hand to interrupt his words.

After signing, Lu Fei left the bank accompanied by Governor Luo, and on his way out, he touched Luo Liuhui's dog head, and by the way, instructed Governor Luo at the door to fire him.

Originally Lu Fei wanted to go back to the rental house, but remembered that he is now a family man, looked at the time, it is almost time to leave work, why not buy some food home cooking it.

A series of things busy finished, Lu Fei saw Shen Wenshan with Zhao Meilan walked in from outside, Zhao Meilan glowing, wearing a variety of brand-name.

Behind Shen Wenshan also carrying a large bag of things, see Lu Fei cooking at home, but did not feel happy, but not good-naturedly scolded: "dog things! Where are your eyes! Can't see so many bags also don't know to come over to pick up."

Lu Fei hurriedly ran up and picked up the things.

"No good, look at the clothes you wear, outside beggars are better than what you wear."

"Yes, yes, Mom, you have a discerning eye, you speak in one word and hit the nail on the head, pointing out my mistake of being a beggar, I ......"

"Get out of the way."

Zhao Meilan is in a good mood today, too lazy to bother with Lu Fei, but the heart is still depressed, other people's son-in-law are scolded without saying anything, but their family?

Although not resistance, but that ass-kissing, still let Zhao Meilan headache, oily mouth, really annoying.

After putting things away, Zhao Meilan walked into the kitchen, as if she had discovered something terrible, she angrily yelled: "Lu Fei! Are you deliberately trying to make me lose face, you are shameless, can you not drag our family into it, did I ask Qingyin to tell you that guests are coming tonight, look what you have cooked!"

"To come guests?"

Lu Fei froze for a moment, really did not hear Shen Qingyin said, perhaps the company is too busy, took the phone and forgot to say.

"I gave a moment to forget, then I now ......"

"Now now! Can it be too late now?! You waste of time, still frozen for what, still not go to the restaurant to buy some food back." Zhao Meilan growled and interrupted Lu Fei's words.

Lu Fei did not say anything, turned around and went outside to find a restaurant to buy food, at this time, Shen Qingyin just called and hurriedly said, "Xiao Lu, my mom is home? Mom called me earlier and said that Uncle Wang is coming to our house for dinner in the evening, let you cook, and as a result I ......"

"It's okay, I've come outside the restaurant to buy a meal." Lu Fei smiled, "Your side is very busy, right, by the way, how about the bank loan thing, is it already talked about?"

"This afternoon the president of Zhaqi Bank called me, said to release the loan to me, but still need to wait for the approval of the Board of Directors ...... this matter wait to go back to talk about it." Shen Qingyin shook her head, when she received the call, she was also a little confused.

I did not expect that Zhaqi Bank would call her and also lend her money, which made Shen Qingyin a little confused, did not understand how the situation? Then she thought that Fan Yu must be the one who helped her.

Shen Qingyin did not dare to tell Lu Fei, afraid to make him think more, so he did not say anything.

Lu Fei saw that the governor has taken the initiative to find Shen Qingyin, also put down his heart, as for the approval, it is estimated that the governor is waiting for his own remittance, his money is outside, transferred from abroad, also need some time.

It is estimated that tomorrow should be about the same, watching Shen Qingyin in the Shen family step by step growth, Lu Fei is also very happy.

When Shen Chao and Shen Qianqian are at their wit's end, Shen Zhijun should have to appear, otherwise, the Shen family will really have to change people to control.

When he returned home, Lu Fei saw a middle-aged couple sitting on the sofa, and when they saw Lu Fei return with the dishes, they smiled.

"This must be the waste son-in-law of your family, right?" The middle-aged man opened his mouth and said waste, making Zhao Meilan, who had wanted Lu Fei to shout at someone, instantly become unhappy.

She glared at Lu Fei with no good grace, "What are you still standing there for! Why don't you hurry up and get the dishes ready, the family is waiting for you to eat, and you are still not in a hurry, waste!"

"Mei Lan, look at your son-in-law, he looks like a man, no wonder he was able to fool your daughter." The middle-aged woman next to her laughed, "Speaking of which, there are so many rich families you are not looking for, you have to find a loser back."

"If you want me to say ah, you can not because the old Shen outside the money earned a little bit of indifference, that little bit of money is actually nothing. You have seen today, our family house, in addition to the water mirror Villa, it is estimated that our villa."

"Our old Wang bought down plus decoration, but more than ten million, you see your family earned money, how not to buy a set, all that money is not floating surplus ah." Mrs. Wang rubbed her face and commented somewhat playfully.

Seemingly feeling that it was not enough, she got up again and pointed at the house: "I say your family is also indeed a little smaller, and now there is a waste son-in-law, even the bathroom is only one, you say this if you get up in the morning all have an emergency, then will not be to shit in the pants."

"Ahem." Uncle Wang seems to feel a little inappropriate, he coughed, "wife, people have their own plans, perhaps feel that the house is smaller, live more cozy, our family that, not very cold, you are not willing to go to live."

The words, it is better not to say, so Zhao Meilan more nest of a fire, she looked at Shen Wenshan, hoping that Shen Wenshan opened his mouth to say two words, directly buy a house to hit the face.

But Shen Wenshan where to come so much money, Lu Fei gave 10 million, also this and that, actually not much left, so he can only dry smile: "In fact, I just like to live in a small house, a small house is more cozy, and recently the money is put on the investment is much better, not yet the time to enjoy the blessings."

Zhao Meilan did not expect to wait for this answer, her face changed, picked up the phone to play low, not willing to speak again.

Shen Wenshan looked at Lu Fei.

Lu Fei also did not want his wife's family to be so taunted, he walked up and smiled: "Uncle Wang, in fact, our family also bought a house, just now still renovating, when the renovation is complete, we can go over there together to start a pot."

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