The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 69 you are fired

After a meal, Shen Qingyin had something to leave, and Fan Yu accompanied his cousin Guo Anfu to go back.

On the road.

Guo Anfu couldn't help but speak: "Fan Yu, I've asked the people in our bank, if the Shen family wants a loan of 30 million, it's difficult, their family's qualifications can't meet the standard, I'm afraid the bank council can't even pass."

"Brother Anfu, what about the 20 million?" Fan Yu asked.

"Twenty million won't work either." Guo Anfu shook his head, "You should know that the loan is also considered to be able to recover, Shen's group's qualifications, I'm afraid no one dares to guarantee, replace you, you dare to guarantee? Forget it, I'll try."

Fan Yu silent down, after all, thirty million is not a small amount, although the family bank relatives a lot, but since Guo Anfu said no, it seems that it is really not possible.

Lu Fei for the loan matter, specially came to the Zhaqi Bank, for thirty million loan can be released to the Shen family, he knows very well, he does not come to find someone, even 10 million may not be released.

Just arrived at the bank, found that there are not a few employees in the bank, even the counter is only open one, I thought I could see Xu Nuo, but also did not see.

Seeing this Lu Fei walked towards the inside, wanting to find the president of the bank, but before he walked in, a young man wearing black-framed glasses scurried forward and reached out and pushed Lu Fei to the back.

"What are you doing!" The young man shouted, "Can't you see that this is a VIP area and backstage? Are you blind!"

Lu Fei looked down at his own dress, indeed some shabby, but so even if you can not enter the VIP area, at least verify the identity or remind under it?

Seeing this, he frowned: "I'm looking for Governor Luo."

"You?" The young man looked up and down at Lu Fei, "You still know Governor Luo? What are you looking for Governor Luo for."

"I want a loan." Lu Fei said.

The young man heard Lu Fei say he wanted a loan, even more despised Lu Fei, he sneered: "Loan? Loans to go to the account manager, what to do with the banker Luo, you are not sick in the head."

"You better talk politely." Lu Fei reminded.

"I am not polite how, believe it or not, as long as I say, your loan will not be approved." The young man pointed at the back door and roared, "Get out of here!"

Lu Fei laughed, had never seen such an arrogant young man, he did not bother with the other party, took out his phone and called Xu Nuo's phone.

"Six, Mr. Lu Lu." Xu Nuo's voice some surprise, but it seems that there are people around, and do not dare to shout too intimate, and change the mouth to call Mr. Lu.

"You're at work?" Lu Fei asked.

"I'm... I'm here." Xu Nuo said, "President Luo asked me to sign the transfer contract, you, you came to the bank?"

"Yes, I came to the bank to talk to President Luo about the loan, but I do not have his number, to go in, but also by a young man scolded a dog." Lu Fei flirted, "You ask the governor of Luo, want to send you a sign in the VIP area, the poor and dogs are not allowed to enter."


Xu Nuo did not expect Lu Fei met this matter below, see the situation she did not speak, may hear, she seems to be reporting something, soon heard the sound of hurried footsteps.

"You, you wait down there, we'll go over." Xu Nuo panting.

Lu Fei smiled, really a cute and naive little girl, is ready to wait for two people, behind suddenly came a cold laugh: "Why, call to find someone, did not find, do not think you know anyone, I tell you, as long as I do not nod, no one can take you in."

Lu Fei did not bother to pay attention to each other, head down and play with the phone.

The young man saw Lu Fei dare to ignore him, he was annoyed, took a step forward and pushed Lu Fei's shoulder: "Go away, don't be an eyesore here, want to do business go over there, here is where you stay."

"Luo Liuhui! What are you doing!"

Governor Luo's angry voice rang in his ears, Lu Fei did not expect that this guy is also surnamed Luo, it seems to be a relative of Governor Luo, no wonder he is so bullish.

"Governor Luo!" Luo Liuhui hurriedly explained, "He wanted to do a loan had to enter the VIP ......"


Before he could finish his words, he received a loud slap.

"What are you! Also dare to dictate in the line." The head of the bank slapped him in anger, "Get the fuck out of here, don't let your mother come to me for mercy, you're fired!"

Luo Liuhui covered his face and looked at his cousin uncle incredulously, not knowing what was going on.

Usually, even if someone complains, the other party will bail him out, but today how can it not.

At once Luo Liuhui panicked: "Cousin uncle I didn't mean to ......"


Luo governor kicked him in the stomach, kicked him out, do not care about the other party's death, Luo governor politely ran to Lu Fei, full of apologies: "Mr. Lu, really sorry, is my poor discipline, is my failure to blame, you see this way of handling you are still satisfied."

"Let him kneel outside the VIP area and wait, I'll think about it." Lu Fei sneered, "If he is not willing, then this loan I think there is no need to negotiate, of course, I am going to deposit a few hundred million guarantee, so that you can loan to others."

Luo governor heard Lu Fei to deposit a few hundred million, his face instantly showed a smile, now he can not wait for someone to deposit money in, see the situation he turned his head to look at Luo Liuhui.

Luo Liuhui face changed greatly, full of annoyance: "You do not want to! I quit, whoever I like!"

"Arrest him for me." The head of the bank immediately yelled, a few people ran up and grabbed Luo Liuhui, "Press him to kneel at the door of the VIP area, you dog, I take care of you so much, you give me trouble, you dare to try again, if I can't cure you, my name is not Luo."

"Cousin uncle, he has a stinking money is great ah, you ......"


Lu Fei a slap up, smiling, "Sorry, rich is really something."

"Kneel down!" Luo the banker yelled, several people immediately pressed Luo Liuhui to the ground and kneeled.

Some people who knew Luo Liuhui, inwardly shouted with pleasure, this guy relied on the fact that he had Governor Luo behind him, dog-eyed every day, and some customers were reprimanded by the other side.

What's more, they also saw Lu Fei being driven away by the other side, I don't know who led the applause, and instantly everyone applauded.

Lu Fei also touched Luo Liuhui's head when he was leaving, and when he was about to proceed to the director's office, he coughed and turned his head to look at Xu Nuo who was following behind like a little daughter-in-law: "That, Xu Nuo ah, you go and get busy, there is nothing for you to do here."

"Yes, yes, Xiao Xu, you go and get busy." Banker Luo hurriedly echoed.

Lu Fei followed him in, and his expression became a little embarrassed: "That Governor Luo, I'm here for the Shen family, but you can't mention to Xu Nuo about me and the Shen family."

"Don't mention it." Luo banker froze for a moment, then grinned, but in his heart was hey bah bah, scum!

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