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Chapter 685? Father appears!

Shen Qingyin looked at Lu Fei and also Lu Jun in surprise and found that the two really had a few similarities, and immediately understood that the person Xiao Qingshan had found was Lu Fei's father.

He Broken Hill and other people's faces changed.

Of course they knew who Lu Jun was, they just didn't expect that Lu Fei was the other party's son.

This trouble, it seemed, had become even bigger.

Lu Fei's gaze crossed to Lu Jun, who seemed to have seen his mind and shook his head slightly at Lu Fei: "Your-mother is not here, but don't worry, she is safe."

Hearing these words, Lu Fei also breathed a sigh of relief.

Seeing so many people around, he took a deep breath and said softly, "Dad, let's go home."

Lu Jun did not nod immediately, but glanced at He Broken Hill and the others, and then looked at Lu Fei: "Little Fei, these people ...... let them go."

Lu Fei had been staring at Lu Jun, and when he heard this, a trace of gloom flashed in his eyes.

In the end Lu Fei still did not say anything, just nodded his head.

He Broken Hill and the others did not expect Lu Jun to plead for them, and when they saw Lu Fei promise to let them go, the group was overjoyed.

When they found Lu Fei looking at them, He Broken Hill and the others' smiles instantly froze again.

"Tell your alliance master, if you don't disband, in the future, your Martial Union, there will never be any sect masters surviving." Lu Fei's voice was like an ethereal sound coming from above the nine heavens, and it was even filled with an unquestionable tone.

He Broken Hill fiercely looked up at Lu Fei, his body couldn't help but tremble.

He just had a lot to ask Lu Fei, did not dare, now finally found the opportunity.

He didn't dare to look at Lu Fei's eyes and could only stare at his lips, "Do you ...... do you ......"

"Patriarch?" Lu Fei seemed to be laughing, "I have long since ceased to be."


What an existence in China, this is the end of the pursuit of martial artists, but anyone who becomes a patriarch, which is not forty or fifty years old, it is simply impossible for someone in their twenties to become a patriarch.

Lu Fei said such words in an almost ethereal tone, giving the impression that it was as if he was blowing smoke.

Not a patriarch?

Could it be a Grand Master?

Not at all possible!

Lu Fei was previously just a martial artist who wasn't even an internal energy martial artist, so how could he become a grand master?

He Broken Hill looked at Lu Fei, a smile suddenly appeared on his face, he didn't know why he suddenly came up with courage and shook his head slightly: "Impossible, you can't be a Grandmaster, much less a Grand Grandmaster."

"You must have used some kind of secret technique of Long Tian Xiao to forcibly raise your strength, that must be it!"

As he spoke, He Broken Mountain's eyes gradually brightened up, as if he had, at last, found a reason for his failure.

When the crowd heard this, they also felt that there was such a possibility, perhaps Lu Fei was only relying on small techniques to scare people, and his real strength, did not reach the sect master.

Lu Fei stood in place with a face full of silence, quietly listening to the crowd's discussion, and finally he laughed.

This smile made many people prepare themselves, waiting for Lu Fei to admit it or find an excuse to put it off.


Lu Fei did not, his expression, still cloudy and light: "Martial artist? Inner strength? Zongshi? Grand Master? These strength divisions, and where did they come from, who stipulates that you have to achieve internal strength to reach the master?"

"These are just shackles in the heart, as the saying goes, there is no road in the world, more people walk, it naturally becomes a road, so why don't you think about it, the world, in fact, there is no internal strength master, grand master."

Lu Fei's tone is calm, as if he is explaining something to the ignorant, many people simply do not understand, but some people, but listened to it.

Next Lu Fei did not explain anything more, he looked back at He Broken Hill, and glanced at his father, and suddenly flew up.


This instantly shocked everyone to the point where they could step into the air, wasn't that the ability possessed by a Grand Master?


This is too terrifying!

A Grand Master in his twenties, no one would even believe it if they said it out loud.

On the contrary, this kind of thing was something that they saw with their own eyes.

Lu Fei landed, and this time, he did not stop again, but took Shen Qingyin away with him.

The reason why he wanted to show his strength was because he wanted to deter some foolish people through his strength, moreover, he wanted to break the last hope of He Broken Hill and others.

At the same time, Lu Fei also wanted to tell his own perceptions to give to those who have a destiny, otherwise some people will always be in chains, always walk the same path, there is no hope of breakthrough.

After he left, the back was like an explosion, everyone talked about Lu Fei's strength, so terrifying.

Han Jin left in silence.

Among the people present, except for his teacher, perhaps no one knew that in fact, Long Zhan Guo was able to have such strength, but also took a different path.

Even, Lu Fei's path, and his path, almost the same.

It is this.

Only then did Long Zhanguo say the phrase My Way is not alone.

Associated with Lu Fei's identity, Han Jin more and more feel the terror of Lu Fei, said that it is alongside Long Zhan Guo, is not too much.

It is a pity that Lu Fei does not have this mind.

At this time, Lu Fei, with Lu Jun back home, as for Shen Qingyin, is to take Xiao Qingshan to find little glutinous rice, a day did not see his daughter, but also more miss.


Shen Qingyin found that Lu Fei's mood is not right, plus the father and son have not seen each other for a long time, so Shen Qingyin took the initiative to leave space for the two.

Let the two sit together and have a good chat.

With his hands behind his back, Lu Jun followed behind Lu Fei and looked around Lu Fei's house like a guest in someone's home.

"The house here, I guess it's not as good as your place."

Lu Fei, who was walking in front, suddenly stopped and turned to look at Lu Jun.

Lu Jun looked startled, and then looked at Lu Fei in surprise: "What did you say?"

Lu Fei's expression was indifferent, completely lacking the excitement of seeing Lu Jun before, and the look he gave Lu Jun was like looking at a stranger.

"Even if you are not the alliance master, you should be some figure in the high level." Lu Fei uttered his judgment.

From the moment he saw Lu Jun, Lu Fei felt something strange, as to what was strange, he could not say.

Later, when Lu Jun spoke to He Broken Hill and others, it was as if Lu Fei had found a certain clue and finally emerged with a terrifying speculation.

All of it.

All is the father behind the control.

Including Langya Pavilion, also has the father's handwriting in it, otherwise, the original those information, and how to be changed away?

The only thing he couldn't understand was what Lu Jun was trying to do!

With his hands behind his back, Lu Jun silently looked at Lu Fei's figure, and finally sighed: "It seems that there is still some misunderstanding between us."

"What the hell is going on with the Ancient Temple." Lu Fei sneered, "In the old house, why would there be those things from the Ancient Palace."

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