The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 684? The Return of Little Green Mountain

Where is He Broken Hill?

The crowd subconsciously looked around and finally found him at the edge of the lake about twenty meters away.

He Broken Hill was lying on the ground, surrounded by half-broken trees, spitting blood from the corners of his mouth, dying.

"This ......"

When the people around saw this scene, they were all completely shocked, no one thought that Lu Fei had beaten He Broken Mountain into this state with just one punch.

He is a sect master ah!

The originally quiet scene exploded instantly as if someone had dripped cold water into the frying pan.

"Holy shit, how strong is Lu Fei?"

"Could it be that Lu Fei has become a sect master?"

"One punch to beat someone like this is not just a sect master, right?"


Han Jin and the others looked at the scene in shock and finally understood why Long Zhan Guo had to leave early, because Lu Fei no longer needed his shelter.

"Release the people." Lu Fei looked at the Supreme Elder and glanced at He Broken Mountain who was being helped up out of the corner of his eyes, not meaning to take the other person's life.

The Supreme Elder's face was cloudy as he swept his gaze around, finally settling on Lu Fei's body.

"Let go? Then we have to see if you have the ability to survive!"

The Supreme Elder shouted sternly as his body flashed and instantly appeared in front of Lu Fei.


Han Jin and Qin Shou both yelled out almost simultaneously, they did not expect that the people of the Martial Alliance, were so shameless.

A tai-senpai, an equal to Long Zhan Guo, was now striking at Lu Fei!

It was simply shameless to the extreme!

When the others saw this scene, they froze for a moment, and then endless anger emerged in their hearts.

The older you get, the more shameless you are!

Looking at the Elder and Lu Fei closer and closer, the hearts of the crowd actually appeared a trace of sadness.

I'm afraid that Long Zhan Guo did not expect that his opponent would rather tear - break his face, but also to kill Lu Fei.


In the blink of an eye, the Supreme Elder appeared in front of Lu Fei, and when he saw that his opponent's fist was about to hit Lu Fei's heart, Lu Fei once again threw a punch.

Powerful waves of Qi once again surged.

The next second.

In the next second, the Supreme Elder flew backwards, like a kite with a broken string, in front of the stunned eyes of the crowd.

Lu Fei waved his right hand.

As if attracted by a mysterious force, the fish intestine sword in the distance turned into a red light and rushed to Lu Fei's hand.

Lu Fei waved his hand again.

The red light scurried past the Supreme Elder, and before long, above the sky, came the miserable screams of the Supreme Elder.

The crowd shuddered.

Looked at Lu Fei's eyes, but also full of shock, how did not expect, Lu Fei's strength has become so terrifying.

Even the Supreme Elder was not a match for Lu Fei?

Then what strength is Lu Fei?

The people of the Martial Alliance came back to their senses and rushed to the Supreme Elder's front, and found that the Supreme Elder had already fainted, his whole right arm was cut off flush, and there was no more possibility of it being reattached.

The crowd drew a breath of cold air backwards in their hearts.


One of them didn't dare to stay, just one look from Lu Fei made him feel like an awning on his back.

If Lu Fei made another move, then they, the Martial Alliance, would not even have a person who could resist.

When they were ready to leave with the Elder, a red light suddenly appeared in the sky.

After the red light disappeared.

There was silence all around.

Everyone did not expect that Lu Fei would dare to do such a thing.

Did Lu Fei, really want to be an enemy of the entire Martial Union?

"Since you won't release anyone, then I would like to see, your Martial Union, how many other sect masters let me behead under my sword." Lu Fei stepped forward with his right foot, stepping on the head of the Supreme Elder.

His voice was not loud.

But it was like a flood bell, ringing in everyone's ears, and the crowd felt the anger within Lu Fei's heart.

"We, the Martial Union, are willing to hand over people!"

Just at that moment.

A weak cry sounded behind.

Turning around to look, it was He Broken Mountain who was almost killed by Lu Fei.

At this moment he was being supported, his legs were a little weak.

The elders, Lu Fei said extinguished, if he does not take the initiative, the next finished people, there is definitely one of him.

Lu Fei did not speak, just quietly looking at He Zhushan.

The corners of He Zhongshan's mouth wiggled, as if he was ordering something.

The people around him quickly left.

The surrounding area once again became quiet.

Everyone understood that this was the Martial Union bowing its head.

No one expected that the Martial Alliance, which was so powerful that it could roam unhindered, and which was not even in the eyes of Department Six, would take the initiative to bow down.

Of course.

Everyone even more did not expect that Lu Fei's strength, after his breakthrough, would be so powerful.


A black car drove in quickly, the door opened, and a young boy wearing a duck-tongue cap jumped down from the car and looked around, as if he was curious about what was happening over here.

Because Qin Shou had people clear the battlefield in advance, so little Qingshan didn't see anything he shouldn't.


When Shen Qingyin saw the people coming down from the car, she rushed towards Little Qingshan like crazy and took Little Qingshan in her arms.

She was afraid that someone would take Little Qingshan away from her.

"Don't cry, I'm back now." Little Qingshan gently patted Shen Qingyin's head and said something that made everyone laugh and cry.

"So old, how come you still don't know how to make people worry, there are so many people watching."

Shen Qingyin smiled and wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, her eyes were red as she looked at Little Qingshan: "It's mom's fault."

The crowd peeked at Little Qingshan, then looked at Shen Qingyin, and finally looked at Lu Fei, probably understanding the relationship between the three.

Lu Fei slowly walked to Shen Qingyin's side, looked at Little Qingshan, and for a moment did not know what to say.

Is this really his own son?

The original harsh killing intent, instantly became softer, he really did not think that he also had the day to become a father.

"Little Qing ......"

"Call uncle."

Lu Fei's words have not yet finished, Xiao Qingshan suddenly coldly popped out a sentence, so that Lu Fei was shocked off the jaw.

Shen Qingyin was also really startled and was about to reprimand Little Qingshan when she saw Little Qingshan pointing at Lu Fei and explaining, "I found your-dad and we became good friends, so I'm now a generation away from your-dad!"

"My dad?"

Lu Fei, who was still ready to think of a way to teach Little Qingshan a lesson, froze for a moment when he heard this, and then became excited the next second.

Didn't he come back to China just to find his parents' whereabouts.


Little Qingshan had actually seen them.

Looks like he guessed right, his dad's disappearance really has something to do with the Martial Union, with that Ancient Temple!

"Old Brother Lu, come down." Little Qingshan shouted towards the car.

Not long after, a middle-aged couple came down from the car, both of them with red eyes, staring at Lu Fei.

Neither of them had ever thought that there would be a day when they could meet up with Lu Fei.

"Little Fei."

Lu Jun shouted with a choked voice, but it made Lu Fei's eyes red.

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