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Chapter 683? My Way Is Not Alone

The others are also a bit baffled, do not understand why Long Zhan Guo will strike at this time.

In theory, this kind of life and death duel, even if Lu Fei died, Long Zhan Guo can not participate, unless in the opponent with shameful means.

He broke the mountain from the beginning to the end there is no problem, the dragon war country should not be out of hand.

Shen Qingyin did not care what rules or rules, in her mind, as long as Lu Fei is okay, the other things, she does not care.

Among the crowd, only Han Jin eyes flickered with a strange light, in his mind is the emergence of the words that Long Zhan Guo said to him.

What should be said, Long Zhan Guo has already said.

Moreover, the master is a man of his word, will never break the rules of the martial arts, since he since the hand, then there is only one situation.

Han Jin's gaze moved to Lu Fei's body, and a curious look gradually appeared on his face.

He was curious to know.

Lu Fei, who was not even an internal martial artist, once he broke through, what kind of realm he could reach.

That's right!

In the convention, if either party showed signs of breakthrough, the other party could not make a move and had to wait until the other party broke through before they could continue the match.

That's why Long Zhan Guo was able to make a move.

At this moment, Long Zhan Guo, standing with his hands in front of Lu Fei, looked at the Supreme Elder with a calm face: "What do I mean, you might as well ask him."

The Supreme Elder glanced at He Broken Mountain.

At this moment, He Broken Hill looked at Lu Fei with extreme anger, he now finally understood why Lu Fei did not resist desperately, the other party was using himself.

He wasn't sure what kind of technique Lu Fei actually cultivated, but he was clear that he had pushed Lu Fei and allowed him to break through.

"It's true that you can't interfere in the battle of life and death, but if someone wants to break through, then there must be a truce." Long Zhan Guo coldly explained a sentence.

This sentence.

It caused an uproar all around.

The crowd finally understood why Long Zhan Guo had made a move, it turned out to be that Lu Fei was about to break through.

In an instant.

Everyone's eyes were focused on Lu Fei's body.

At this moment.

Lu Fei floating on the lake, limbs wide open, as if a drowning man.

But looking at it.

The crowd felt that Lu Fei's body, as if it was one with the lake.

"What kind of strength is he, could it be that he is going to become a sect master too?"

Some people were surprised.

The person next to him shook his head: "As far as I know, Lu Fei doesn't even have internal energy, he's a body cultivator, this breakthrough is at best more than internal energy, but he's definitely not a match for Elder He."

"No internal energy yet?!"

Some people exclaimed, looking at Lu Fei incredulously, that look, as if they were looking at a monster.

Shen Qingyin stood in the middle of the crowd, her small hands clenched tightly, nervously listening to the people's chatter.

Finally, she finally understood the horror of Lu Fei, she looked at the Long Zhan Guo above the sky, and then looked at Lu Fei floating on the lake, and sighed slightly in her heart.

She did not hope that Lu Fei could be like Long Zhan Guo, only that Lu Fei was an ordinary person.

To be like Long Zhan Guo, the road he walked is bound to be a mountain of bones and a river of blood.


In the midst of the crowd's discussion, a slight sound suddenly rang in the crowd's ears, as if someone had gently hit the iron bell.

The water on the lake, suddenly began to flow and rotate rapidly.

Fish jumped up one after another.

Above the sky, I don't know if it was a coincidence or a vision, a beam of light just spilled directly on Lu Fei's body.

Behind Lu Fei's back, as if there was a pair of invisible hands, pushed him violently, making him stand up.

The fish around him swam over and jumped from his left side to his right side, as if forming a dynamic dragon gate.

"How is this possible!"

When the Supreme Elder saw this scene, his face changed greatly. This kind of sight should only be seen when one breaks through the Grand Master.

But Lu Fei a martial artist who is not even an internal energy.

How could there be such a vision!


A long sigh came out of Lu Fei's mouth as he clenched his fist and murmured, "Inner strength, it's just an agreed-upon realm."

"If I keep persistently pursuing it, perhaps I will never break through."

Lu Fei's eyes gradually focused.

He turned to look at Long Zhan Guo and bowed deeply to him. Without Long Zhan Guo's high level guidance, perhaps he would always be trapped in the realm of ordinary experts.

He also went to the painstaking pursuit of the unlocking method of the Heavenly Demon Disintegration Technique.

So Long Zhan Guo deserved his thanks.

"Hahahahaha, my path is not alone!"

Long Zhan Guo laughed upward, turned around and flew off into the distance, a reaction that people, including Han Jin, were very stunned by.

Sect master in a high position, whether internally or externally, are not laughing, let alone today so many people here, he actually laughed so happily.

The most amazing thing is.

The Sect Master turned around and walked away, not caring about the result of the following match at all.

It seems that the result has already been determined!

The Supreme Elder stared at Lu Fei, a hint of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes.

He turned his head to look at He Broken Hill with a murderous intent.

He Broken Hill and the Supreme Elder glanced at each other and instantly lowered his head, at this moment, he already understood what the Supreme Elder meant.

Kill Lu Fei!

Must take advantage of the fact that Lu Fei had just broken through and his foundation was unstable to kill Lu Fei!

"Then let's continue to start!"

The aura on He Broken Mountain began to rise, and his body flashed out countless phantom shadows, and to those around him, it looked as if dozens of He Broken Mountains had appeared.

This sight alone already created a very depressing feeling.

"So strong!"

Han Jin's face changed slightly, he was not sure of Lu Fei's current strength, but he was able to perceive that if Lu Fei were to go head to head with He Broken Mountain, he would definitely not be able to take any advantage.

Shen Qingyin's heart was raised to her throat, and she wanted to shout and warn Lu Fei to be careful.


These two words stuck in her throat and she could not shout them out.

At this moment.

He Zhushan had already rushed to Lu Fei's front and struck out with a fist.

This punch was He Zhushan's famous fist technique.

Broken Mountain!

One punch can break the mountains and rivers.

This fist requires a lot of energy as well as strength, and He Zhushan would never use it unless as a last resort, which is enough to see the fearfulness of this fist.

"Your fist, not as big as mine." Lu Fei said indifferently.

Facing a dozen phantoms in front of him, Lu Fei directly struck out at a phantom on the right.

When the crowd thought that Lu Fei would hit empty, a powerful wave of Qi suddenly burst out from all around, blowing extra hair up and leaving everyone dumbfounded.

I did not expect to actually hit.

Two powerful forces, so that the surrounding onlookers, quickly backward.

In the heart.

But was guessing, what is the result?

Lu Fei, should be defeated.

The crowd raised their heads and looked at the fog that was gradually dispersing, and in their eyes, there was a look of shock.

Lu Fei!

Lu Fei actually still standing in the same place!

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