The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 68 Another difficult task

Shen Qingyin heard the 320 plot, the heart sank, this is not yet happy, Shen Qianqian again picked this up, really let her go running loans, she went up where to run so much money ah?

That piece of land, it is the current location of the orphanage, Shen Qingyin even if the money, but also do not want to develop that piece of land.

"Yes, yes, it is that piece of land." Shen Chao is like grabbing a lifeline straw hurriedly nodded, "Grandma you don't know, recently Qianqian and that Lu Xingping close, is he to Qianqian revealed the news, if our family to bid, will be able to use the lowest price to get."

"Just need a deposit of 30 million, but our Shen family does not have much money now, I know that big sister fancy the project with the Wolf Group, may not take care of me, so I want to make things difficult for big sister ...... but what I do, all for the Shen family."

Shen Chao said, his eyes turned red, tears were holding, ready to flow down.

"Little Chao, you have a heart." Old Mrs. Shen changed her previous disgusted attitude towards Shen Chao and turned to look at Shen Qingyin, "Qingyin, this piece of land, if there is really Qianqian, a resource, then we can try. You are now the head of the company, then you should step in to talk about it."

"But grandma ......"

Shen Qingyin still wanted to say something, but let Lu Fei grabbed his right hand, the palm of his hand was tingling, and Lu Fei wrote a word in her palm: good.

She looked at Lu Fei dumbly, with some hesitation.

"Big sister, you said your family is so powerful, even if you can't ask for it, you can ask second uncle for some money in your name, don't you want to be afraid of losing money, we Shen family can give interest." Shen Qianqian took the opportunity to say.

"We are all for the Shen family ah big sister." Shen Chao lowered his head and wiped the tears at the corner of his eyes, "If you don't want to forget it, I will find my own way, even if the house is sold, I still want to fight for this piece of land."

"Grandma, my wife will definitely not refuse." Lu Fei spoke.

"Good, that's good." Old Mrs. Shen's face showed a smile, whether Lu Fei opened his mouth or Shen Qingyin opened her mouth, as long as someone agrees then it's done, "In that case, then Qingyin, grandma can wait for your news."

"Grandma came in the morning to think about it, you have done so much, the promotion of general manager can not be so plain. When you finish this loan thing, grandma will prepare a big dinner party for you to celebrate, so that your parents can also follow the long face."

The people left.

Shen Qingyin turned her head to look at Lu Fei with some anxiety: "Lu Fei, do you know how difficult it is for the Shen family to get a loan from the bank with its current situation, let alone 30 million."

"When our cooperation with the Sirius Group side is officially launched, maybe there is still a possibility, but now ......"

"Wife, you trust me, since I made you promise, then I definitely have a way to help you accomplish this goal." Lu Fei held Shen Qingyin's hand and said seriously.

Shen Qingyin drew back her hand like a lightning bolt, she found herself really a little impervious to Lu Fei, how anything to his hands, it seems to have become simple.

"Xiao Lu, I said, when no one is around you have to call me ......"

"Qingyin." Lu Fei smiled.

Shen Qingyin sighed slightly: "In fact, I do not want to get involved in this land, do you know where Lot 320 is? It is the orphanage, if it is developed there, the orphanage will have to be relocated, and they want to build a tourist resort by the mountain over there."

"But now Hongzhou, there is no place suitable for building the orphanage, there is the best air quality, not to mention that once the fight, the rest of the money, our Shen family is now afraid that we simply can not raise, but also need to rely on other families to cooperate, so that our Shen family will be in a passive."

Lu Fei did not expect that the land also includes the orphanage, no wonder Shen Qingyin so hesitant after hearing, see the situation he can only comfort: "car to the mountain there must be a way, no matter what, we first find a way to implement the bank loan thing."

"Can only think of a way." Shen Qingyin rubbed her brow, she did not put all her hopes on Lu Fei, for one thing, she did not want to rely on Lu Fei, and for another, she did not think Lu Fei could really help.

Shen Chao and Shen Qianqian were alone in the office.

Shen Qianqian said angrily, "Brother, what's going on, how come that Dong Hu suddenly returned the money to us and tore up the face, it must be that kid spent money to buy Dong Hu and gave more money."

"Not so, what else can happen." Shen Chao gritted his teeth, "that Dong Hu, usually looks quite righteous, did not expect him to do such nasty things, I really looked away, damn, this revenge I must revenge."

After a pause Shen Chao took a deep breath, turned his head to look at Shen Qianqian: "Qianqian, this matter is left to you, try to let Lu Xingping reveal more information, this piece of land if we can get, then we can be designated by Lu Xingping to let us take charge of the name, to get back a game."

"At that time, no matter how hard that bitch Shen Qingyin works, everything will be done for us, even the profits earned from the cooperation of the Skywolf Group will be diverted to our side."

"What's more, that woman wants to get a loan from the bank, it's really difficult, our side, it's best to also see if we can get a bank loan, if we can release it from our side, then grandma will definitely look at us differently."

"I'll make an appointment with Lu Xingping now, that guy, contact me before he comes back, but it's just a dog licker." Shen Qianqian took out her phone and quickly sent a message to Lu Xingping.

After work, Shen Qingyin came to visit the dean in the hospital, for the things that happened in the last two days, making her look a little haggard.

Just sat down not long after, saw Fan Yu walked in from outside: "Qingyin, you're here, I'm really sorry about yesterday, I didn't know ......"

"Fan Yu, the one who should say sorry is me, I understand what you mean." Shen Qingyin shook her head and suddenly remembered something, "Right Fan Yu, I remember if someone in your family works in a bank? Can you ask about a loan for me, our Shen family wants a loan."

"Several people in my family are in the bank." Fan Yu saw that Shen Qingyin had something to beg him, his face immediately showed a smile, "Qingyin, how much do you want to borrow, I have a cousin who is the head of the branch below, but he can also talk in terms of loans."

"Really." Shen Qingyin's face was overjoyed.

"Yes." Fan Yu nodded, "Qingyin you haven't eaten lunch yet, right? Or else I'll invite you to eat outside, I'll call my cousin again, if you have any questions, you can ask him in person, if not, I can help you think of another way."

"I'll treat you." Shen Qingyin seemed to see the light, for the loan matter, inviting people to dinner is definitely inevitable.

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