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Chapter 67 - 10 million contract

Liquidity has always been a key aspect of the company, Old Mrs. Shen let someone say that the heart was a little shaken, but she was not good enough to take the initiative to ask Shen Qingyin to hand over the rights to the point.

So she came up with this idea, let Shen Qingyin take the initiative to hand over, even if Shen Wenshan to question, she also has a way to deal with.

Shen Qingyin's heart sank, how could she not understand Old Mrs. Shen's meaning, remembering how Lu Fei had helped her these days, she gritted her teeth and said, "If Lu Fei is not going to come back, I am willing to obey Grandma's arrangement, all for the sake of the Shen family."

"Good, then wait." Old Mrs. Shen smiled.

Shen Chao and Shen Qianqian and others silent, the heart sneers more than, want to account, dream!

Later, Lu Fei will come back, not to account.

Shen Chao a phone call, the account to come over, although this matter, others can see at a glance Shen Chao in the trick, but Shen Chao do not care, he wants is the grandmother's attention.

He wants to let the people of the Shen family know that the Shen family can not function without him, Shen Chao!

Not much later.

Lu Fei's figure appeared in the conference room.

"Lu Fei, the account over there ......"

"It hasn't been given to me yet." Lu Fei shrugged his shoulders and interrupted Shen Qingyin.


Shen Qingyin sat down with a pale face.

She trusted Lu Fei so much, did not expect him to not ask for the money back, she laughed miserably, should have thought that Lu Fei could not have asked for it so smoothly.

Here, there must be two Shen Chao siblings involved.

"Let a waste to ask for money, really have an idea, just so impatient to prove your family's waste, and then logically, let your family waste into our Shen family company management right." Shen Qianqian played with the pen and analyzed in a sinister manner.

Shen Chao sneered: "Or else let your father add this money to it, is not your father rich? I would like to know just how much money your family has, and whether it can all be invested in our Shen family."

Shen Lao Taijun quietly listened, has not spoken, when everyone's opinion said almost, she only slowly spoke: "Okay, Qingyin just took office, this matter is indeed a little difficult for her, is my poor consideration, do what there is always a transition ......"

"In that case, then let's follow what Qingyin promised before, the company's business, or ......"

"Wait, I only said that I did not get the money, but did not say, did not ask for the account." Lu Fei suddenly spoke.

"Didn't get the money, what's the difference between not getting the money and not asking for it, Lu Fei, you don't confuse things here!" Shen Qianqian shouted lowly.

"Excuse me, excuse me."

At this time.

An anxious voice rang in the crowd's ears, only to see Dong Hu walking in with four men, each with thick makeup on their faces, seemingly covering up the injuries on their faces.

Shen Qianqian and Shen Chao both had a shock in their hearts.

Dong Hu seemed to have come a little early.

It was not yet time for them to appear.

"You are?" Old Mrs. Shen also stood up when she saw Dong Hu in this manner.

"Grandma, he is Dong Hu of Shihai Trade." Shen Chao immediately ran up to introduce, "I knew that with Lu Fei's ability, he would not be able to come to the account, so I asked someone to help intercede, but I didn't expect that Mr. Dong would personally send the money."

"Yes, grandma, you do not know how anxious my brother knows about this matter, heard that Lu Fei did not get the account, I do not know how many people have entrusted to get the money to come." Shen Qianqian helped.

"Good, good, Xiaochao or you are more familiar with this piece." Old Mrs. Shen was full of smiles, and the others echoed, praising Shen Chao.

Shen Qingyin was in a heavy mood.

Knowing that this battle today, I'm afraid I'm going to lose.

Dong Hu listened to the crowd's praise of Shen Chao in silence, and only after a long time did Shen Chao walk up to him with a smile and hold out his hands, "Mr. Dong, this matter doesn't even need to bother you to come over, you just have to say so, and I'll have that punk bring the money by the way ......"


Shen Chao's words had not finished.

Dong Hu slapped him on the face, the slap was crisp and clear, making everyone confused.

What's going on here?

Didn't Dong Hu come to deliver the money?

"Motherfucker, who is here to deliver money to you." Dong Hu cursed, took out a handful of money from his body and slammed it on Shen Chao's face, "When did your Shen family come out with such sinister things, giving 100,000 to Laozi's men and making Laozi renege on his debt."

"I really don't know about this, I'm telling you, we act openly and honestly, don't care to be with you."

Dong Hu's eyes were a little moist when he scolded, I did not expect him to have the time to be a decent person.

After a pause Dong Hu put the box on the table and opened it, then turned to apologize to Old Mrs. Shen: "Old Mrs. Shen, this is the payment for our cooperation, three million, not a penny less."

"Mr. Dong, thank you so much, it's really a family misfortune that something like this happened, if it wasn't for Mr. Dong's words, my wife is still in the dark." Old Mrs. Shen was grateful.

"I heard that Mr. Shen is in charge of the company today for the first day, as a congratulatory gift, I also brought a contract here, from today onwards, as long as Mr. Shen is in power for one day, but wherever we need our Shihai Trade contract, a strand will be settled according to the most favorable price."

"Here is a contract of 10 million, as a token of appreciation, Mr. Shen sign on this, and it will be officially effective."

Ten million contract!

The Shen family was shocked, they didn't expect the other party to apologize and casually take out a contract of 10 million.

"Qingyin, no, Chief Shen, what are you still standing there for, still let the legal affairs take a look at the contract and sign the words." Old Mrs. Shen glanced at Shen Qingyin in an angry manner and stomped her cane.

Shen Qingyin came back to her senses and hurriedly called to contact the legal department, what happened today was really too much of a surprise for her.

Lu Fei not only asked for the money, but also brought the contract over, which is too incredible.

Legal quickly checked the contract without any problems, and even the contract was clearly in favor of their Shen family, Shen Qingyin signed it, Dong Hu led the people away.

All the people of the Shen family instantly boiled over.

The new official took office three fires, Shen Qingyin this first fire is burned but strong ah, not only to come to the arrears, but also got a big contract.

"Well, well, well, Qing Yin, you've done a good job." Old Mrs. Shen took Shen Qingyin's hand and praised her with a smile, then she looked at Shen Chao with a stern face and said, "What do you want me to say about you?

"Grandma! My brother he does not want to do so, but recently my brother looked at a piece of land in the west of the city, he wants to talk to the bank loan, but he has no identity, and dare not talk to you, can only use this method ...... Why do not you see let big sister go, big sister so powerful, maybe the bank can give us a loan ah." Shen Qianqian said anxiously.

"Land? Which piece of land?" Shen Laojun froze for a moment, and then became excited, "You mean the 320 west of the city land? You have a way to get it?"

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