The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 65 charming early morning

One second.

Two seconds.

Shen Qingyin screamed, her fists crackled madly to hit Lu Fei, but let Lu Fei grab the dead.

"How did you fall down." Lu Fei said.

Shen Qingyin froze for a moment, then realized that it was not Lu Fei who ran to the bed, but she fell off the bed, how is this possible, she has never fallen off the floor in her sleep.

She broke away from Lu Fei's hands and hurriedly climbed up, her heart puffed and puffed, but now what could she say? It was she who fell, not Lu Fei who ran to bed.

It's a shame!

Shen Qingyin hurried into the bathroom, wash up, the phone suddenly rang, pick up the phone, Shen Qingyin face changed, did not expect her just promoted and then this kind of thing happened.

"What's wrong?" Lu Fei, who was making breakfast, came out and asked.

"People from the marketing department went to the sea trade to collect the bill, but they were thrown out, Shen Chao used this to make an article and put the matter on me." Shen Qingyin frowned, "In the past, it was Shen Chao's side to find someone to contact to collect the debt, this time I'm afraid to give me a downfall."

"If you do not want to come back, it is estimated that the other side will use this matter to make trouble again, but I do not have a suitable person around me now, that Shihai commerce is not so simple ...... you tiptoe what to do."

"I ah." Lu Fei chest up and back, "Have you ever felt that I am very social."

"You stop it." Shen Qingyin some helpless, looked down at the phone, "Grandma also arrived at the company, seems to know this matter."

Some of her men told her that grandma seemed to be planning to call the middle and senior management for dinner one day, checked the time of several senior management, and was going to choose a day to invite the senior management for dinner and announce her appointment at the same time.

The more this happened, the more Shen Qingyin could feel her grandmother's expectation of her, and she was anxious in her heart, surely she couldn't let this matter affect her grandmother's impression of herself.

"I really have no problem." Lu Fei patted his chest, "Or how about we make a bet."

Shen Qingyin came back to her senses, looked up at Lu Fei, suddenly thought that Lu Fei and Ma Tianfu know each other, but after all, only know ah.

Seeing Lu Fei's conviction, Shen Qingyin hesitated for a moment: "What do you want to bet."

"I want you to ......"

Before Lu Fei finished his words, he felt Shen Qingyin's harsh gaze, like a knife blade, seeing this he did not dare to pause and quickly finished: "I want you to sleep on the floor, and I'll sleep on the bed to prevent you from rolling into my arms again."

"That's it?" Shen Qingyin asked.

"Or else bet you also give me a chance, Caesar is Caesar, I am me, we do not have any relationship, let me pursue ......"

"Well just the first one." Shen Qingyin covered his forehead, now for the relationship between the two also some fret, and now even live in the same house.

Shen Qingyin went to the company.

Lu Fei, on the other hand, went to ask for debts, just on the way here, he bought two bottles of spray paint on the way.

According to the address came to the world sea trade, this company is not large, it is said to have undertaken a lot of Shen family logistics projects, the old boss surnamed Dong, called Dong Hu.

There is no so-called front desk, Lu Fei according to the map to find the world sea trade, inside cold and quiet, only a few people around a small table playing cards, for Lu Fei's arrival, completely ignored.

"Where is Mr. Dong?" Lu Fei walked up and asked.

"Inside." The man with the cigarette pointed to the office on the right, on which hung a tattered sign that read General Manager's Office.

Lu Fei walked in, only to see a man playing a game with his head down, seeing this he spoke: "Excuse me, is this Mr. Dong? Hello, I'm from Shen's group, our General Manager Shen asked me to come to you to settle the account, the total is three million."

"Payment?" Dong Hu raised his head slightly, his eyes flashed a trace of coldness, "You are that waste husband of Shen Qingyin, right? It seems that Xiao Chao was really right, she has no one around who can be of use, and will only find you, a waste."

"Go back and tell your wife, want money without a life, love it how it is, or you let her come to personally want to try, maybe I will give it."

Dong Hu's mouth curled up slightly, tongue licking: "Of course, I give the money I play, not your company's account."

"Hey, looks like you don't want to give it right." Lu Fei sighed slightly and put the two bottles of spray paint on the table.

"What, still want to fight?" Dong Hu crossed his arms and looked at Lu Fei with interest, "You really are a loser, don't know this world, the weak are strong."

"Wimps like you, and women like Shen Qingyin, deserve to be bullied, and your wife deserves to be ridden."

Lu Fei glanced at him and directly picked up the monitor and smashed it at Dong Hu!


The monitor smashed on Dong Hu's blocking arm, directly cracked, this time even Dong Hu was confused, not to say that the waste, why is so violent?

At the drop of a hat?

The people outside heard the commotion, have rushed in, saw Lu Fei to Dong Hu hands, four people immediately attacked Lu Fei, but where they will be Lu Fei's opponent.

But a minute, four people were beaten by Lu Fei fell to the ground wailing.

"Without some skills and still want to learn from others to renege, just this point of you people, I really do not want to play pig eat tiger in front of you." Lu Fei walked towards Dong Hu.

Dong Hu's face is fierce, a punch out, it can be seen, he is also a practitioner, but unfortunately in front of Lu Fei, simply not enough to see.

Bang Bang two.

Lu Fei did not even burst out with full strength, Dong Hu was beaten back repeatedly, he looked at Lu Fei in shock, how did not expect that Lu Fei's strength would be so strong!

"You're not that wimp of the Shen family!" Dong Hu woke up, "Who the hell are you!"

"Who told you that a wimp can't fight." Lu Fei sneered.

The person who climbed up behind him suddenly picked up the stool and smashed it at Lu Fei, who turned around violently and blocked with his right arm.


The bench shattered with a sound.

Bench legs fell to the ground, but Lu Fei's fist was already in front of the assailant, Lu Fei another punch, hit the other side of the head, the assailant rolled his eyes and fainted to the ground.

Seeing Lu Fei looking at himself, Dong Hu hurriedly warned, "You do not mess around, I tell you, I'm with the Ma Wangzi, if you dare to mess around today, be careful I let you eat."

"Prince Ma? Ma Tianfu?" Lu Fei sneered, "OK, then you call him, see if he helps you, if there is no number, I can give you."

Lu Fei took out his phone, quickly found Ma Tianfu's number, clicked to dial, and casually tossed it to Dong Hu.


Lu Fei picked up the two bottles of lacquer on the table, since it is to ask for money, it is necessary to give the other party a memory, ignore that looking at the number in the silence of Dong Hu, Lu Fei began to spray up.

To ask for money, is not all like this?

First there is a momentum!

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