The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 6 can only live three months

In the air, there was even a fishy smell.

The Shen family people were so frightened that they retreated, one by one, they looked at the scene in horror.

Especially the Shen Chao siblings, their faces were white, they did not expect that the so-called ivory walking stick was made of human bones.

When they bought it from that master, they were clearly told that they had found a treasure, but they didn't expect it to be such an obscure thing.

"Nice ivory walking stick, that's nice to say, but what is this? This is human bone!"

"Fury into the bone, Yin Qi into blood, if you use it for a month, you will certainly die. My wife's jade has a spiritual nature, adsorbs a lot of fatal energy, in turn, saved you."

Lu Fei indifferent tone, word pearl heart.

Old Mrs. Shen's body shook, she was really shocked, she fixed her mind, cold face looking at Lu Fei: "Good you waste, really as Xiao Chao said, clever as a tongue! Your human bones, so long is not it, I see you are demonic words confuse people!"

"Shen Qingyin, really have you. Qianqian just dropped your jade by mistake, in the blink of an eye, you guys found the opportunity to break the crutches, husband and wife, how enviable!"

"Grandma!" Shen Qingyin's face changed greatly, how could she expect her grandmother to be so biased towards Shen Chao's siblings.

Lu Fei's face was cold, he had long been used to such things.

At the beginning, his grandfather was so biased towards the second uncle's family, causing their family to be forced to leave.

But so what?

Fatal Qi into the body, do not get timely dissolution, or that, three months of time.

Shen Lao Taijun's sullen face, turned and walked out the door, and as she was leaving, she stared at Shen Chao and the two of them for a few moments, scaring Shen Chao into not daring to look up.

The crowd hurriedly followed out, apparently everyone could see that Old Dowager Shen was scornful of what Lu Fei said, but she clearly sided with the two Shen Chao.

The originally lively banquet turned from a hall to a courtyard, Old Mrs. Shen had an extra string of Buddhist beads in her hand at some point, sitting on the main seat with her eyes closed.

Shen Qingyin saw that the banquet was about to start and her mother hadn't sent a message over, so she was relieved again in her heart.

Soon, this nightmare will be over.

She looked at Lu Fei and couldn't help asking, "How did you know that there was something wrong with that ivory cane of grandma."

"I read on the internet that that jade pendant is indeed spiritual, although it is very mysterious, but now look, it is indeed true." Lu Fei casually found a reason to put off.

Shen Qingyin did not say anything more, she nodded and could not help but remind: "The banquet will start soon, why don't you leave now."

"I'll go to the toilet first." Lu Fei covered his stomach, made an excuse, and hurriedly walked towards the toilet.

Shen Qingyin saw Lu Fei leave and a flash of sadness passed through her eyes.

After this night.

I'm afraid I won't even be able to see someone like you.


Lu Fei.

We say goodbye forever.

Lu Fei sneaked to the toilet, quickly made a phone call out, and soon was aware of the Wolf Group Xiao Ding Shan's phone.

He dialed the number, and on the other side of the phone, a low middle-aged man's voice rang out: "Who?"

"My surname is Lu." Lu Fei simply replied.

"Young master!" Xiao Dinshan on the other side of the phone was shaken, and he glanced at Uncle Zhang beside him, who nodded slightly.

Only then did Xiao Dinshan ask, "I wonder what the young master wants."

"He Shengli was injured by me at the Shen family's old mansion, he is bound to make trouble when he wakes up later, now bring someone here, take him away from me and make him disappear in Hongzhou."

"Yes, young master!" Xiao Dinshan hung up the phone and told the news to Uncle Zhang.

Zhang Bo's face was indifferent: "If not for the young master's life, that He Shengli would have buried him alive, Ding Shan, you quickly bring someone to the Shen family's old mansion and abolish the He family."

"That Shen family without the cooperation of the He family, is bound to meet trouble, you can announce that the Skywolf Group is cooperating with the Shen family, go away the little one to a big one, that the Shen family is bound not to be difficult for the young master."

"As for whether to expose your identity, you still have to ask the young master's intention ah."


Xiao Dinshan nodded, but his eyes flashed a sigh, he worked so hard for so many years, but in the end, he still had to give up the company ah.

Lu Fei went to a big number and when he returned from the toilet, he found that the originally noisy courtyard had suddenly become quiet.

He froze for a moment.

Only to hear someone scream, "Lu Fei is here!"


He became the focus of the whole crowd.

Shen Qingyin in the crowd was pale, her hair was messy, her cheeks were even a little red and swollen, and when she saw Lu Fei come out, she was also panicked.

I thought Lu Fei had left in the name of going to the toilet.

I did not expect that really went to the toilet.

"Why haven't you left yet!" Shen Qingyin went up and asked anxiously.

"Who hit it." Lu Fei's face sank.

He swept his gaze, but saw He Shengli with three people looking at him, with thick gauze wrapped around his head.

He stared at Lu Fei, his face full of resentment.

"That's him! Your family's good son-in-law!" He Shengli pointed at Lu Fei's nose and looked at Old Mrs. Shen, "He humiliated my company's female subordinates and was discovered by me, thinking that he had no evidence, he actually ran back to the Shen family with a big swing."

"I came over to question him, he not only did not cooperate, but also hit and injured me, if I had not run fast, I was afraid that he would have been killed!"

The crowd looked at Old Mrs. Shen, who turned white with anger and looked angrily at Lu Fei: "Lu Fei! Don't kneel down!"

Shen Qingyin hurriedly explained, "Grandma, that's not how it is, Lu Fei will never ......"

"Shen Qingyin, you bitch! And you, you hit the back of my head with a wine bottle, I think you are now brainwashed by him!" He Shengli shouted loudly, his words excited.

"Laozi smoked you, also because of the face of Old Mrs. Shen, you now even if you kneel down and beg Laozi, Laozi will not play you!"

He Shengli fiercely looked at Old Mrs. Shen and sneered: "There is one more thing, I forgot to mention, all cooperation between our He family and the Shen family, immediately terminated!"

Below, there was an uproar.

Old Mrs. Shen sat down on her chair, looking at He Shengli with a panicked face: "Young Master He, this matter is the wrong thing they did, it has nothing to do with our Shen family! Look, I will definitely give you justice in this matter."

"Shen Qingyin, why don't you take that wimp of a man of yours, kneel down for me and apologize to Young Master He immediately!"

Old Mrs. Shen's voice was almost a hiss as she glared angrily.

The others also echoed.

This He family's cooperation, to their Shen family, how important, everyone knows!

Shen Qingyin looked flustered and didn't know what to do.

Lu Fei, however, took two steps forward and said with a cold face, "If you say so, then it means that just now it was you who hit my wife right, which hand, hold it out yourself."

"Lu Fei, what are you going to do!" Old Mrs. Shen scolded angrily, "still do not give me kneel down, want to rebel is not it!"

He Shengli was so frightened that he took a step backward, but thinking of the present occasion, he immediately took a step forward and sneered, "What, in front of so many people, you still dare to hit me, don't you? You hit me ah! Believe it or not, I'll send you to jail right away!"

"Then send your wife to the men's prison, so that you have a good ......"


The words have not finished.

Lu Fei is already a slap on the face of He Shengli, a crisp slap.

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