The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 58 Lu Fei rescue

The crowd was talking, Zhou Xuancui hesitated for a moment and finally decided to invite Lu Fei over, but before he could open his mouth, Lu Fei took out a pill from his pocket and stuffed it directly into the dean's mouth.

"What are you doing!" Zhou Xuancui almost went crazy as she scurried up and broke open the dean's mouth, but she couldn't find that one pill at all.

"What did you give my mother!" Zhou Xuancui looked up at Lu Fei.

Fan Yu also rushed up and violently pushed Lu Fei away: "What did you give the patient to eat indiscriminately, are you sick!"

"The secret medicine unique to this school of ours." Lu Fei drew up a piece of paper on the bedside table, wiped his hands, "Okay, the old man should be fine, just pay attention to the follow-up conditioning, do not worry too much about the strain."

This is a good advice, but in the hearts of the people, more and more like a godsend.

This patient is obviously very sick, he came to do nothing at all, just simple massage two, and then feed a pill, and this can save over?

This is not a joke?

"Nervous, right?" Someone said the most critical three words, instantly let the crowd understand, which can explain, the other party's behavior so odd.

"Get out, you get out!" Zhou Xuancui like crazy, mouth chanting, tugging Lu Fei's arm to push him out.

Lu Fei was helpless, the other party did not believe him, he could not do anything but wait until the dean woke up, but before he reached the door, he heard people outside shouting: "Director Gao is back!"

This shout made Zhou Xuancui almost fainted, regretful in his heart, should have known to wait a little longer, why to be sick and trust this young man.

Lu Fei just happened to be pushed to the door, saw the visitor, he froze for a moment, did not expect so coincidentally, and met that Gao Mingshan, so quickly from the police station.

Small places are really humane society, Lu Fei heart lament.

Zhou Xuancui walked up in a panic: "Director Gao, you quickly give my mother a look, just fed by him do not know what things, you quickly give a look ah."

Gao Mingshan was still thinking about how to retaliate against Lu Fei, that kid, Zhou Xuancui hurriedly ran, almost hit him, he was a little annoyed: "What are you shouting in the hospital, your family is dead, is not it!"

"Director Gao, the patient in bed thirty-six just showed symptoms of critical illness, but only you can treat it, so we called you ......" Fan Yu walked up and quickly reported what just happened.

"Got it." Gao Mingshan waved his hand impatiently, "Tell the family to wait."

"But that man had to say that he could cure, he ran up and did not know what to do, and gave the patient medicine." Fan Yu face with a smile, "You see she is a relative of my classmate, can ......"

Gao Mingshan heard feeding medicine immediately followed the finger to look, saw Lu Fei, immediately the face sank.

I did not expect him to meet Lu Fei here, this damn brat, heaven has a way you do not go, hell has no door you cast yourself.

"Lu Fei! You don't know anything about medicine, what are you fooling around in the hospital!" Gao Mingshan shouted and directly shouted out Lu Fei's name, so that everyone around could get a message.

Gao Mingshan knew Lu Fei, the other party indeed did not know the medical art, instantly Zhou Xuancui's face was as pale as paper, his body swayed twice, he should not have trusted this young man just now!

"Who! Who allowed him to save people, where is he saving people, he is harming people!"

Gao Mingshan shouted: "This kind of person so young say is a doctor you also believe, I see he has other thoughts!"

"Ahem ......"


A coughing sound came from the room, Gao Mingshan's eyes flashed a touch of surprise, he could tell that the sound was from the patient.

Seeing Fan Yu was about to go in to check, he reached out to stop: "You wait outside, I'll save the person first! Don't come in and disturb me."

Fan Yu as well as the nurse froze for a moment, when did Director Gao talk so well? When did Director Gao become so nice?

Just look at Director Gao's mood is still very bad.

He turned his head to look at Lu Fei, suddenly thought of Shen Qingyin's waste husband also named Lu Fei, immediately he walked up and said in a cold voice: "You are the fake husband of Qingyin?"

"What do you mean by fake husband?" Lu Fei smiled, "We have done the wedding, just waiting for the right day to get a license ......"

"Waste, what qualifications do you have to marry Qingyin." Fan Yu is not taking into account his identity, I'm afraid he would have already punched out.

He snorted coldly, walked quickly toward the office, got the phone, the first call to Shen Qingyin: "That waste Lu Fei do not know where to get the prescription, want to come to cure Aunt Bo's disease, the situation is now very bad."

"Not Director Gao back, I asked him to help, I'm afraid that Auntie Bo ......"

Fan Yu did not say further, but the follow-up words, has no need to say more.

"You said Lu Fei went to the hospital!" Shen Qingyin sat up in shock, how she did not expect that Lu Fei would run to the hospital, but also to find a prescription to save people, "How is the dean."

"I'm not sure, Director Gao is being treated." Fan Yu tasted out of the office with the phone, "Qing Yin you do not have to worry, Director Gao in this area is an authority, will never happen, is too irresponsible Lu Fei, see something happened and do not know where to run."

"I'll go there now." Shen Qingyin tone anxious, the heart is more angry, she knows that Lu Fei is for her good, but he does not know the art of medicine, blind kindness what!

"You want to come? Then I'll go down and wait for you, it's a little cold at night, I'll go buy you a cup ......"

Fan Yu's words have not finished, Shen Qingyin side has hung up the phone, seems not to hear the last words at all.

But Fan Yu does not care about these, glanced at the ward that does not matter to him, can not wait for the other side to die, he hurriedly walked into the elevator hall.

Gao Mingshan stood in the room, watching the indicators on the instruments gradually return to normal, his face was written with excitement, really so, really the patient recovered.

He did not know what means that kid used to cure two seriously ill patients one after another, but now the situation was different.

This patient was his now!

He checked the patient's pulse, which also began to gradually recover, and the more this happened the more it brought a trace of joy to Gao Mingshan's face.

Great Taihe Yin Yang Miscellaneous Disease, which is similar to Alzheimer's disease, once it reaches a severe outbreak, there is absolutely no possibility of recovery, but it is now for him to give a chance to seize.



All these things will follow.

After five minutes, Gao Mingshan walked away from the ward, there were still many people standing outside, Zhou Xuancui asked in a panic: "Director Gao, my mother she ......"

"If I hadn't stepped in in time, I'm afraid your mother would have died!" Gao Mingshan stern face, "as a family member no vigilance at all, anyone can cure, then what do we need doctors to do! Your mother is already fine, you go in and take a look."

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