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Chapter 57 - The dean is dying

Shen Qingyin came to the hospital with a heavy heart, she just received a call from her classmate, the dean's situation is getting more serious and very tricky, Director Gao Mingshan, who can do the treatment, had something outside and didn't come back.

So the dean is likely to die.

Inside the ward.

A tall, plainly dressed girl sat by the bed, worriedly taking care of the dean, from the side, with a slim waist and a D size, not knowing how many people would envy.

The girl heard footsteps, looked back, the beautiful peach blossom eyes again do not know how many people stunned, sitting here to take care of the dean, he was Xu Nuo.

"Xu girl, why are you here." Shen Qingyin walked up, Xu Yatou was not her name for Xu Nuo, but the dean's name for her, and then when she got used to it, Shen Qingyin also addressed her as Xu Yatou.

Even in Shen Qingyin's heart, just like treating Xu Nuo as her own sister.

"Sister Qingyin." Xu Nuo two eyes red, "I'm off work nothing, to see the dean, the dean she ......"

"I know, don't worry about it, the dean will be fine." Shen Qingyin stood in front of Xu Nuo, slightly shorter than her, see the other party's good behavior, she reached out her hands to wipe the tears in the corner of the other party's eyes, "You go back to rest first, pay attention to safety on the road."

Shen Qingyin came to the bedside.

The old man was full of white hair, lying on the bed slightly opened his eyes, pale as the bark of the right hand held Shen Qingyin's hand in a deadly grip.

"Dean ......"

"Mom ...... mom ......"

When the dean shouted these two words, Shen Qingyin and Xu Nuo two tears like rain, now the dean's condition is so serious that he forgot everyone, only remembered her mother.

"Dean, she is sister Qingyin." Xu Nuo said in tears.

"Let the dean rest." Shen Qingyin took Xu Nuo out of the ward and watched her leave before Shen Qingyin walked towards the doctor's office.


Before she reached the office, a gentle voice suddenly sounded in her ear.

Shen Qingyin turned around and a tall, thin man in a white coat greeted her with a smile on his face, his voice low and gentle: "Auntie Bo will be fine, you don't have to worry too much, I've already said hello to the nurses and doctors."

"Fan Yu, thank you so much." Shen Qingyin gathered the hair around her ears, "If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't really feel comfortable to busy myself, it's just that Auntie Bo doesn't even know me now, I'm still a little worried."


Fan Yu stretched out his right hand to take Shen Qingyin's hand, but she slightly side dodged it, see the situation Fan Yu is not embarrassed, a slight smile: "With me in, Bo Aunt will certainly be fine, by the way, I heard that you had a falling out with the family, and also casually found someone to get married?"

"I ......"

"Qing Yin, you should not be so reckless, that person I also know, love to show off also dead to face, you did not receive a license feel clear with him, you want to be afraid of family members again to you dating, you can find me as a stand-in."

"I can accompany you to eat with you shopping with you chat, as long as I have time, I ......"

"Fan Yu, I love him very much." Shen Qingyin interrupted Fan Yu's words, the one in her heart, naturally, is not Lu Fei, but Caesar, the fictional Lu Long in Lu Fei's mouth.

She did not understand Fan Yu's heart?

Of course not.

Shen Qingyin grew up not knowing how many people pursued, what a proud heart, not knowing how many boys rejected, even Fan Yu, back then also did not enter her heart.

Fan Yu smiled faintly, this is just Shen Qingyin looking for an excuse to reject him.

"Fan Yu, Aunt Bo's matter is on you, when the company's business is finished, I'll treat you to dinner." Shen Qingyin looked at her phone and smiled apologetically, "I have something else to do, then I'll go back first."

When Shen Qingyin returned home, the house was already dark, she lay in bed, not knowing how to face, suddenly two dilemmas.

One is the evil man Li Wen.

The second is the dean's illness.

That Li Wen a listen to know that outside is not the right way, her father's money is afraid to come is not clean, but she knows that no one at home will care about the process of coming.

She took out her cell phone to call Lu Fei, but think about it, and finally gave up, she can not rely too much on Lu Fei.

Because he is Lu Fei, not Lu Long, stomach grumbling, Shen Qingyin got up to go out to find some food, before opening the door, I heard the sound of parents discussing outside, her father surprisingly to go to Lu Fei to talk alone.

At this time Lu Fei just finished soaking, strength almost back to the previous peak level, basically with the ordinary special forces soldiers, from the King of Soldiers also a little short of.

Originally wanted to get Qin Shou to protect the law, he took the Great Return Dan, but he also received news about the dean is seriously ill, see the picture Shen Qingyin lost soul, Lu Fei took a deep breath, outside a car, quickly rushed toward the hospital.

Came to the door of the ward, saw many people clustered within.

Lu Fei heart thud, afraid that the situation is not good.

"Doctor I beg you, you must save my mother, you must be able to." A middle-aged woman sat paralyzed on the ground, her right hand tugging at Fan Yu's pant leg, crying her heart out.

"I said, Director Gao is out on a clinic." Fan Yu got a little impatient, "If it wasn't for Qingyin's greeting, you think you would have stayed until now, you don't want to wait or transfer to Huijing!"

"People are dying, why do you still let the patient transfer ah."

"Yes, still not resuscitate, if you wait for that director to come again, the person will be cold, how can you see the death and not save."

The people around rebuked one after another.

Lu Fei, who was standing outside, was also a bit annoyed, some doctors just like to shirk their responsibilities, the dean is not his patient, this doctor is not willing to treat, but must wait for the responsible doctor to appear.

Since the fear of responsibility, then what kind of doctor!

The doctor's accusation is not to save lives and help the injured!

"I'll do it!"

Lu Fei sounded a little annoyed, quickly walked in from the outside, the patient's daughter Zhou Xuancui like seeing the last hope, hurried to get up.

"Who are you! I tell you, he is not our hospital doctor, if something happens, we are not responsible." Fan Yu slackened his face.

Lu Fei's hands secretly pinched the dean's acupuncture points and gently kneaded them, he had followed several medical masters to learn medical skills at first, but what he learned was only the simplest things, now he was asked to save people, he couldn't.


He can't just come in and stuff the medicine into the patient's mouth and let everyone witness the other person slowly wake up!

In between, there is still a process needed.

The acupuncture points Lu Fei pressed were not much help to the old man's condition, but they were definitely not harmful either, but the way he treated them, even the dean's daughter was suspicious.

"Can you treat it or not? Hurry up and pull him over, or wait for Dr. Gao to come."

"Yeah, I don't think it will be at all, look at what those hands are pressing indiscriminately, where is the rescue, I really haven't seen any treatment like this ......"

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