The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 54 Shen Wenshan returns

The crowd thought Lu Fei would anger Ma Tianfu, but instead of that, he made Ma Tianfu agree with him.

When was Ma Tianfu so nice to talk?

"Thank you, Mr. Ma, thank you, Mr. Ma." Shen Chao was like being pardoned and kept bowing to Ma Tianfu.

Old Mrs. Shen urged, "Why don't you hurry up and let everyone pay the money, don't waste Mr. Ma's time here."

Shen Chao nodded and turned his head to glare at Lu Fei: "What are you still standing here for, why don't you hurry up and get your money to ......"

"Hahahahaha, how much money I'll give is."

At this time.

A laugh sounded in the ears of the crowd, the crowd froze, do not know what is the situation, turned his head to look, only to see a man in a suit came in from outside.

Gold silk-rimmed glasses, a large cigar in his mouth, golden Hermes shaking at his waist, a living image of a thug.

"Shen Wenshan?"

Some people recognized who the visitor was at a glance, immediately face full of surprise, did not expect Shen Wenshan actually developed outside, see him wearing gold and silver to know a good life.

"Wenshan!" Zhao Meilan saw her husband, her eyes were red with excitement, she hurriedly ran up, some complained, "Why did you come back only now."

"There was a problem with the route, after all, I came back on a chartered plane." Shen Wenshan exhaled a mouthful of smoke, walked quickly to the old lady Shen, clutching a cigar smoke and knelt on the ground, "Mom, son I kowtowed to you."

"It's good to come back, it's good to come back." Old Mrs. Shen hurriedly picked up Shen Wenshan, full of joy, "Did you just say you were going to give all the money? Wenshan."

"Mom, my money is all bought wealth management, not yet due, I'll just have to pay this money to our wife." Shen Wenshan holding the hand of old Mrs. Shen bent over to respond, "I bought a lot of things when I came, but when I came to say what the rules, hey, I bought hundreds of thousands of gifts are lost overseas."

After a pause Shen Wenshan looked at Shen Chao: "Xiao Chao, how much money our family, take my card over to brush it."

"No need Mr. Shen." Ma Tianfu shook his head, "Just now your son-in-law's words made me very flattered, let his meal money be deducted from the total amount, young man, you come with me, I have a few words to say to you."

Lu Fei, under the admiring gaze of the crowd, walked up quickly, the two walked to the door before Ma Tianfu whispered, "Mr. Lu, to say a word you do not like to hear, your old man's words must not be taken seriously, with my experience ......"

"I know, thank you, Mr. Ma." Lu Fei smiled, Shen Wenshan those words to fool these people is more or less the same, just hearing about the chartered plane as well as the gift embargo, he decided that Shen Wenshan is fooling people.

Ma Tianfu dumbfounded, it seems his fears are superfluous, think about Lu Fei's means and experience, and how could not see, Shen Wenshan's way.

At this time Shen Wenshan, just like the most dazzling existence of the Shen family, this Ma Tianfu just left, he took out a 20 million wealth management list handed to the old Mrs. Shen: "Mom, this is my outside wealth management, still half a month left to maturity, then Mom can put forward, want to buy anything."

"Good, good." Old Mrs. Shen smiled like a flower, she took the contract over and looked at it, and was even more satisfied, "I didn't expect Wenshan to be outside for so long, he really has made his mark, mom is happy for you."

"Husband, what about me what about me, you said you would give me a red packet." Zhao Meilan hurriedly ran over, "You have given mom twenty million, can not give me too little."

"Here is 10 million, for you mother and daughter." Shen Wenshan took out another one over, "But you guys this one, there's still a month to expire, but it's not bad for a few days, by the way I also bought my daughter a gift to the bar."

"You mean you let Lu Fei buy the necklace and ring, of course, the daughter can like it, you said you even if you have money, you can not buy so expensive things, you also give money to Lu Fei, that wimp can not be trusted ......"

"Necklace ring?" Shen Wenshan froze for a moment.

"Yes, that auction money is not you gave? More than twenty million it, not your words, which can he a poor man, which can afford, and daughter birthday party that dress is also you buy it." Zhao Meilan beautifully put away the wealth management contract.

Shen Wenshan let out a bitter laugh: "I just let Lu Fei buy something good, how do I know what he bought."

"Then how much money did you give him, you can do the math, that kid has been saying outside these days that he won the lottery." Zhao Meilan put her arm around Shen Wenshan, tender and considerate, as if the whole scene had become a scene of two people showing their love.

Shen Qingyin frowned, did not expect Dad again took things on himself, in the end is Lu Fei's money or Shen Wenshan's money, Shen Qingyin heart is very clear.

Just Shen Qingyin lazy on the spot to tear it apart, and the financial contract, Shen Qingyin always feel some untrustworthy, but look at Shen Wenshan's dress and Xu Shaoyang's last words, Shen Qingyin finally chose to believe.

Shen Chao and Shen Qianqian two gloomy face, in the white eyes of the crowd to prepare the meal money, was happy, did not expect to suddenly kill a halfway Shen Wenshan to.

They suddenly sensed a sense of crisis, Shen Wenshan returned, the grandmother will not put everything into the hands of Shen Qingyin, if so, then they do not have any chance of winning?

Bias to the father's message, until now there is no reply, the other party is nowhere to be heard from.

A group of people back home, the Shen family is still lively, but this time all for Shen Wenshan, as for Shen Qingyin lazy to take care of him, even if he became the richest back, she did not feel anything.

"Wenshan, what are you doing outside?" Old Mrs. Shen held Shen Wenshan's hand and kindly lamented, "At first when you wanted to go out, I was angry, thinking that you were alone and lonely, what could you do out there, but I didn't expect that after only a few years, you had transformed into a big boss."

"Mom, where am I considered a big boss outside ah, I just have the privilege to know a friend, with him behind the investment it." Shen Wenzhan smiled and told the things of these years, very wonderful, many people listened and felt like a legend.

If Shen Wenzhan did not bring back so much money, perhaps people would laugh and think it was bragging, but now the money is all here, old Mrs. Shen verified, there will be no falsehood, so the matter of Shen Wenzhan became a legend.

"Wenshan, you mean, now that friend of yours is not in the oil field business anymore? Started investing in movies?" Old Mrs. Shen seemed to catch the point, "Then Nezha was all invested by him?"

"He had a good vision at the time, directly invested 30 million, and guess what, the result has more than a hundred times ah, I followed the investment of a million, the result divided me more than 100 million, if not now there is a movie to be released, I take two or three hundred million back is not a problem." Shen Wenshan bullishly, others are also amazed.

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