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Chapter 51 appointment of the person in charge

Old Mrs. Shen's gaze was indifferent, sweeping at the ecology under the seat, after a long time, she slowly spoke: "The person in charge is temporarily designated as Shen Qingyin, this time the contract was signed, she has made a lot of efforts, and is also considered the mainstay of our Shen family's younger generation."

Shen Qingyin's eyes were red, she hurriedly lowered her head and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, she was so excited.

The first time she was valued by her grandmother.

This time, the project she had worked so hard for, the person in charge had also taken her turn, she was finally able to experience what it was like to be admired by millions of people, the way many people looked at her, seemed to have changed.

But she has not been happy for a long time, old Mrs. Shen and a pot of cold water splashed down: "But then, this project is a good opportunity to train people, our Shen family can not be without men in the future, so I let Xiaochao set up a company to cooperate with our Shen family."

"Although it is two companies, but in fact it is still a family, both representing the Shen family to take charge of this project."


The Shen family crowd below was in an uproar.

What was the difference between this and splitting the project to Shen Chao? If you set up a company, and then have the support of Old Mrs. Shen, Shen Qingyin is still nothing.

Both exploited the loophole and could push Shen Qingyin out as the person in charge.

"Grandma!" Shen Chao got up and walked to Old Taijun Shen, and immediately knelt down to make a statement, "I will definitely work hard and will not let down Grandma's expectations, but this matter was negotiated by Big Sister, I am willing to be a cow and a horse, at the disposal of Grandma and Big Sister."

"As long as the Shen family can get better and grow, it's okay for me to be a little bit tired, all for the sake of the Shen family!"

"Yes, everything is for the Shen family!" Shen Qianqian shouted.

A few more people also followed and shouted, instantly bringing the atmosphere on the field to its peak. Old Mrs. Shen looked at all this with satisfaction, turned her head to look at Shen Qingyin and asked, "Qingyin, you have no opinion, right?"

"I ...... I have no opinion." Shen Qingyin shook her head, now she can still say what, Shen Qianqian Shen Chao they use moral kidnapping means, if she does not agree, that is the grandmother said individualism.

This top hat buckle down, that only again she suffered, the situation today can only take a step to see a step, the good thing is that now there are a few rights in her hands, equivalent to two companies in competition.

"Good good." Old Mrs. Shen patted the back of Shen Qingyin's hand, pleased, "Qingyin, you really understand, also grown up, grandma hopes you can go hand in hand with Shen Chao two, and when the Shen family recovers, grandma will compensate you properly."

"Grandma, today is the big day, since that's the case, why don't we hold a celebration banquet first, as a way to collect a color." Shen Chao suggested, "Since it's my newly established company, it's only right that I should be the one to treat everyone to this meal."

"Mr. Shen, you must come too, call Lu Fei too, while there are many people ...... are also lively."

Shen Chao said halfway seems to have changed his mind, some old guys can see that Shen Chao let Shen Qingyin call Lu Fei, absolutely no good intentions.

Shen Qingyin mood a little depressed to call Lu Fei, I have to say, now Lu Fei seems to have become her lifeline, she does not want this, but sometimes, and feel that in addition to Lu Fei, no one seems to be able to help him.

After listening to this matter, Lu Fei did not say anything, according to his understanding of old Mrs. Shen, it is strange to be able to willingly put everything into the hands of Shen Qingyin.

Seeing that Shen Chao specially invited him to dinner, Lu Fei felt that the other party should take the matter of half a million again to find things.

When he came to the hotel, he saw Shen Qingyin, who did not look too good, sitting at a table in the corner of the hotel, which is generally the position where the worst treated people would sit.

"As soon as you hear about food, you come running, why don't you eat to death." Zhao Meilan viciously glared at Lu Fei, head down to play this phone, do not want to listen to Lu Fei said a word.

Lu Fei did not care, dragged the stool and sat by Shen Qingyin's side.

Shen Chao helped Old Lady Shen walk in and sat on the front table, then walked to Shen Qingyin with her arms crossed and sighed: "Shen Qingyin, we are happy together today, so well, we don't talk about two families, you pay for this table."

"As for the other tables, are to me to say goodbye, that is my invitation, of course, if you have the wrong seat, you can also come to Shen Qingyin to ask for a seat ah."

The last sentence, Shen Chao was said to everyone present, everyone looked at each other and realized that Shen Chao was not even invited to Shen Qingyin's table.

Old Mrs. Shen was sitting on the main seat, wearing old-fashioned glasses and looking at the documents, seemingly did not hear Shen Chao's words, but this means that she did not oppose Shen Chao's approach.


Obviously want to use the situation where so many relatives of the Shen family were present to tell the crowd that she actually didn't think the most of Shen Qingyin, the person she thought the most of, was still Shen Chao.

"Damned guy, no wonder he was kind enough to call us over, so he was thinking of this play." Zhao Meilan expression angry, gritting her teeth, "We just one table, give me some, I see how good he can be today than our table dishes."

Shen Chao seemed to hear Zhao Meilan's words, he called the waiter to his side: "No matter what they order, give me better than them, the dishes can be the same, but the wine and cigarettes, must give me the most expensive."

After saying that Shen Chao sneered at Shen Qingyin and turned to leave, even if Shen Qingyin ordered the same dishes as their table, so what, he was waiting for this one, the other side ordered cheaper, it does not fit his plan.

"What do we do." Shen Qingyin asked Lu Fei in a low voice.

"What else can we do, what we want to eat, they are not willing to invite us, we have to treat ourselves." Very casually took the menu, ordered a few copies of the most expensive dishes inside, "and this one this one, all to the point, yes, and then wine, to this penultimate expensive on the line."

Shen Qingyin reached out to see, the penultimate expensive 10,000 yuan a bottle, but the first expensive 50,000, these dozens of bottles of wine on the price of more than one million.

Shen Chao do not look at the menu, really to their table dishes as a benchmark, that is really enough for him to suffer, then Shen Qingyin and some hesitation, but Lu Fei has handed the menu to the waiter.

Seems to be afraid that the waiter forgot, but also specially reminded: "Do not forget that the big boss over there, can be better than our side, really envy those rich people, drink these expensive wine with drinking plain water."


The waiter went down to prepare, the whole hall is lively, even the New Year may not be able to appear this kind of lively.

The price of the dishes ordered by Lu Fei is not the most expensive, compared with the dishes at the next table, obviously a grade lower, immediately Zhao Meilan face gloomy, snapped the chopsticks down: "Wimp, not let you buy dinner, you order such poor dishes, who is sour!"

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