The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 49: The identity of Xu Nuo

Xu Nuo is his childhood neighbor, since childhood both parents died, the family only a grandmother left to take care of, at that time there are many people will bully her, only Lu Fei to protect her, and later followed Lu Fei's behind became a small follower.

When Lu Fei moved, there was no contact, the little bamboo pole did not expect to grow into a big beauty, no wonder Lu Fei first look will feel familiar.

Now Xu Nuo is living in the cousin's house think to suffer a lot, see the situation Lu Fei's heart is also surging nameless anger, see the room door unlocked, he violently pushed open the door and walked in.

"What are you doing! What's the matter with you here, still want to rent a house here or not!" Xu Nuo's cousin Han Xingxian saw the visitor and was also startled, she just did not come to close the door.

Xu Nuo's teary eyes, a pair of peach blossom eyes flashed a light, as if she saw hope.

"I can testify to her, she can turn completely by her ability to turn, that money is I saved." Lu Fei's voice was low, obviously suppressing his anger.

Han Xingxian and Gao Mingshan, the two looked at Lu Fei like an idiot, especially Han Xingxian sneered: "I said kid, can you stop bragging here, you saved? Then how much money do you have to save to get this dead girl to turn ah."

"You are looking at this girl beautiful so you want to come to the rescue of the hero, okay, if you have the ability to take out half a million."

"Half a million." Gao Mingshan's face sank, "Even if he comes up with half a million, I will not make a move."

"If he can take half a million, he won't come to rent my house, look at his shabby look." Han Xingxian took a step forward and warned with a stern face, "Kid, I advise you not to meddle, this girl eats my food and drinks my food, now that the family has no money for medical treatment, it's only right for her to contribute."

Gao Mingshan listened to Ge Qing a said is a tenant, then no longer take care of Lu Fei, can live here and how will have money? Just said that the deposit is converted, 80% is false.

Seeing this Gao Mingshan turned to look at Xu Nuo reminded: "I can remind you, your cousin aunt is very sick, if you do not let me help save people again, then even if Hua Tuo is alive, it is impossible to treat well."

"Are all the doctors under the sky dead? Only you can cure?" Lu Fei sneered, "It's just a minor illness, you really think you're so powerful, don't you?" "I'm afraid your medical skills are not even as good as a barefoot doctor."

Gao Mingshan is most concerned about other people's evaluation of his medical skills, see Lu Fei said so suddenly came to the fire, he glared at both eyes: "Bullshit! This disease has been seen by several experts, all helpless, only two people in the country have been cured, one of them is me."

"The other expert, not to mention you, even those rich and powerful crowded heads can not meet!"

"And what if I can cure it." Lu Fei said in a cold voice.

"What do you know, a brat?" Gao Mingshan looked at Han Xingxian with a cold face and turned his head to look at him, "If you don't do it again, your wife will be difficult to save even the Da Luo Golden Immortal."

"You get out of here!" Han Xingxian is like a tyrannosaurus rushing towards Lu Fei, making a gesture to push him out, "hurry up and pack up your things, not tomorrow, tonight to me, if you dare to call the police, after I let this girl life worse than death."

"Ahem ......"

The woman on the bed suddenly coughed, coughing blood out of her mouth, Han Xingxian, who was expelling Lu Fei, changed his face dramatically and hurriedly ran back to tug Xu Nuo's arm toward the house, "You give me go!"

Xu Nuo bit his lips, looking at his cousin who was coughing up blood on the bed, seemed to have completely given up resistance, and turned his head to look at Lu Fei with a hint of gratitude, and resignation.

Gao Mingshan coldly glanced at Lu Fei, the eyes were written with ridicule, as if to say.

Even if you desperately want to stop it, so what?

You can't stop it at all, this society is like this, this girl is a cheap life, she should sacrifice her body for this family!

You can't do anything to help, you can only watch and listen to the girl's wailing!


Lu Fei quickly rushed up, but the door was slammed shut, see the situation Lu Fei did not immediately kick the door, but pulled out the iron box from his body, took out a small also Dan stuffed into the woman's mouth.

The woman's original pale complexion gradually became rosy, and even her breathing became steady and strong.

It's done!

Lu Fei look happy, did not expect the effect of this small rejuvenating pills so good, this is only how long the work signs of recovery.

Seeing no movement in the room, Lu Fei kicked open the door.


The door hit the wall, Han Xingxian was undressing Xu Nuo, while Gao Mingshan was waiting with glowing eyes, ready to enjoy his prey.

Lu Fei entered then startled both of them.

"Kid, get out!" Han Xingxian jumped off the bed, and Gao Mingshan also rushed forward to prepare to strike Lu Fei away.

But just at that moment.

The two men showed a look of panic, especially Han Xingxian screamed and retreated towards the back in fear.

Xu Nuo's cousin, Ge Qing was actually standing in the doorway!

The color was rosy.

There was no sign of illness!

"What are you doing!" Ge Qing looked at the two people inside the house angrily, especially seeing Xu Nuo's wretched appearance, her eyes were even redder, although she was unconscious, she was still conscious.

Everything that happened was clear to her, so Ge Qing, who had just regained some strength, stumbled out of bed just in time to see this scene.

"You! How did you get better!" Han Xingxian was so surprised that he hurriedly ran to Ge Qing's front, but he received a loud slap.


Ge Qing looked at Han Xingxian angrily: "Han Xingxian, are you still a human being, even if you usually mistreat Xiao Nuo, you are now thinking of using her to make money, you are trying to make me angry to death, aren't you!"

Make money?

Lu Fei's face was cold, it seemed that things were not as he saw them, he turned his head to look at Gao Mingshan who was dumbfounded.

Noticing his gaze, Gao Mingshan asked incredulously: "You ...... how did you cure it, impossible, his illness without my method of allopathic medicine, it is impossible to have signs of improvement, just less than a minute, how did you treat it. "

"This small disease still need allopathic medicine, our division naturally has its own secret recipe, and the cold and fever treatment method is not much worse."

Lu Fei is full of relaxation, as long as people can be cured, that the treatment process is not just blow will be believed, even if he said this surname Gao misdiagnosis, there are patients healed, others will definitely not suspect.

"Impossible!" Dr. Gao screamed up, he went to Ge Qing's front and held his pulse, when he felt the other party's calm and strong pulse, he was really like seeing a ghost.

"You said I could not possibly hit you." Lu Fei looked at him with a cold face, and suddenly punched him in the face.

This kind of scum is not worthy of being a doctor at all.

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