The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 48: The treasure of the first layer of the iron box

Zhao Meilan seemed to be in a good mood today, and the first thing she did when she saw Lu Fei was not to sneer.

She stretched out her right hand and pinched it on Shen Qingyin's face with a mysterious smile, "Guess."

"Grandma?" Shen Qingyin asked.

"How could it be your grandmother." Zhao Meilan turned around and greeted the courier boy to put down the attention, which turned back and laughed, "It's your dad, your dad is developed outside and will be back soon, this is not, not yet back to buy so many things back."

"I heard what he meant, come back and also give your grandmother 10 million dollars to subsidize the family."

"He can earn so much money? Where did he cheat again, right?" Shen Qingyin didn't have any surprise at all, thinking that her father had lost all the money of the family, she was a little angry.

If it wasn't her father's words, how could grandma treat their family like this.

"How can you say that, your father is out there that is fighting to find a way to make money, when your father comes back, you can't say that." Zhao Meilan nodded on Shen Qingyin's forehead, "thanks to your father also bought you a set of foreign skin care products, you eh eh eh ...... you child ......"

Her words have not finished, Shen Qingyin straight away, no matter how Shen Wenshan, have nothing to do with her.

Seeing this Zhao Meilan muttered two sentences, glancing at Lu Fei, who was still standing behind, immediately found a place to vent his anger and reprimanded: "You are still frozen doing what, blind is not, do not know to help move things!"

"Yes, yes, yes." Lu Fei nodded with a smile and helped to do it.

Although Zhao Meilan was scolding herself, but the other party still acquiesced to the identity of her son-in-law, Lu Fei's heart was still very happy.

But Zhao Meilan's temper, if she knew that her daughter's belly was previously enlarged by him, I wonder if she would put a knife to cut over, both women are the same tough ah.

Lu Fei left the car to Shen Qingyin, turned around and left.

Now give him ten guts do not dare to live here.

Just arrived at the hotel, Qin Shou called: "Boss, about the half million account, I have found out, Shen Chao's men did, can be planted on the head of sister-in-law."

"Also got a message, it is said that the old woman will have a celebration party tomorrow, and will also assign the project to Shen Chao's head, should I suspend the project again?"

"What about the evidence of half a million." Lu Fei asked.

"It's here with me."

"Find someone to send it to me, this matter you do not need to ask, I will handle it." Lu Fei did not care, this old lady Shen over the river to tear down the bridge means is powerful, he would like to know, tomorrow at the celebration banquet, and with what reason, this contract fell to Shen Chao.

Celebration banquet, that will certainly have a lot of people present in the Shen family, if the old Mrs. Shen want to mention the matter of 500,000 accounts, then Lu Fei just to talk to each other properly.

After taking the black iron box out of the box, Lu Fei picked the stone on the ring with a needle, the size of the black stone, as Lu Fei had expected, indeed exactly the same.

I wonder what the consequences of stuffing it in.

Lu Fei muttered, but still stuffed the stone into the iron box.


Like the sound of a loaded bullet, only to see the original dead closed iron box, actually slightly spread out a seam.

The first layer is open!

Lu Fei touched, the first layer of black skin, indeed cocked up, he lifted the black skin, there is a thin iron box, and then open the box, five pills appeared in front of Lu Fei's eyes, four black, one red pills.

There was a note attached next to it.

Great Returning Dan (red): can open up meridians.

Small Returning Dan (black): white bones and flesh is born, raise the dead.

A simple introduction of a few words, but it made Lu Fei understand that the iron box in his hand was an incomparable treasure.

"There should be treasures on each layer, nine layers in total, I just don't know if I can find the key." Lu Fei took the small iron box out and muttered, "Could this be a treasure that Half Immortal Chen got somewhere? The first layer has such an effect, then the remaining eight layers, is not a big bully?"

Lu Fei tried to open the second layer again and finally gave up.

"It seems I still have to find other black stones, but this kind of thing, can only rely on fate." Lu Fei lamented, pondering for a moment, he put the lid on the big iron box and took out the red elixir.

Being able to open up meridians meant an increase in strength.

But Lu Fei felt that it was better to be cautious, at least wait until Qin Shou was around to protect the law before trying, in case something went wrong, wouldn't that be tragic.

Qin Shou does not know where to go again, has not been able to see people, he lives alone in the hotel is not much fun, might as well go back to the rental house, the gold nest and silver nest is better than their own doghouse.

The small box into the pocket, and the iron box into the box, Lu Fei carried the box left the hotel, rushed to the rental house.

Before you enter the door, you can hear the sound of a woman crying, crying mixed with the man's angry scolding: "You dead girl! We've been taking care of you, your cousin is dying now, what's wrong with you sacrificing a little for her!"

"You turn, you can fucking turn why don't think I don't know, has long been played, and what can you do with Dr. Gao for one more night! Do you still want to save your aunt!"

"I... I didn't! It was a customer who put the deposit in charge of me, I, I just turned." The girl's sobbing voice rang in Lu Fei's ears, sending a shock through his body, again the manager and the deposit.

Lu Fei's mind instantly recalled the picture of the girl with her head down, not confident and inferior, it turns out that the other party has been living in the landlord's house, and seemed to have met one side before?

As for when Lu Fei can not remember, no wonder the first time I saw her feel some familiar, called what? Lu Fei really can not remember, also forgot to check during the day.

Dr. Gao!

Heal the sick and save people.

Lu Fei touched the iron box in his pocket, this is really a good opportunity, not to mention that the girl was so humiliated, Lu Fei felt he should help clarify.

Put the box back to the rental house, Lu Fei quickly walked up, before reaching the door heard an indifferent voice: "If your wife died, then you can lose a lot, this girl just internship on the transfer, it is estimated that their leaders see her, what is embarrassing to say, the human condition."

"I, I did not, no." Xu Nu voice choked, mixed with tears.

"Then do you want to save your cousin, if you want to, then obediently obey, I can tell you, the whole Hongzhou, but only I can cure, even if you go abroad may not be better than I am good at."

Lu Fei looked at Xu Nuo crying, in his mind for some reason, suddenly appeared a vague figure, that year seems to have a sister next door, looks like.

"Xu Nuo! Today you have to say yes or no, but not by you!" Xu Nuo's cousin's father showed his fierce face and seemed to be a little impatient.

Xu Nuo!

Lu Fei's face sank, it was really her!

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