The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 46 you phoenix man

"My goodness, eighteen million, really crazy, if he said eighty million, the tycoon will not follow ah?"

"Eighteen million to buy this necklace, really some not worth it, but people are tycoons, play is exciting ah."

"This time I'm afraid no one will raise the price."

He Hong and Xu Shaoyang two people, just held each other high, I thought the two would become the envy of the people of the couple, standing on the high platform, overlooking the Shen Qingyin below.

But unexpectedly, before happy let a slap to hell.

Xu Shaoyang twisted his head to look at the masked man, was directly angry burst foul: "Are you sick, you spend 18 million to buy this thing for what!"

"I have money." Lu Fei slowly spat out three words, as if a sharp blade, viciously poked into Xu Shaoyang's heart nest.

Xu Shaoyang's lips trembled and he didn't know what to say at all.

"Shaoyang, today you must buy it for me." He Hong tugged Xu Shaoyang's hand, full of reluctance, just got hit in the face, this time again, then how can she still mix in the future.

"Buy! Buy you paralyzed, where do I get so much money to buy." Xu Shaoyang violently pushed He Hong away.

He Hong fell to the ground with a poof, she was like fried, got up and pounced on Xu Shaoyang: "Xu Shaoyang, I fuck you mother, you do not have money, do not pretend to be here, give the best nima, you poor pussy, but also for my family's money, you a phoenix man, you ......"


"Shut up!" Xu Shaoyang a slap on.

Security guards hurriedly ran up, directly Xu Shaoyang and He Hong pulled away warning, if you make trouble again, you have to ask the two out.

The auctioneer shouted a few times, see no one bid, a hammer.

The necklace was also auctioned by Lu Fei.

"Congratulations to Mr. No. 26, who purchased our Heart of the Ocean for eighteen million dollars."

The auctioneer laughed.

"Then I would also like to ask a gossipy question, why did you pay eighteen million for this necklace, is it because of the words that Mr. No. 43 just said ......"

"Of course not." Lu Fei's voice rang out in the hall, "I just don't want to see that such a beautiful necklace, being worn around my neck by that rouge, would make me feel sick."

"What's more, Miss Shen is so beautiful and her temperament is more compatible with the Heart of the Ocean, so we can say that both the Red Pink Ring and the Heart of the Ocean are tailor-made for Miss Shen."

"In my heart, except for Miss Shen, no one else is qualified to own these two pieces of jewelry."

"Even if he had said 80 million just now, I would have bought it without hesitation."



As the crowd listened to Lu Fei's words, they all looked at Shen Qingyin with envy written in their eyes, not expecting that Shen Qingyin was so lucky to have been picked up by a tycoon.

The other party did not care about Shen Qingyin's past as well as her present, even if she had a waste husband, as long as Shen Qingyin was willing, the other party would take Shen Qingyin away.

Good looks really do have an advantage!

Wang Yan Yan stared at the masked man with gleaming eyes, sizing up the other party's figure and feeling very familiar.

Shen Qingyin was likewise turning her head to look at Lu Fei who was speaking, and for some reason, her heart, became excited because she felt that the person wearing the mask, resembled a person.

That was Caesar!

Including the voice of speaking, the tone of voice are very similar!

But she knew that Caesar would definitely not appear, and even if he did, I'm afraid he didn't have that much money, back when Caesar met her, he wasn't too rich.

Seeing that the masked man was still waiting for his answer, Shen Qingyin got up and responded, "Thank you for this gentleman's love, it's just that I already have a husband, so I can't accept your gift, not to mention that even if I didn't have a husband, I wouldn't accept it."

I've been waiting for someone.

Shen Qingyin added silently in her heart.

Even if that person came back with a ring made of dogwood in his hand, even if it was a pull tab from a can, I would accept it with joy and respond with enthusiasm.

Even if we have nothing, we can still try to fight.


There was a sudden dead silence in the meeting room.

Such an ending did not seem to be in everyone's expectations, and thought Shen Qingyin would accept each other's gifts, after all, these two gifts are too valuable.


A figure scurried out from the back, the hideous-looking Xu Shaoyang, who appeared behind Lu Fei at some point, fiercely grabbed, and instantly took off Lu Fei's mask.

Lu Fei's appearance, appeared in front of the crowd.

"Lu Fei! Shen Qingyin's husband!" Someone recognized Lu Fei's identity at a glance.

Shen Qingyin looked at this scene in surprise, how could she not expect that Lu Fei had come to this auction as well.

Wang Yan Yan blinked and looked at Lu Fei with some curiosity, as if she was curious to know how the other party came in and how they were going to end up, or did they have so much money?

Xu Shaoyang got up from the ground and pointed and roared hideously, "He's Lu Fei, he's a loser, he doesn't even have a job, where did he get so much money, he can't possibly have so much money."

"Where's the organizer! Someone is swindling the auction over here, just now your two items, all of them must be aborted!"

"He just won a lottery, bought a dress and held a birthday party, what kind of money can he have!"

The auction was lost!

The auction room instantly exploded like a pot, no one expected that the exciting auction just now was a scam, how could Shen Qingyin's husband have so much money.

How could Shen Qingyin's husband have so much money? Twenty million dollars is simply impossible.

The organizer's face turned angry, not expecting that someone would dare to tease them, immediately the security guards rushed up and surrounded Lu Fei.

"Lu Fei, what the hell are you messing around with!" Shen Qingyin became flustered, after all, making a scene at an auction of this level must be very serious, it might even reach her grandmother, and then she would definitely be chastised again.

"What are you guys still standing there for, don't arrest him yet, I'm willing to buy those two jewelry just now at the highest price I offered." Xu Shao Yang pointed at Lu Fei and growled, "Otherwise, you guys would have made a big joke today."

"Shen Qingyin really has you ah, you dare to play me!" He Hong stomped his feet in anger, "You're good, you have guts, I'd like to see how you get through this today."

Shen Qingyin face pale, a time really do not know what to do, she looked at Lu Fei, really angry, even if nonsense, there should always be a limit it!

This time in the end how should end.

"I said, you like, I will certainly buy you." Lu Fei took out a card from his pocket, turned around and handed it to the auctioneer, "Password six eight, swipe it."

"Swipe." The organizer who came over had a stern face, "If they make trouble today, I will give you an explanation, if you are making trouble, I also hope you can give me an explanation."

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