The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 36 I'm not short of money

When these words came out, everyone looked at Lu Fei.

He Longsheng was furious: "Kid, don't fool around over here, get as far away from me as you can!"

"I didn't say I wanted to bet with you." Lu Fei looked at Shen Bin, "Since you said you've never been hit in the eye, then I'll bet with you, if I can prove that this cloisonné is fake, then I want the same thing on you, if I can't prove it, then I ......"

"Then I want one thing on you too." Shen Bin was a little annoyed.

"Lu Fei!"

Ma Tianfu saw that Lu Fei had to show off, he hurriedly went forward and tugged Lu Fei's hand and whispered, "Mr. Lu, these two are experts in the antique world, you should not cause trouble here, I also know a lot about antiques, this cloisonné vase will certainly not be fake."

"Mr. Ma, this has nothing to do with you either, I'll bear it myself." Lu Fei said.

Ma Tianfu opened his mouth, and finally did not say anything, the young man some means, after all, is not as mature as imagined.

So be it!

Since he did not listen to advice even if.

Ma Tianfu's heart is also a little annoyed, he kindly reminded the other side, the other side not only do not give face, but also stomp on the nose, he simply ignored, how to how, even if you lose, he will not help Lu Fei plead.

Others have also accused Lu Fei of being too arrogant.

In front of the two masters, he still dared to show off.

"Good!" When Shen Bin saw that Lu Fei still insisted, he was furious and laughed, "You haven't touched the cloisonné from the beginning until now, how do you know it's fake."

Lu Fei in order to collect information, once mixed with many industries, like antiques and these things, are the necessary means to mix in the upper class, he specifically sought out several old masters to learn back then.

He looked for people, none of them are titanic, learn things naturally than ordinary people to fine to fast.

Seen things, but also not these so-called masters can compare.

"I don't know if you remember, there is a cloisonné that took first place in the Chicago World Trade Fair, and once appeared in the Universal Exposition ......"

As soon as Lu Fei opened his mouth, he spoke astonishingly, all this stuff, in his place like a treasure, Ma Tianfu looked at Lu Fei in shock, not understanding what kind of family background can teach such an elite.

Talking about it.

Lu Fei picked up the cloisonné across his chest, a light flick, this hand, is to make He Longsheng as well as Shen Bin face a big change.

Cross-hugging curved talk!

Definitely an old hand!

"Folk imitation, confirmed without doubt." Lu Fei blandly smiled, "since Shen boss is an antique master, that would also be able to distinguish this cloisonné on turquoise green, go back to find a Republican period, compare themselves, you can know what I said true or false."

Turquoise green!

Shen Bin fiercely look at the turquoise green, before a careful appreciation, the dealer suddenly took the cloisonné over angrily: "Do not buy even if, this is just unearthed, and how can someone make fake ......"

"That's really a coincidence, just unearthed, this highly respected master He appeared here, just unearthed, this came to dig the treasure of people who happen to know antiques ......"

Words here, Lu Fei is no longer say anything.

Ma Tianfu was shocked, not Lu Fei reminded, he really forgot about this matter, which came to scramble for treasure, carefully recall, a very disciplined, out of the cloisonné, they watched from the side.

Where is this normal people will do.

Instantly Ma Tianfu's face sank, turning his head to look at the peddler: "Boss Qian, what do you mean by this, could it be that you think I, Prince Ma, am a fool ......"

"Master Ma, I didn't know it was fake, we all looked at it wrong." The peddler cried out, "Even Master He looked away."

"You guys are good eyes again, you can tell at a glance that this turquoise green is from the Republic?" Lu Fei snorted.

Ma Tianfu waved his hand and his men immediately scurried up and directly grabbed the peddler as well as He Longsheng, who struggled in annoyance, "Kid, today's revenge, I, He Longsheng, will be avenged."

After the two were taken away, Ma Tianfu looked at Lu Fei with a guilty face and bowed to him, "Mr. Lu, I really have no eyes, if it wasn't for you, I'm afraid I would have lost the 10 million."

Said Ma Tianfu hurriedly took out a book from his body and was about to write a check.

"No need, I'll just return the favor." Lu Fei turned his head to look at Shen Bin, "Shen expert, just this bet but I won, I do not know ......"

"Mr. Lu wants which hand." Shen Bin's face was pale.

"I want your hand for what." Lu Fei smiled and directly pulled off Shen Bin's ring, "I just want your ring, this ring, I look and feel good."

"Mr. Lu knows the stone on this ring?" Shen Bin was a little surprised.

"Do not know, but think it should be a treasure." Lu Fei shook his head.

"I also think this thing looks favorite, that's why I put it on the ring." Shen Bin sighed with emotion, "I didn't expect to be hit in the eye today, thanks to Mr. Lu, otherwise my Shen Bin's lifelong reputation would be ruined, I also didn't expect that He Longsheng would come here with others to cheat money."

"But that He Longsheng is indeed a feng shui master, more descending, Mr. Lu you help Mr. Ma to break the bureau, I am afraid that He Longsheng will be unfavorable to you."

Lu Fei smiled and did not care, if that He Longsheng dare to strike, it is his time to die, not to mention that he did not think that the other side because of this matter to strike him.

If you want to kill him, Lu Fei does not care, if you move his wife, it will not work.

"Mr. Lu, this check please you must take, if not you, I am afraid today ......"

"I'm not short of money."

Lu Fei said lightly, turned and left, leaving only the bitterly smiling Ma Tianfu and the stunned Shen Bin.

When Lu Fei returned to the car, Shen Qingyin was on the phone, her brow was furrowed, thinking there was something difficult, seeing Lu Fei back, Shen Qingyin said two sentences and hung up the phone.

"Is there something wrong at home again?" Lu Fei asked.

"No, I just called a classmate to ask about the dean, but I didn't expect him to tell me that the orphanage is afraid to move." Shen Qingyin tone some melancholy, "I heard that also moved to the industrial area over there, how the environment there is suitable for children to live, but here said to develop ......"

Speaking of which, Shen Qingyin's eyes got red: "Lu Fei, am I really incompetent, I can't do anything right, I can't help anything."

"You can." Lu Fei some heartache held Shen Qingyin hand, but the other party quickly pulled away, see the situation Lu Fei can only comfort, "Qingyin, things always have to come step by step, right, you first in the Shen family stand firm, in order to have the strength to help more people, right?"

"Don't worry, I will always be by your side to support you."

"Lu Fei, how old are you this year." Shen Qingyin coldly asked a question, put Lu Fei are confused, how suddenly asked this.

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