The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 34 backwards rake

Lu Fei looked back, only to see Shen Chao with Shen Qianqian four people walked in, directly surrounded Lu Fei in the middle.

"Good for you Lu Fei, you wimp, it must be you who gave Shen Qingyin the idea." Shen Chao pointed at Lu Fei's nose and cursed, "While my brothers are still here, I'll give you a chance, hurry up and hand over Shen Qingyin to me, otherwise, you won't be able to go back today."

"How ridiculous, do you really think that with this method, we won't be able to find Shen Qingyin." Shen Qianqian laughed disdainfully, "Tell you what, no matter where you run to, we have thousands and thousands of ways to be able to find you."

"Even if you run to the ends of the earth, we only need one phone call to get you back."

Sister Zhang looked at the Shen Chao siblings somewhat puzzled, looking at them, it seemed that the two did not know Lu Fei's identity, otherwise how could they have run rampant over here.

She secretly glanced at Lu Fei and found that Lu Fei looked bashful, like an ordinary person without a temper.


Sister Zhang was not sure what Lu Fei was thinking, so she did not dare to help Lu Fei out.

"What's the matter, Xiao Ding Shan is not willing to sign with you, and you are still thinking of kidnapping people over to sign?" Lu Fei hands clasped in front of his chest, his eyes a little playful, "If you want me to say, you two can not achieve anything great, simply call your old man back, maybe you can also let you have some chance to win."

"Lu Fei, what are you, you are also worthy to say this to us." Shen Qianqian disdain, "You are just a wimp, a door-to-door son-in-law, I tell you, the Shen family surnamed Shen, not Lu, that Shen Qingyin married you, in ancient times, that is Lu Shen, Shen family matters, what qualifications does she have to interfere."

"You ...... Shen Qingyin! You came out just in time, give me to get over here, do not go with the old man to sign the words, today I will abolish this kid!"

Shen Chao was still ready to say something when he happened to see Shen Qingyin, at this time Shen Qingyin face pale, obviously the dean had something happened, otherwise she would not react like this.

Lu Fei frowned, still did not say anything.

Shen Qingyin walked over, simply ignoring Shen Chao and Shen Qianqian, she stared at Sister Zhang and said in a deep voice: "What is going on with the dean, why is she hospitalized."

"Dean she does not know what disease, the hospital also can not check, now she is still in the hospital ......" Sister Zhang where still dare to nonsense, honestly confess the situation of the dean.

Shen Qianqian fiercely scampered to Shen Qingyin, a hand grabbed her arm: "Shen Qingyin, still care about your crap in this orphanage, I tell you, you do not sign the contract in the morning, then our family this contract is finished, the responsibility you can afford?"

"Shen Qingyin, if you don't obediently go with me today, then don't blame me for being ungracious to this waste." Shen Chao's face was grim and vicious, even with a few grimaces.


A brake sounded.

The next second, two more cars stopped one after another, and a total of ten people came down from the three cars.

The trunk opened, ten people carried out a baseball bat or iron bar, aggressively came over, Shen Chao hastily pulled out a cigarette to meet, his face was full of smugness.

This is the momentum!

Sister Zhang, who was standing at the back, was completely dumbfounded and never thought that the helpers Shen Chao had found were from the Heaven and Earth Chamber of Commerce!


Sister Zhang's eyes changed when she looked at Shen Chao.

But Shen Chao thought that Sister Zhang was too bullish to find so many people at once. After handing out cigarettes, he turned around arrogantly and stared at Shen Qingyin with his arms crossed and warned, "Shen Qingyin, see, if you don't follow me obediently today, I'll waste him!"

"Shen Chao, are you too blind to the law!" Shen Qingyin was furious.

"King's law? I tell you, now I am the king's law." Shen Chao pointed at Lu Fei and said without looking back, "Brothers, arrest this kid, and if that woman is not honest, beat me to death."

The people who followed behind looked at Lu Fei in unison.



A few people's cigarettes fell to the ground in unison, they happened to be the people who were beaten by Lu Fei last night, at that time, they also saw each other clearly.

No wonder when coming, see Zhang so honest, the original is kicked to the iron plate.

This nima, this kid is stupid, right?

See a brother to strike, people who have seen Lu Fei, hurriedly whispered, immediately everyone was a shiver, so the person standing next to Sister Zhang is a ruthless person ah!

They also thought that Sister Zhang is also Shen Chao's side.

This Shen Chao brain is not wrong, right?

Shen Chao delayed to see the people at the back to make a move, he froze for a moment, turned to look at his brother Li Bao, whom he met at the last dinner: "Brother Bao, what are you still standing there, do not go on ah."

"Fuck you!"

Li Bao slapped Shen Chao's face, completely dumbfounded Shen Chao, what is this situation?

"This is a sacred place like the orphanage, how dare you let your brothers beat people up, are you fucking sick! Grass!" Li Bao went up for another slap.

Shen Qianqian violently pushed Li Bao away and said angrily: "Are you sick, my brother called you over to help, why are you hitting him."

"Grass, who are you cursing, you bitch!" Li Bao was immediately displeased, where he had the principle of not hitting a woman, and slapped Shen Qianqian's face fiercely.

Shen Chao jumped in anger: "Li Bao are you sick in the head, drinking has not been ......"

"Grass mud horse, dare to scold Brother Pao! Give me a fight!" Li Bao behind the little brother, is also holding a belly of fire, messing with who is not good, have to mess with the existence of can not be messed with.

His boss is going to dissolve the company, pack up the details and run away, a thousand instructions not to say the identity of the other party, this nerve, even a fool knows Lu Fei's background is not ordinary.

Lu Fei and Shen Qingyin did not care about Shen Chao, the two left straight away.

Seeing Lu Fei leave, Li Bao and other people are not willing to stay long, and left in a shy manner.

"Brother, what the hell is going on!" Shen Qianqian picked up Shen Chao, who was covered with footprints, in an extremely wretched state.

"I don't know." Shen Chao's face was full of confusion, when he came, he still said well, even if he was not willing to help, he could not beat him, ah?

Seeing that the people around him were also beaten miserably, Shen Chao gritted his teeth, took out his cell phone and dialed Old Mrs. Shen's number, and just after he was connected, he cried out with a wow: "Grandma! I went to sign the contract, but Xiao Dinshan didn't want to sign it with me, he wanted to sign it with Shen Qingyin."

"I came to beg Shen Qingyin, but she didn't want to go, and even had someone beat us up, that woman must have some private deal with Xiao Dinshan!"

"You shut up!" Old Mrs. Shen was furious, "Rubbish, you can't even do this, get back to me. Qing Yin's side, I'll call her."

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