The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 32 - Bringing down Shen Qingyin

The words are rough, but Shen Qingyin still hesitated, after all, this contract is vital to the Shen family.

Seeing this, Lu Fei took his cell phone over, and just picked up the phone, he heard Shen Chao's rebuke on the other side: "Shen Qingyin! Where the hell have you been? Grandma asked you to come over and sign, why aren't you coming?"

Shen Qingyin's face was cold.

This Shen Chao is really not human, as soon as he came up, he put the blame on her, she was about to speak, but Lu Fei stopped her.

"Did not the housekeeper say to let my wife rest at home, or is that half a million of the account clear." Lu Fei said slowly, "My wife drank too much yesterday and is still sleeping, what do you have to say, I'll convey it."

"Lu Fei, you don't have to lie there." Shen Qianqian snatched the phone away, "You guys went out early in the morning."

"Okay, okay, my wife means it's okay to help you guys, but you have to show it." Lu Fei twisted his head and looked at Shen Qingyin, "How about this, we will be going back soon, within half an hour, you guys drive to the door of the house and wait for it, if we can't see you two, then this contract, my wife can not sign."

"You ......"

Shen Qianqian still wanted to say something, Lu Fei is already hanging up the phone.

Her face is gloomy, but there is no way, look at the time, can only drive hard to Shen Qingyin's home to rush, but waited half a day did not wait for people.

She dialed again, and this time the person who answered the phone changed to Shen Qingyin.

"Shen Qingyin, do you want to die?" Shen Qianqian said angrily, "Where the hell are you, I tell you, Xiao Dong said, he still has to travel, if the morning is not signed, then this contract as ......"

"Wanda Plaza, we eat over here, you drive ten Rolls Royce to pick me up." Shen Qingyin speak a little nervous, but also a little excited, after all, this is the first time in her life to do bad things.

When these words were spoken, Shen Qingyin already thought of Shen Chao and Shen Qianqian and other people's furious appearance, the heart is a kind of unexplainable relief.

Hang up the phone, Lu Fei suddenly asked: "Wife, tell me loudly! Is it cool!"

"Cool ...... you shut up!" Shen Qingyin blushed, almost fell into Lu Fei's trap, this kid, must be taught a good lesson, jokes even opened to her head.

Shen Qianqian and Shen Chao siblings sat in silence in the car, did not expect Shen Qingyin dare to play them, the thought of them driving ten Rolls-Royce to that kind of place with the largest flow of people, they felt angry.

They really gave that bitch Shen Qingyin's face!

"Brother, are we going or not." Shen Qianqian asked.

"Go, this rotten bitch, but is taking up our pinch." Shen Chao slammed his fist on the steering wheel, "OK, I want to see how long she can last, I'll find the car, you find the third uncle a few people to talk to her about the importance of this matter."

The two were busy again, not much time, ten Rolls-Royce appeared outside the square, Shen Qianqian face gloomy call Shen Qingyin: "Where are you!"

"Have you arrived yet? Why don't I see it?" Lu Fei's voice rang out, "Which side are you guys on?"

"We're on the east side of the road."

"Oh, I'm also in ah, but I do not see you guys, how about you guys in front of the square to set up a heart, and then hold a loudspeaker shouting big sister I'm wrong, please come out, we'll ......"

"Lu Fei! Do you want to see the Shen family die before you feel better!" Shen Qianqian said angrily.

"Love to pose or not." Lu Fei said four words indifferently and hung up the phone again.

Next to him, Shen Chao gritted his teeth, but thinking about the contract of the Skywolf Group, he finally decided, pendulum!

When the group finished, Shen Chao went out and dialed the phone again, but this time, there was a beep that the phone was off!

Shen Qianqian also dialed the number, still hello, the user you are calling is turned off.


Shen Qianqian was so angry that she directly slammed the phone on the ground, she did not expect that she would have been fooled by Shen Qingyin one day.

"Brother, what should we do." Shen Qianqian became anxious, looking at this situation, Shen Qingyin does not want to go to sign the contract, with their means, they are afraid that they may not be able to get Shen Qingyin out.

"Found it!" Shen Chao's face was gloomy, "I asked my friend to help me locate her address, she is over in Longji Mountain, she must have run to the orphanage again."

"Let's go, I called my friends at the Heaven and Earth Chamber of Commerce, damn it, even if I have to tie her up today, I have to tie her up and sign her over!"

"Yes, catch that Lu Fei, see if she signs." Shen Qianqian gritted her teeth and said, "Even if she does, after it's done, we'll have to castrate Lu Fei, I'll see how that Shen Qingyin will still have the face to mix in the family."

Lu Fei did not know the Shen family siblings' plan, at this time, the car stopped at the entrance of the Longji Mountain orphanage, Qin Shou was a little curious: "Sister-in-law, there is fun in the orphanage?"

"No, I'll go in and take a look, you guys just wait for me here." Shen Qingyin said, and quickly got off the car.

Looking at Shen Qingyin's departing back, Lu Fei fell silent, before he went in, he heard the sound of children laughing. Once Shen Qingyin said she wanted to have a child with him, he once promised Shen Qingyin, but only perfunctorily.

The more this happens, the more Lu Fei's heart is filled with guilt.

"Boss ......" Qin Shou shouted somewhat awkwardly, just now he seemed to have said the wrong thing.

"It's okay." Lu Fei shook his head, "Since you don't like it here, then you should go look elsewhere, and we'll rendezvous later for dinner together."

???? Qin Shou's face was full of confusion, he did not say he did not like it here, ah, see Lu Fei walking towards the orphanage, Qin Shou raised his middle finger to Lu Fei.


He was a light bulb!

When Lu Fei chased up, Shen Qingyin was talking to a woman, look at Shen Qingyin's appearance, seems to be some helpless, see the situation Lu Fei quickly walked up.

"Auntie, I have something happened at home these days, I may not have extra money to help you, you see when I get paid some time later, I will give you."

"What do you mean you don't have money to help me." The middle-aged woman tugged Shen Qingyin's arm, "you said to help me, how can you say no to help, you are still not human, you still have no conscience ...... poor my little treasure, accidental fracture are no money to see the doctor, I do not care, you have to give me money today. "

Fracture? Lu Fei narrowed his eyes, suddenly thought of last night, he quickly walked up: "wife, what happened."

"Your husband is here! Then he must have money, I don't care, you hurry to let your husband give me money, I have a payment code on my side, you sweep me to pay, no need to bring cash." The middle-aged woman hurriedly pulled out a sign from her body, which was clearly a multifunctional all-in-one payment code.

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