The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 3: Night and day

Lu Fei looked at Uncle Zhang who was kneeling in front of him, and his mind recalled the help of Uncle Zhang back then.

He sighed slightly and bent down to help Uncle Zhang up, his tone became much softer: "Uncle Zhang, for your face, I'll accept this Skywolf Group, but you go back and sue him."

"One day, he will know that the Lu family is just the light of a firefly in my eyes."

"He is not facing a person, but the vast stars."

"Young master ......" Zhang Bo looked at Lu Fei's leaving back and burst into tears.

He did not follow up again, he knew that Lu Fei had a deep resentment in his heart.

It is impossible for it to dissipate just because of a few words.

"Uncle Zhang, let's go back." The bodyguard beside him spoke.

"Investigate! Find out who is trying to harm Young Master!" Zhang Bo glanced at the car beside him and his face was cold, "In addition, since the young master has already gotten married, then our Lu family, deserves to send a bride price!"

Finished speaking.

Zhang Bo looked up at the sky, let the rain drops hit his face: "Young master, one day, you will understand the master's bitterness, your struggle alone, and how can you beat a finger of the Lu family."


Lu Fei changed his clothes and took a cab to rush towards the old residence of the Shen family.

The first reason for accepting the Skywolf Group was because of Uncle Zhang, and the second reason was that Lu Fei had not fully recovered his strength for the time being, so it was not convenient to expose his identity.

With the Skywolf Group, then his layout in Hongzhou will be smoother.

Not to mention the identity of Langya Pavilion, just the identity of the owner of the Skywolf Group is enough to make the small Shen family, kneel down and worship.

He had already negatively affected Shen Qingyin once.

Since the heavens, let them be together in this capacity, then Lu Fei will certainly not be negative to her again.

He had already thought about how to force Shen Zhijun to show himself.

He wanted to help Shen Qingyin, step by step to the throne of the Shen family, so that that Shen Zhijun had to personally return.

Shen family old mansion.

Just half an hour away from downtown Hongzhou, located on the outskirts of the city, there are more than 5,000 square feet.

Lu Fei stepped down from the cab, looking at the Shen family old mansion with lights and decorations, his eyes with a few memories, when married with Shen Qingyin, is here to carry out.

If he remembered well, today is the day the old lady Shen was discharged from the hospital, the Shen family specially celebrated here, at the same time also invited many guests.

Walking in the old mansion, many people ignore him, to which Lu Fei has long been accustomed.

Shen Qingyin's family's old mansion is on the west side, which is the worst terrain among the old mansions.

Before he reached the door, Lu Fei heard Zhao Meilan's voice coming from the courtyard.

"That beast! The phone is off, the person can't even be found, he must have absconded from the crime! If it wasn't for Mr. He's help, that woman would have come to our Shen family to make trouble.

"Mom, Lu Fei is not that kind of person."

A cold and clear voice rang out.

As soon as Lu Fei heard it, he knew it was Shen Qingyin, and his heart was touched for a few moments. I didn't expect that at this time, Shen Qingyin still believed in himself.

Slightly sideways, a pair of straight and slender long legs appeared in his sight. Today the Shen family dinner, Shen Qingyin deliberately put on light makeup, the temperament is cold and clear.

Tall figure, exquisite body, standing there, slender posture, as out of the water Luo Shen, noble and spiritual charm, just a side is enough to make men float.

The opposite side of Zhao Meilan gritted her teeth, really do not understand what the daughter in the end of the evil: "not that kind of person? If you say this out loud, who will believe it! There is once, there is a second time! I don't care! I've already begged Mr. He with my face, he said, as long as you agree to marry him, then he can help deal with this matter."

"He is a poor security guard, he doesn't even have a family, are you crazy!"

Zhao Meilan grabbed Shen Qingyin's hand and dragged her toward the house, "Go inside! Give me a good time with Mr. He, even if the rice is cooked today, I'll accept it!"

"Mom! Are you crazy!" Shen Qingyin struggled hard.

"I'm crazy? I think you are the one who is crazy!" Zhao Meilan roared, "What's so good about that stinking security guard!"

Lu Fei's face was cold.

Mother-in-law is good at saving face and dislikes the poor and rich, he naturally knew that.

Just did not expect that He Shengli, how dare he and Shen Qingyin in the wedding room!

Forcing Shen Qingyin to agree.

Looking for death!

He pushed the door and entered.

Just in time to see the scene of Shen Qingyin tugging at the door and Zhao Meilan pushing her.

Inside the door.

He Shengli, who was dressed in a suit, was sitting on a chair, slowly drinking tea.

Just waiting for Shen Qingyin to take the initiative to deliver the door.

When Lu Fei appeared, all three froze for a moment, especially He Shengli's face changed greatly, he did not expect that Lu Fei had returned alive.

Shouldn't he have been buried under the reservoir?


It must be that his men didn't dare to do it and let the man go, no wonder he hadn't heard back from him for so long.

But come back, what can be done?

A small security guard with no power and no influence, offended him, he can still pinch him like an ant.

"Lu Fei! You still have the face to come back!" Zhao Meilan looked around, picked up the broom next to the door and rushed towards Lu Fei, hitting him with a bang, "You beast! What are you doing back here? You still think you've done enough harm to our mother and daughter?"

Lu Fei stretched out his right hand and grabbed the broom.


But was cast towards Shen Qingyin.

Shen Qingyin stared at Lu Fei and asked word by word: "Where did you go."

"I ...... I got lost." Lu Fei's voice had a few chokes, and suddenly smiled, "I'm sorry, I'm back."

Shen Qingyin looked at Lu Fei in a trance, at this time, Lu Fei, actually gave her an illusion.

He is not Lu Fei.

He is Caesar.

Like a light in her life, a man who can let her follow behind and be a little girl in peace and quiet.

"Lu Fei, you have the guts to come back, or do you think things have been set right?" He Shengli walked out with a cigarette in his left hand holding a wine glass and carrying red wine in his right hand, looking at Lu Fei with a sneer.

"You piece of crap! If it weren't for Mr. He, you think Qingyin and I would still be standing here!" Zhao Meilan dropped her broom and pointed at Lu Fei's nose and cursed.

"Lu, you're a dog who can't change his ways, you've harmed my daughter, and you're doing this disgusting thing, you still don't think we're miserable enough!"

"Wife, mother, you listen to my explanation." Lu Fei took a deep breath.

"Explain? Fine, in that case, we might as well give him a chance." He Shengli took the words over, "Why don't you go inside and sit down, and try the excellent red wine I brought to auntie by the way? This case cost me three hundred thousand, on your salary, ten years just can afford."

"Oh, no." He Shengli pretended to understand, "This red wine can still retain its value, after ten years, it may have become 600,000, you still can't afford it."

"Funny." Lu Fei saw He Shengli's laughing look, his face was even colder.

"Not funny." The corners of He Shengli's mouth curled up slightly.

"Yes, the night people, of course funny." Lu Fei lamented, suddenly smashed a fist on He Shengli's face, He Shengli squatted in pain, and was kicked into the house by Lu Fei.

Lu Fei dragon walk, straight after them, glancing at the red wine box by the door.

He picked up a bottle of red wine and smashed in He Shengli's head.

After a bottle.

And did not stop!

Two bottles!

Three bottles!

Four bottles!

Five bottles!

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