The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 26 Unexpected changes

Old Mrs. Shen was silent for a few seconds before nodding slowly: "Yes, Qingyin is a good child, how could she do such a thing."

Xiao Dinshan smiled and took out the contract. The conditions he offered were fair and unbiased, and the Shen family would definitely not ask for modifications.

After the discussion, Xiao Dinshan left in a hurry, and the second copy of the change of the supplementary contract, let Shen Qingyin go to sign it tomorrow.

Shen Qingyin left the conference room with a happy smile on her face and a sigh of relief in her heart.

I didn't expect Xiao Dinshan to be so generous, so in this way, Lu Fei's trouble is gone.

Thinking of this, Shen Qingyin gave Lu Fei a call, wanting to tell Lu Fei the good news.

"You know what? I feel like I'm practically dreaming."

Shen Qingyin's voice had some excitement: "Xiao Dinshan personally came to the Shen family today, and also signed the contract with our family, some of the changes, and when I can go sign the second contract tomorrow and dock it."

"Is that so? Congratulations." Lu Fei laughed, "By the way wife, today my friend came and heard that today is your birthday and had to invite us to dinner."

"Your friend?" Shen Qingyin froze for a moment, all these years have not heard Lu Fei said he had friends, thinking about the signing, Shen Qingyin some happy, "Where are you guys, I'll go find you, today I signed a contract, buy you guys dinner tonight to celebrate."

"Good, good, you guys go to Starbucks and wait for me or find a place, send me the address, I'll be there."

Inside the meeting room, the crowd left, only Shen Qianqian stayed, head down, the crowd thought she was going to be disciplined alone, so they didn't care.

"You still don't leave, what are you doing staying here." Old Mrs. Shen got up and walked out.

"Grandma, are you really going to give this contract to Shen Qingyin to be in charge?" Su Qianqian said anxiously.

"She took this contract, let her be in charge, as it should be." Old Mrs. Shen didn't even turn her head back, "Besides, Dong Xiao specified that she should be in charge, didn't he."

"But Grandma, is it her that Xiao Dong sees?! It's not our Xiao family! Even if that Shen Qingyin is powerful, the child she gives birth to in the future will still be surnamed Lu, even if she finds another one surnamed Shen, can she really think about the Shen family!"

Shen Qianqian lowered her voice and patiently said her point of view: "My father was busy outside and kept giving money to the family, and when he came back, his prestige was not as good as that woman Shen Qingyin."

"Shen Qingyin to the Shen family, this can not be denied, but that surnamed Lu? Three words can coax Shen Qingyin to get married, won the lottery first thing is to spend so much money to charter a luxury hall, just to celebrate her birthday, after the Shen family really fell into the hands of Shen Qingyin, she can not listen to Lu Fei words."

Old Mrs. Shen's footsteps, from fast to slow, and finally stopped. She thought about this matter with a stern face, and seemed to think that what Shen Qianqian said was also reasonable.

Shen Qianqian saw Shen Lao Taijun some wavering, heart overjoyed: "Grandma, I'm not talking about my brother, even if you change the other people of the Shen family over, even the second grandmother's third uncle and fourth uncle can, at least the people of the Shen family, we ......"

"All right, what old three old four, since that 500,000 accounts have not been investigated, this matter first let Xiaochao to take charge, but Shen Qingyin has to be titled on it."

Old Mrs. Shen interrupted Shen Qianqian's words and turned her head to the housekeeper and said, "Call her and say so, when the matter is clearly investigated, she will still be responsible for this project, and Xiaochao will only help her share some of it."

Shen Qingyin just arrived at the appointment place and met Lu Fei and Qin Shou. She heard that Qin Shou had just come to Hongzhou, so she thought of asking Lu Fei to show him around somewhere.

Just then, she received a call from the housekeeper, and the whole person was frozen there.

She was in charge of this project, but for the time being it was just a titular, and the person who would go to the Skywolf Group tomorrow was Shen Chao.

The reason was that she could not be put in charge before the half million dollar account was investigated.

"Missy, please also understand the old lady, she is also very difficult."

The housekeeper hung up the phone after saying the last sentence.

Shen Qingyin's face was like frost, she did not expect that she had just left not long ago, Shen Chao and Shen Qianqian two people are making bad things behind the scenes, what is going on with the half million account, they are still not clear?

"What's wrong." Lu Fei didn't hear what was on the phone, but he also knew that it must be the contract that went wrong again.

After all, this contract is vital to the Shen family, able to mobilize a lot of financial and human resources, for the new generation of the Shen family, can use this project to contact the company's people, for the future in charge of the Shen family, but also beneficial.

Shen Qingyin put down the phone some powerlessness: "Shen family someone objected to me being in charge of this project, said half a million accounts have not been checked, the grandmother gave the matter to Shen Chao, let me be a titular person in charge."

After a pause, a helpless smile appeared on Shen Qingyin's face: "It's said to be a titular, but in reality it's just a front, not to mention that I'm not really the only one recognized by the Skywolf Group. Forget it, that's it."

"Sister-in-law, I heard the boss say that you are so powerful, there must be no problem." Qin Shou immediately said, "According to what you said, that Xiao Ding Shan designated you, then it must be you who is in charge."

"Yes." Lu Fei nodded, "Today is your birthday, let's not think so much, since grandma gave you a holiday, so why not take the opportunity to rest and relax."

"Later we'll find a place to eat first, then go out and have some fun, and then take Qin Shou to Longji Mountain tomorrow morning to go around how, and according to the information I got, Xiao Ding Shan will really care about the person in charge this time."

Shen Qingyin looked up at Lu Fei, her eyebrows slightly knitted: "How do you know."

"I also heard it from the security brothers of the Skywolf Group." Lu Fei explained.

"Xiao Dinshan said a few words when he was talking to someone in the elevator, probably that this time the partner, the Shen family is the most suitable, and he needs a suitable person, and that is you. Because ......"

Lu Fei lowered his voice and hooked his finger at Shen Qingyin.

Shen Qingyin turned her ear sideways, and Lu Fei exhaled in her ear, silky and numb: "Because they say that the person who can be my wife must not be bad."

Shen Qingyin fiercely sat up straight and looked at Lu Fei speechlessly.

Lu Fei immediately explained with a smile, "I'm joking, in fact, Skywolf Group is immediately ready to sell, so every project, Xiao Ding Shan will be tightly grasped to prevent mistakes, resulting in the failure of this transaction."

"Sold?" Shen Qingyin froze for a moment, "Isn't he going to invest?"

"Yes." Lu Fei blinked, "Although I also think it's impossible, but I think that my friend should not lie to me, otherwise how would Xiao Dinshan rush to sweep up and personally go to the Shen family, maybe the Lu family bought the Skywolf Group."

Shen Qingyin froze for a moment, but felt that there are also a few points of truth.

When she was about to say something else, her cell phone suddenly rang, she thought it was the Shen family phone, but she didn't expect it to be her mother's phone.

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