The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 24: The reappearance of the pavilion master


Lu Fei and Qin Shou drove away.

Looking at the iron box in his hand, Lu Fei was filled with emotion, not expecting that what the half-immortal Chen said might be true.

Only a pity.

The box still needs to find the key to open, he felt, this, perhaps there really is, can reverse the fate of things.

Next to Qin Shou, full of seriousness, one phone call, the phone is received one message after another.

Only Lu Fei knows.

Langya Pavilion, a huge intelligence agency, is once again running, this time the target, just a small Wolf Group.

Nearly to the destination, Lu Fei opened another box, which contains a half face of silver iron mask.

He gently stroked the mask, and then put it on his face, followed by changing into the clothes inside, and the whole person became icy cold.

Langya Pavilion!

I, back.

Ecological Garden VIP Hall, the hall was gilded and glorious.

Xiao Ding Shan here banquet company old staff, wine after three rounds, a room within the atmosphere is also considered cordial.

"Xiao Dong, now that Shen Group is already in danger and has been treating our company as a lifeline, I think we might as well take the opportunity to annex Shen Group."

The general manager of the marketing department suddenly spoke up.

"Right, that Shen family is too abominable, they don't put our Skywolf Group in their eyes at all, they want to cooperate with us and even hit the second young master ......"

"All right." Xiao Dinshan waved his hand, "Let's talk about the Shen family later. Our Skywolf Group can develop to today, all thanks to the help of all of you, but there are some words, I still want to tell everyone."

At that moment, Xiao Dinshan said the words he was helped by, and at the end he said with emotion, "Now that the Lu family's people are here, if the young master appears, I will definitely give up my virtue and return the Skywolf Group to the Lu family."

Many people looked at each other, knowing for the first time that the company was behind the Lu family, but some people pretended to be surprised, but actually knew it long ago.

The general manager of the marketing department rose: "Xiao Dong, this Skywolf Group was built by you, that Lu family only sponsored some funds, we will just return the money to him, if Xiao Dong gives up his power, then I will definitely resign."

"Please also ask Xiao Dong to preside over the big picture."

"Yes, without Xiao Dong, we would not be able to have today, the money, ten times repay it."

The people below, the discussion, Xiao Dinshan face difficult, but in fact happy inside, his meal to prevent future events, now he continues to hold power, that is also a last resort.

"All of you don't get excited." Xiao Dinshan stood up and raised his cup, "Thank you all for your recognition, if there is really that day, I am sure that Xiao will find a way to keep the rivers and mountains that we have fought for."

The others rose one after another.

Xiao Dinshan was about to say something when an icy voice, suddenly sounded in his ears, "This wine, it's better to save it for your own sacrifice."


The door of the room was pushed open.

Qin Shou walked in front with a cold face, and behind him, stood a masked man with an icy temperament.


Xiao Dinshan saw the visitor and his cup fell to the ground.

Lu Fei!

He was sure he was not wrong, those cold eyes, it was definitely Lu Fei!

"Lu ...... Lu Shao ......" Xiao Dinshan's voice trembled a little, and the others were greatly alarmed.

This aura!

Really terrifying, this young Lu, in the end what kind of person is!

"Who are you! Dare to barge into our private booth, if you don't get lost, I'll call the police!" The marketing manager scolded.

"Your words, too much."

Lu Fei kept his eyes on Xiao Dinshan, and Qin Shou, who was next to him, suddenly struck out.


A cold light flashed, comparable to the speed of a bullet.


The crossbow arrow passed through the marketing manager's shoulder, causing him to scream in pain, and everyone else was horrified.


This was too violent!

Inside the box, there was no sound!

Xiao Dinshan gulped, seeing Lu Fei, he understood that all the plans had failed, only he had not received news from his son.

Why did not receive!

Think with your head, you can think.

Lu Fei in front of him, like a god, standing in the doorway, there is a kind of a man who can not open the door.

Qin Shou took out a tablet and read it in front of everyone: "Xiao Dinshan, whose life was hanging in the balance overseas eight years ago, the Lu family saved his life and gave funds of one billion, asking him to start the Skywolf Group on his behalf."

"Xiao Dinshan returned, founded with three hundred million funds, the other seven hundred million diverted for their own use, to buy luxury homes yachts gold, six years ago and China Media University sophomore Qi Jiao befriended, and finally faked a car accident to cause his death ...... three years ago to seize three hundred and fifty-two plots of land, forcing its competitors crazy, in front of his wife ......"

Here are all the sins of Xiao Dinshan, simply too many to write!

No one expected that the chairman, who looked elegant and easy-going, was a vicious devil.

"Zhao Hai, the general manager of the marketing department, forged the company four years ago ......"

"Public Relations Manager Chen Yan, five years ago ......"


Everyone present, all the details of the past, one by one, all the faces were terrified.

Something that only two people knew about was actually found out.

After a long time.

Qin Shou only slowly closed the tablet.

Lu Fei, who had been silent, slowly spoke, "Xiao Dinshan, you have three minutes to explain."


Xiao Dinshan kneeled directly in front of Lu Fei: "Young Lu, it was my momentary demons, I was greedy for wealth and power, I ...... I know I was wrong, please give me another chance, I must properly assist the young master, absolutely nothing to do with the Lu family!"

The others shuddered, just now they also took a stand with Xiao Dinshan, not knowing what young Lu would do to them.

Lu Fei looked down at Xiao Dinshan: "The contract matter, finish it for me immediately."

"Yes, yes." Xiao Dinshan kept kowtowing.

"Within seven days, choose a feng shui place for yourself." Lu Fei turned to leave, "The company's affairs will be taken over by Qin Dong, and everyone else can live if they follow orders."

"Today's incident, I do not want to hear a half word out, if she is humiliated today, hum!"

Xiao Dinshan was shaken, of course, understood that Lu Fei was talking about Shen Qingyin, immediately he did not dare to delay, hoofing it towards the Shen family.

Shen Qingyin hurriedly returned home, she certainly understood that her grandmother suddenly called her back, for what matter.

Today Lu Fei had beaten up the second young master of the Xiao family, and in the future, the Shen family was afraid that they would not even have the chance to cooperate with the Skywolf Group.

Coming to the conference room, the people sat quietly.

Shen Qianqian did not immediately mock her, but sat on the chair and manicured her nails, as if this meeting, there was no need for her to say anything.

Not long after, Old Mrs. Shen let Shen Chao help her walk in, she sat in the main seat with a stern face and asked seemingly casually, "Qingyin, I heard that today is your birthday is it."

"Ah, yes grandma." Shen Qingyin stood up and froze for a moment, not mentioning the banquet, why did she suddenly ask about her birthday?

"Then you've had a wonderful birthday this time." Shen Lao Taijun's tone was indifferent and her words hid a knife, "Xiao family's matter is not mentioned, I would like to know, your wimp husband, where did he get the money to celebrate your birthday!"

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