The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 23 Who has more people

Qian Kun with a group of people blocking the elevator hall, naturally attracted the attention of many people, but the good thing is that many people are not in the habit of watching the hustle and bustle, get on the elevator and leave straight away.

Qian Kun gestured to the men around him, four people opened the electric batons in their hands, alert towards the two Lu Fei.

They had already gotten the news.

These two people are vicious villains, must be careful, absolutely can not let them run away.

"We came to work, you are not the wrong person." Lu Fei looked at Qian Kun with a smile on his face.

Qian Kun sneered: "Wrong person? Stealing a painter's clothes, we do not think we know you? In the surveillance, but see clearly, in my territory wild, you have the guts ah!"

"Really? Then what do you want to do." Lu Fei smiled, "But I can remind you, Li Daoming will soon come to my rescue, why don't you let us go and make a friend."

"I pooh!"

Qian Kun spat on the ground: "You still know Li Daoming? What do you think you are that Li Daoming will personally come to save you? If that's true, then ......"

The words came to a screeching halt, apparently Qian Kun realized that if he said more, he would definitely have to reveal the identity of the person behind it.

"Holy shit you old thing is not blind ah, I tell you, we both go where that is the highest level of treatment, that Li Daoming is nothing, but a small soldier only ......"

Qin Shou pointed at Qian Kun's nose and began to rebuke, but these words in the ears of the crowd, naturally like bragging.

Lu Fei interrupted Qin Shou's words, he looked at Qian Kun and asked with a smile, "I wonder where you are going to take us."

"Count on your good sense!" Qian Kun put his hands behind his back and immediately ordered loudly, "What are you still waiting for! Take them to the garage and interrogate them properly!"

Lu Fei gave a wink to Qin Shou, and the two obediently followed Qian Kun and the others towards the garage.

When Qian Kun saw that the two men had become well-behaved, he was even more bullish, pointing at Qin Shou's nose and reprimanding, "Look at you! Grandmother, but also the highest standard of treatment, what is the status of their own do not have a number of forced? And also Li Daoming to come, is he will come with a thousand troops to save you."

"Or you guys send a piercing cloud arrow, see if there are a thousand armies to meet?"

"Hahahaha ......"

The others also followed and laughed.

A group of people just reached the first floor of the underground garage, before they continued walking, the sound of dense footsteps suddenly came to their ears.

The ground is followed by trembling.

Qian Kun and others froze for a moment, are not sure what happened, good reason, how did the earthquake?

"Over there!"

A cook ran over with a spoon and shouted, "Who dares to do it!"

"Come on, hurry the fuck up."

"I don't have anything with me either."

"Brother Beard didn't wait for the elevator to climb the stairs to come ......"

Originally disdainful Qian Kun, his expression gradually became stiff, more and more people came, there are chefs with spoons, there are wearing black suits, and waiters, security ...... all kinds of uniforms, put Qian Kun are looking confused.

Among them there are many acquaintances, see one of the most familiar people, Qian Kun hurried up: "Lao Li what the hell is this you guys ......"

"I go to your mother, who knows you ah!" Old Li slapped up, and the people behind him went up is a flying kick.

The security guards who followed Qian Kun were stunned, I do not know who shouted to put down their weapons, one immediately dropped the electric batons, honestly squatting on the ground.

A group of people, black pressed, shouted: "Good day, big brother!"

Just get up Qian Kun scared legs, this nerve, in the end to provoke what God ah.

"Have not tried one person spit a mouthful of water can not drown him, want to try ah."

"My grass, that Qian Kun where, I have long looked at him not happy."

"The bearded man will be here soon, or we suggest the next."

"Mr. Lu, I'm wrong, I know I'm wrong!" Qian Kun crawled up and flung himself at Lu Fei's feet, "It was Xiao Jun, it was Xiao Jun who told me to do that, but I didn't want to do anything to you ah ...... I just wanted to invite you back for tea."

"Grass, what qualifications do you have to invite my boss to tea." Qin Shou kicked up, "The tea that the boss drinks must be new around 00 years old, can you fucking find it!"

"Mr. Lu." The bearded man ran over panting, his forehead covered in sweat.

Behind him.

Also followed by a few people, carrying a black bag ran over, threw the bag on the ground and opened it, Xiao Jun was poured out from inside.

When he saw Lu Fei, Xiao Jun's entire face turned pale!

Qian Kun was even scared legs!

He thought in his heart that the biggest backer, was actually captured by Lu Fei, at once he understood that what Lu Fei said, certainly not bragging!

The other party is definitely a big man with a powerful identity!

"Mr. Lu, what about this kid." A dagger appeared in the hand of the bearded man and looked at Xiao Jun.

Before Lu Fei could speak, Qin Shou directly pounced on Xiao Jun's body and struck him head and face.

That fierce move, look at the bearded man and other people hairy, not Lu Fei timely stop, Xiao Jun fear is really going to die.

But now so many people watching, naturally can not let Qin Shou do so.

"Boss, I'll handle it, you stay out of it!" Qin Shou's eyes were red.

"Where is Xiao Dinshan." Lu Fei took a step forward and stared coldly at Xiao Jun questioningly.

"Speak!" Qin Shou dagger against Xiao Jun's wrist, "If you don't say, I'll bleed you today!"

"Sheng ...... ecological park VIP hall ......" Xiao Jun has long been scared to death by Lu Fei, know everything, "My father he is caging the old staff, he is afraid Lu's family came back to retaliate ...... beg you to let me go, this thing is all my father wants me to do, no matter what I do."

Cage old employees.

Lu Fei sneered, it seems that this Xiao Dinshan is really a thief's heart.

At this time.

The bearded man suddenly came up to Lu Fei's ear and whispered, "Mr. Lu, Mr. Li's call just came over, saying that Mr. Shen was called back to the Shen family by Old Mother Shen, and this time I'm afraid ......"

"I know." Lu Fei frowned, it must be because of the launch event.

He glanced at Xiao Jun, pondered for a moment and patted the bearded man's shoulder, "Here's the thing, you handle it cleanly, as for him, lock him up for me first."

"Mr. Lu, please don't worry, Mr. Li has arranged it all." The bearded man respectfully, "Even if it is not arranged by Mr. Li, rushing you to cross the road last day to help my grandmother, I will also do my best."

"Brother beard, your grandmother died three years ago ah ......" someone reminded.

"That's my grandfather!" The bearded man glared at him, "I misremembered!"

"Arrange a car for me to take us to the ecological park." Lu Fei looked at the bearded man.

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