The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 21 Hotel Breakout

At this time Lu Fei, but just met Qin Shou.

Qin Shou is a big fat guy, wearing a flowery green clothes, looks just a tart.

"Boss!" When Qin Shou saw Lu Fei, he burst into tears and went up to give Lu Fei a big hug.

"Ahem--" Lu Fei coughed, blood stained Qin Shou's shoulder, these days have been forced to use martial arts, so that his injuries have obviously aggravated a lot.

"Boss, you this ......"

"Cut the crap, give me the box." Lu Fei shook his head and immediately took the box and opened it.

He took out the medicine left to him by Half-Sen Chen back then, and after taking a bottle, his whole physique was a few points better.

"Boss how do you feel now." Qin Shou nervously look here Lu Fei, "This medicine is three years old, and I do not know if it has expired, but I am always in accordance with the way those medicines are kept, that is, to avoid sunlight ......"

"Shut up!" Lu Fei glared at Qin Shou, "Take the box with you, let's go, it's not safe now, Xiao Ding Shan's men and horses, certainly here, just waiting for us to go out."

"Boss, don't worry, who dares to touch you this time, must step over my body!" Qin Shou solemnly patted his chest, and in his eyes, there was a flash of endless anger.

What happened last time could be said to be the pain of their lifetime for Lang Ya Pavilion!

Lu Fei led Qin Shou out of the room, he was on the second floor inside the hotel, but the hotel was actually on the top floor, and it was a hassle to go down from more than thirty floors.

The two of them entered the elevator.

The elevator was empty, no one was there, but just as it was about to close, a couple walked in from outside.

Lu Fei and Qin Shou looked at each other and quietly took two steps backward.

Qin Shou, on the other hand, stood in front of Lu Fei.

These two, well disguised, but can not hide that coldness in their bodies!

When the elevator came to the next floor, three more people came in, as the previous two, came in, intentionally or unintentionally is to block the exit, and even when closing the door, you can also see someone in the distance to intercept passengers.

That's it.

Elevator every floor, up two or three people, when the elevator down to half, the elevator is already crowded with people, such a situation, obviously not conducive to Lu Fei and Qin Shou two.

Even if they are experts, in such a small space, in the event of a fight, they will not be able to play their true strength.

This is what Old Stick and the others were thinking.

When the elevator closed again, the atmosphere inside the car suddenly froze and became oppressive.

"Boss, I have a request." Qin Shou looked at Lu Fei and smiled stiffly.

The Golden Bell Shield he learned in Shaolin had a very big drawback, every time before he cast it, he had to take a beating first, only then could he inspire the strongest power.

Qin Shou, who had followed Lu Fei for many years and acted as a meat shield, how could he not understand what Lu Fei meant.

"I know, it won't hit the face." Lu Fei grinned.

Qin Shou breathed a sigh of relief, just about to speak, Lu Fei suddenly smashed a fist on the face, the pain Qin Shou covered his nose and screamed, just bent over, Lu Fei's fist was crackling down.

This scene.

Let the people in the elevator are confused, do not understand how the situation.

The leader of the old stick to the others to make a wink, the closest to Lu Fei two people, suddenly shot.

The blade flashed under his hand, cold light flashed, and sealed directly to Lu Fei's throat.


Look close to touch Lu Fei, a fat long-haired right hand, quietly appeared, directly hold the sharp blade.

Previously beaten by Lu Fei, Qin Shou, who did not know when to stand up, cold face looking at the person who did it: "Move me can, but can not move my ...... boss!"

The last two words, almost roared out.

Qin Shou forceful grip, the other party screamed miserably, other people's faces changed greatly, and immediately shot.

Lu Fei and Qin Shou is just two people, and what kind of means can they have.

Today, they will not be able to escape!

These people's methods, fast, accurate and vicious, the hands are blades or daggers.

Even if Qin Shou cast the strength of the Golden Bell Tower, but finally still human!

The front two were beaten back, the back two immediately fill in, spare Qin Shou is not too good way.

These people, as much as possible to greet his head.

His arms were already scarred!

"Boss! When the elevator doors open, I'll take you out! Don't turn around, don't mind me!"

Qin Shou's arms blocked the daggers and fought to roar.

He knocked back the two men with his body and shoved the box on his back into Lu Fei's hands, "Take it and use it as a shield!"

"You get out of the way!"

Lu Fei was furious.

But Qin Shou remained like a mountain, blocking his way. If these people were just sticks, Qin Shou could still hold out until the elevator opened.

Now it's daggers, blades!

Even if Qin Shou is strong, he can't hold out much longer!

"Leave me alone! I was not able to go with the 1,000 brothers, today to protect the boss, even if I die, it's worth it!"

"Even if I go down, when I see those brothers, I dare to tell them that I did not die for nothing!"

"Boss you must go out!"


The elevator rang and the door slowly opened.

The people standing at the door quickly exited, but outside, four men with watermelon knives broke in, and the people inside, also squatted down.

It all seems to be rehearsed!

"Watch out!"

Lu Fei bared his eyes and shouted.

Four watermelon knives but towards Qin Shou's head greeting, sharp as hell!


Qin Shou roared, long decided to fight to the death.

"Get out of the way!"

Lu Fei hissed, the box in his hand slammed forward, just hitting the knife.

The man crouched below, took the opportunity to lay a black hand, the blade cut through Lu Fei's right leg, blood flowing.


The box was broken by the knife, a black box crashed back, hitting Lu Fei's arm.

Just then.

As if there is a magical power, from the iron box into the body of Lu Fei, this instant, the original weak Lu Fei, like a return to light.

The body has inexhaustible power!

Seeing Qin Shou catch the knife with his arm, he yanked Qin Shou's shoulder and dragged him back.

The watermelon knife fell short!

Lu Fei kicked out, with a bang, the three people in front of him were actually kicked by Lu Fei and fell backwards.

At the same time.

Lu Fei grabbed the heads of two people with both hands, legs back stomped on the elevator car biscuit, the whole person like a shell out of the gun, quickly rushed to the front.

The speed was incomparable, he flew over the heads of the people, directly hugged a man at the door, and carried him directly tumbling out of the elevator!


Although only one person, but Lu Fei has counted broken formation!

Inside, Qin Shou, without worries, grabbed the dagger of one of them and cut the neck of one of them.

Lu Fei also rolled up from the ground, his right foot kicked, and the knife that landed on the ground, shot straight away.

Stabbed into the chest of the other man!

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