The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 2: The heir of the Lu family

He Shengli.

He is the president of He Group, he has been pursuing Shen Qingyin, but Shen Qingyin did not say yes.

Yesterday, He Shengli asked him to help to cart to the garage, but it was to knock him out, and after that he appeared here.

I didn't expect.

He had recovered his memory!

Bang Bang Bang!

Lu Fei beat hard, finally heard the sound of talking outside: "Do not shoot! Dog thing, play a few years Shen Qingyin still do not know enough, to blame, you should not be that door-to-door son-in-law."

Another person suddenly sighed: "Speaking of which, tonight's banquet at the Shen family's old residence must be very exciting, right? Hongzhou's first beauty Shen Qingyin agreed to our Mr. He's marriage proposal, and then spend the night together, hehehe."

"This kid is also counted unlucky, messing with who is not good, messing with Mr. He, this is good, but also carrying a black pot ......"

"Hey, Mr. He forced on the pussy last night also looks good, but unfortunately this kid was injected with sleeping pills, or that thing, hey ...... may also be able to enjoy some more."

"All right, don't say it, not this thing, that how Shen Qingyin may agree, another scandal, Shen Qingyin that mother and daughter can be finished ...... work work, buried hurry up, after a while, this can be a reservoir, who would have thought that someone was buried here. "

The sound of digging sounded, in Lu Fei's ears, unusually clear.

As if the trumpet of death.

Little by little approaching.

Lu Fei's eyes opened in anger, did not expect this He Shengli so vicious, to bury himself alive!

Bang, bang, bang!

He desperately beat, but only the mockery of the man outside: "Do not bother, this is tempered glass, the average person simply can not break open, you just wait here to die."


Lu Fei suddenly let out a roar of rage.


It was the Langya Pavilion Master, Caesar!

How could he be held down by this tiny coffin when he had fought outside and died nine times!

His limbs muscles bulged, a sinew, like gnarled dragons, intricate coils.

"Give me a break!" Lu Fei slapped out with a palm.


The glass panel of the coffin above was actually violently broken by him, and the fresh air mixed with soaring dust came to his nose.

Lu Fei hands grasping the broken edge of the sharp glass, piercing his hands.

But this pain, but can not resist the anger inside him.

Killing people to take their wives!

Buried alive!

This kind of thing, since it is not a common denominator!

Lu Fei jumped out of the pit, the three people outside, their faces changed greatly, did not expect such hard glass can not stop this kid, this guy is a monster?

If Lu Fei ran away, then their lives would be finished.

"Catch him!"

The leader of a man roared, carrying a shovel and smashed towards Lu Fei.

"I have no intention of leaving!" Lu Fei's face was cold, as if he was a god of war coming from the nine heavens.

Lu Fei's right foot picked.

A baby fist-sized stone at his feet flew up, his right hand shot, the stone actually flew out with bullet-like speed.


The stone hit the first man's neck, the sound of cracking rang out, the man's right hand reached for his throat, but found that the stone was actually embedded in his neck!


How could the man not expect that Lu Fei, a security guard, had such strength!

His eyes widened and his heart was filled with a strong sense of regret as he fell to the ground with a bang.

The remaining two stopped in their tracks and looked at Lu Fei as if a demon god had descended, how could they have imagined that Lu Fei was so terrifying!

"You guys, also go down to accompany him." Lu Fei's tone was indifferent, "This coffin, as a meeting gift from me to you."


The sky resounded with a thunder, the wind instantly rose, the empty and silent reservoir, looking unusually bleak.

Half an hour later.

Lu Fei drove his minivan toward Hongzhou.

Pouring rain fell and washed away the battlefield behind him.

Can not wash away, Lu Fei body of anger.

He returned this time, it is necessary to do three things, one is to abolish He Shengli, two is to force Shen Zhijun to show himself and find the whereabouts of his parents, three is to take his parents, back to the Lu family.

He has to ask grandfather!

The king and the marquis, rather than have the seed!

He has to ask grandfather!

His mother's family is poor, and what is wrong with that!

Lu Fei did not immediately rush to the Shen family, but drove the car to the rental house, he still had blood on his body, it is impossible to wear these clothes to meet Shen Qingyin.

His identity, for the time being, could not be exposed!

If Shen Zhijun knew that he was Caesar, how would he dare to come back!

Since Shen Qingyin had been treating him as someone who resembled Caesar, let it be so for now.

Before he could stop the car, a black Rolls Royce appeared in front of him. Seeing the license plate number, Lu Fei's eyelids jumped twice, the license plate was the car of the Jiangnan Lu family.

What are they doing here?

And how did they find this place?

A good Lu family, he has not yet gone to look for them, did not expect that the Lu family is personally looking for them.


Lu Fei parked the car at a distance, his right hand gently pressed the horn, the Rolls-Royce in front seemed to sense something and quickly drove the car over.

The car door opened.

A white-haired old man stepped down from the car, tears in his eyes: "Young master, I finally found you! Come back to the Lu family with me, the old man is dying."

Lu Fei recognized the person who came, it was the Lu family's butler, Uncle Zhang.

Hearing the other party's words, Lu Fei sneered: "Can't make it? I'm just a dog of the Lu family, I lost it, so what are you looking for me for now."

"Young master, master he has a hard time." Zhang Bo wiped the tears at the corner of his eyes with a tissue, "As long as you are willing to go back, the family assets will all be transferred to your name ......"

"Family assets? How much can the total assets of the Lu family, even hundreds of billions, in my eyes, it is only the wealth of ants." Lu Fei sneered, "If my father had not insisted, I would have changed my surname long ago, you guys go."

"Young master ......"

"If the person who killed me did not reveal some information, I really thought, you are here waiting for my death." Lu Fei sneered, walked straight towards the rental house, "Dispose of the car cleanly, this is even if your Lu family made up for me, from now on, the end of the world on each side."

"Young master - the master built a business for you in Hongzhou in early years, the Skywolf Group is your industry!"

Uncle Zhang hurriedly chased after him.

"Skywolf Group?"

Lu Fei glanced at Uncle Zhang, this enterprise, in just a few years' time, was the number one enterprise in Hongzhou, and the chairman, Xiao Dingshan, had even become the richest man in Hongzhou.

I didn't expect that this Skywolf Group was actually the Lu family's industry.

Uncle Zhang walked to Lu Fei and knelt down: "Young master! Master said, even if you don't forgive him, please accept the Skywolf Group, young master!"

"Please take the Skywolf Group, Young Master!"

The four bodyguards behind him also came up and knelt in front of Lu Fei.

When passersby saw this scene, they were all stunned and didn't understand what was happening at all.

Just shouting the Skywolf Group what the hell?

Isn't that the company of the richest man, Xiao Ding Shan?

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