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Chapter 18: The perfect business plan

Shen Qingyin is indeed worried about the project book, so busy in the company for such a long time do not have a favorite project book.

Thinking that Xu Shaoyang is working in a big company, her eyesight must be different, she hesitated for a moment, but finally agreed to it.

After dinner.

The two came to the study, the confined space, so Shen Qingyin more or less uncomfortable.

But thinking of her mother is still at home, Shen Qingyin did not say anything, Xu Shaoyang talking about his ideas, indeed let Shen Qingyin some more thoughts.


Just at this time.

The door to the study opened.

Lu Fei came back at some point.

Shen Qingyin was sitting in a row with Xu Shaoyang, when she saw Lu Fei, she subconsciously had to get up.

"Qingyin, I think there's something wrong with this too." Xu Shaoyang pretended not to see Lu Fei, reached out and tugged Shen Qingyin's arm, signaling her to take a look.

Shen Qingyin had to sit down and listen carefully, after all, the advice Xu Shaoyang raised was very helpful, her mind already had a rough framework, but still wanted to listen more and think about it.

When Xu Shaoyang finished, he cleared his throat, and only then pretended to have time to pay attention to Lu Fei: "You pour us two glasses of water over, what are you doing standing there, you can't understand it anyway."

Shen Qingyin apologetically looked at Lu Fei: "Lu Fei, please help pour a glass of water, my side of the planning book a little problem, Shaoyang to help me look."

"Just now he said no." Lu Fei shook his head.

The room was instantly quiet.

Xu Shaoyang look at Lu Fei with a look of idiocy: "What are you pretending, you can not be so careful, I and Qingyin in the room can just talk about things, did not do anything, you do not have low self-esteem to, think I gave you a cuckold, right?"

"Shaoyang ......"

Shen Qingyin interrupted Xu Shaoyang's words.

She got up and walked to Lu Fei: "Lu Fei you go back to your room to rest first, I'll pour the water ......"

"The Skywolf Group will not look at the real estate project you just mentioned. Nowadays, real estate has basically peaked, and if we continue to invest, all the corporate funds will be tied up there, and even the Sirius Group will not likely do such a thankless job."

Lu Fei ignored Shen Qingyin and slowly spoke, "The Sirius Group invests in many projects overseas, among which the most preferred one should also be the cultural tourism city, which can be said to be their future direction."

"What are you talking about!" Xu Shaoyang was furious, "You're a security guard, do you know these things?!"

"This is the information I collected this afternoon, you can take a look."

Lu Fei handed the information to Shen Qingyin's hand.

Shen Qingyin looked down and flipped through it, and looked at Lu Fei in surprise, thinking that Lu Fei really looked like a different person.

These points were well-reasoned and clearly organized, and they even mapped out the intentions of the senior management of the Skywolf Group, even better than what Xu Shaoyang had said.

"Lu Fei, did you write all these?" Shen Qingyin was surprised.

"I collected the summaries." Lu Fei smiled, "I'm just a security guard, I don't know anything."

A word that made Xu Shaoyang blush.

Just the summary he also read, really did not expect Lu Fei analysis so well.

Xu Shaoyang, who originally wanted to continue to pretend, suddenly found that the pushes were all finished by Lu Fei, and he was an understanding person, so of course he knew that the direction Lu Fei had dug out through the traces was probably really the future target of the senior management of Skywolf Group.

He left Shen's house in a grey manner.

Sitting in the car, his heart was full of resentment, originally thinking that if he mixed up the position of general manager, Shen Qingyin would be able to give him a high regard and would even hope for him.

But unexpectedly.

Lu Fei suddenly popped up.

He had a feeling that if the other companies did not seize this point, it was likely to be defeated by Shen Qingyin.

No way!

He absolutely could not allow this to happen.

He wanted Shen Qingyin to lose, and then kneel in front of him and beg him for help.

After thinking about it, Xu Shaoyang flipped out Shen Qianqian's number and called over: "Qianqian hasn't seen you for a long time, I heard that you're busy with the Skywolf Group's project book recently? I happen to have some news on my side, I don't know if you want it."

Shen Qianqian did not expect Xu Shaoyang to call her, at first she really did not care, but when she heard Xu Shaoyang say the direction of investment, she was surprised.

Knowing that this matter, Shen Qingyin has been in the implementation, Shen Qianqian heart a sinking.

Not caring about the meeting, she immediately met with Xu Shaoyang, and finally left with a happy face.

In her mind, the words of Xu Shaoyang echoed: "You only need to perfect this business plan, leave the rest to me, I will make that business plan of Shen Qingyin turn into other contents."

"I want Shen Qingyin to lose, let him come and beg me, I don't expect her to be able to win."

The last sentence.

On the other hand, it made Shen Qianqian's heart feel at ease.

Of course she knew that Xu Shaoyang liked Shen Qingyin, but she still had great disdain in her heart, a broken shoe who was already married, what was so good about it.

The day after tomorrow's ball.

Maybe we can still meet Young Master Lu, then she must ask the other side, the bride price, is not given to her.

Time is passing by.

In the blink of an eye it was the day of the ball, Shen Qingyin's mood became apprehensive.

In the morning, the companies have sent their materials over, now waiting for the evening launch, I heard that this launch, the young master of the Lu family will also appear.

This is one more variable for Shen Qingyin.

In case those things were really sent to Shen Qianqian, then her project book, no matter how excellent and bright it was, the cooperation of the Skywolf Group, would not fall into her hands.

Before going to the Ivory Tower Hotel, Shen Qingyin came to the Shen family, and Old Mrs. Shen once again emphasized the importance of this cooperation and the position of the general manager.

It is also considered to give Shen Qingyin and Shen Chao siblings a boost, no matter what, the contract must be taken this time.

Come to the hotel, inside the opulent, walking on the red carpet of the hotel, have a full sense of superiority.

Media reporters also hurriedly arrived and stood on both sides, but all eyes were directed to the hall on the right, where someone was actually preparing a luxurious birthday banquet.

Even with the Skywolf Group's ball today, the other party didn't give in, so it seems to be a big shot, right?

"Could it be Young Master Lu?" Shen Qianqian looked at her brother with some excitement, "Do you think it's possible that today Young Master Lu is about to announce which girl of our Shen family he has his eye on?"

"Except for Young Master Lu, I'm afraid no one dares to hold a banquet by the Skywolf Ball venue." Shen Chao nodded, "It is likely to be Lu Shao, sister, congratulations in advance."

The two glanced at Shen Qingyin.

Shen Qingyin carried a bag of clothes, is talking to the waiter what, see the situation Shen Qianqian sneered: "really will pretend, may be what is exposed clothes, do not dare to wear in front of the grandmother, have to mention here to change."

Seeming to notice the gaze of the two, Shen Qingyin stole a glance, and pretended to ignore it.

Just when he and the waiter were about to go change, a man suddenly came over: "Hello Chief Qingyin, our Mr. Xiao wants to see you and talk to you about cooperation."

Xiao Shao?

Shen Qingyin froze for a moment, then nodded her head and agreed, probably knowing who Xiao Shao was, Xiao Ding Shan's youngest son, Xiao Lang.

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