The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 11: The unexpected truth

The other end of the phone.

A silence fell for a time, interspersed with a hint of choking, and murmuring sounds.

"I knew it, I knew the boss wouldn't die, damn it, I must be dreaming, dreaming about the boss again ......"

"You're not dreaming." Lu Fei's tone became gentle, "Beast, listen to me first, I've lost my memory over the years, and I just woke up. I'm in Hongzhou, my body is still injured, you send my things over."

"Boss! It's really you! Great!"

"Boss you're not dead! You're really not dead, I knew you wouldn't die, do you know how I've been living all these years? I can't think about tea, I can't sleep all night ...... and I'm not even in the mood to pick up girls, I ......"

"Well, you pressed into my hair." On the other side of the phone, suddenly came a woman's confused voice.


"Okay, send the stuff." Lu Fei was too lazy to chatter with Qin Shou, and he continued to fight with him, nine tenths of the time, Qin Shou was talking.

"I'm rushing over." The sound of bed creaking came from Qin Shou's side, "By the way boss, there is that iron box, should I bring it to you."

"Iron box?" Lu Fei froze for a moment, only then remembered that year from the half-immortal Chen gave him something.

More than that, he had told him a saying.

Forget the former dust, the iron box open, the fate of the character change.

The golden lynx is not a thing in the pool, once the wind and clouds will turn into a dragon.

The box hides the way to change the fate against the sky, but at first Lu Fei did not believe, the box was thrown in the corner of the room.

Rather unexpectedly, after he disappeared, Qin Shou put this thing together.

"Bring it here together." Lu Fei had a hunch in his heart that maybe this time he could really open the iron box, "But you be careful, my current wife is the same Shen Qingyin that I met at Haver, she doesn't know my identity now, you better not show up."

"Shen Qingyin?" Qin Shou froze for a moment, "It can't be such a coincidence, right? Boss, in fact, you do not need to be afraid, when you left, I helped her pave the way, that old man of the Shen family is dead? If dead, the head of the Shen family should be her, right?"

"What do you mean?" Lu Fei's face was chilled, there seems to be another story here.

"It's a long story, it has to start from the time when a few of us bet ......" Qin Shou gave full play to his strengths, obviously three minutes to speak clearly, froze and said twenty minutes.

Lu Fei probably understood.

When Qin Shou accidentally learned that Shen Qingyin had been waiting for Lu Fei, he was a bit upset and felt that their initial joke was a bit too much.

He found Elder Shen, talked to the other side of the conditions to help the Shen family out of the predicament, the premise is to let Shen Qingyin become the head of the family.

He also gave Master Shen a sum of money, when Shen Qingyin later married, as her dowry.

Master Shen is also very satisfied with Shen Qingyin, quickly agreed to down, it is so, Shen's group is developing smoothly, later because of Lu Fei accident, Qin Shou knew that Master Shen is critically ill, did not care about Shen's group.

He thought.

Shen Qingyin has become the head of the family!

But I did not expect that the Shen family's power was still in the hands of Old Lady Shen, and the Shen family used some means to completely take away the rights of Shen Qingyin's successor.

Lu Fei's heart was filled with anger!

It turned out that Shen Qingyin itself should be the family head, she should not have worked so hard to re-fight for it, and even if she fought with all her might, the final position of family head may not be hers.

"I didn't expect these people to be sinister enough." Qin Shou cursed over there, "Boss, wait for me, I'll be right over, by the way boss, I also found a book when I packed your things."

"You also used to write novels? Your literary talent is good ah, is this protagonist is a bit fucked up, with the fucking beast, no moral bottom line ......"

"Fuck off! That's the fucking diary of the old man."

Lu Fei hung up the phone, his gaze became more and more indifferent.

The faces of the Shen family people, now look a little disgusting, now the Shen family's wealth, it can be said that all his wife's.

These people, how shameless, sucking her wife's blood, and even planted evidence to drive her wife out of the Shen family!

In Lu Fei's mind, he once again remembered the girl who followed behind her, quietly holding the book.

He walked step by step toward the elevator, murmuring in a low voice.

Qing Yin.

You waited for me for so many years, this time, I will definitely not negative your friendship again.

Taking the elevator, Lu Fei arrived at the first floor, just out of the elevator, thinking about things, Lu Fei collided with a woman.

"You don't have eyes!" The woman scolded.

"Sorry." Lu Fei helped the other party pick up the documents, and when he saw the person in front of him, he froze for a moment.

Chen Xiaojuan.

His ex-girlfriend when he was at school in Hongzhou, when the two almost graduated and got married, but unfortunately, Chen Xiaojuan later ran away with a rich man.

When he came back three years ago, he saw Chen Xiaojuan many times, but the other party completely treated him as a spare tire, and used him to get around, and then he joined the Shen family is no longer in contact.

"Lu Fei? What are you doing here, aren't you here to apply for a job as a security guard?" Chen Xiaojuan looked up and down at Lu Fei and sneered, "You do not open your eyes to see where this is, just you? I'm afraid you're not even worthy to be a security guard."

"Xiaojuan, you work here?" Lu Fei curious.

"Does it matter to you." Chen Xiaojuan stern face, "Lu Fei I warn you, do not tell anyone in this building that you know me."

Chen Xiaojuan snatched the document from Lu Fei's hand, pulled out a tissue from the bag, very disgusted wipe: "Okay you go, right tomorrow's reunion, remember what I told you last time, we did not contact after graduation."

Lu Fei stared at Chen Xiaojuan's departing back, his expression indifferent.

I'm afraid Chen Xiaojuan will never know, she gave up what kind of character, this life she will regret for life.

Turning out his phone, Lu Fei found the group of classmates who had not moved for many days.

In the chat log.

Many people were taunting him, snubbing him to go to the class reunion, and poor myself at that time, still full of promise down.

The company's main goal is to provide a good service to its customers.

Then he will go to see these ridiculous and pathetic people.

Lu Fei came to the door.

A middle-aged man with white temples hurriedly came over, the other person wore golden eyes and had a lean, literate appearance.

The person who came was none other than Li Daoming.

"Court ...... Mr. Lu!" Li Daoming looked at Lu Fei full of excitement and almost shouted out his mouth.

"Take me to the auction." Lu Fei's tone was cold and indifferent, without the slightest emotion.

He remembered that old Mrs. Shen was very fond of the villa of Water Mirror Villa, and even saved a lot of money just for the auction this evening.

Once the auction was won.

Old Mrs. Shen is ready to move the Shen family's old house to the water mirror Villa, originally Lu Fei indifferent, but now it matters.

Because the money spent on this should have been his wife's!

It was her dowry money!

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