The fast penetration of the full level big brother is female match

The fast penetration of the full level big brother is female match

Author:kong you zi
Chapters:101 | 0.0


The female match is beautiful and enchanting, the female match has an illustrious family, the female match is talented and beautiful, the female match is ruthless and spicy, the female match can be salt and sweet ...... The female with a thousand good, but female match is ultimately short-lived brain-damaged female match. As a nearly all-powerful but idle full level big brother, shaking light do not understand why they always wear into the female match? It is the so-called female supporting role, female supporting soul, female supporting are people on people, people on people in line with her big brother identity? Wearing into a group of being descended wisdom, being brain-damaged, by the sky cool king broken female match, shaking light after thinking calmly, do what can not, eat what is not left of the dry rice people is ultimately a dream, so determined to live a different style, become an ancestor of the world, the world's division, the Lord of the world!

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