The end of the world female emperor also cultivate immortality

The end of the world female emperor also cultivate immortality

Author:hua tu
Chapters:81 | 5.0


In order to take away her family's property company, those people made a play for eighteen years, until the time of scattered life to know that this life is a joke. She was drained of her crystal nucleus, stripped of her psychic abilities, and had her blood drawn to become an experiment, and her heart was cold. The truth is that I have a crippled foot, I learned that my mother was killed by anger, Mu Yu broke into the SS nest for her, I can no longer bear to troop the heart of anger, with the last ounce of strength to crush the jade bracelet! My own bracelet, is broken, and not cheap hypocrites. Rebirth of the post-apocalyptic third day, was able to enter the bracelet space, become the master of the space, and worship into the 'Extreme Spiritual Sect' inherit the position of young patriarch. Everything is reshuffled. Xia Qianxi: If people harm me, I will kill people, if the sky deceives me, I will rebel against the sky! In this life, the only thing that will not be negative. In the last life, Xie Weier used her space to sit at the peak of fame and fortune, known as the 'Goddess of Purification'. This is the first time I've ever seen a woman in the world. The first thing you need to do is to get a new one. I just changed things in with a straight face. In the last life, Li Asming called her a pig and was disgusted every minute we were together. In this life, how can I let him see a pig again? Xia Qianxi looked at the man who was dying of hunger and pretended to be affectionate, sighed and said: "Do not change this plate of braised pork, do not you know that he is most disgusting pig? And this value of one hundred crystal nucleus hot spring vegetables and one hundred crystal nucleus special tribute rice are served down, Mr. Li flowing noble blood, good character, now no money will not credit for food to eat, you do not insult his noble character." The last days vegetables are precious, space vegetables are too much, open a store, start selling vegetables tomorrow. Precious water in the last days, space spring water is too much, open a store, tomorrow start selling water. The last days meat is precious, space running pig too much, open a store, tomorrow start selling pork. Precious space in the last days, space jade too much, open a store, tomorrow start selling jade space. The last days of the strong man precious, around the strong man too much, open a store, tomorrow - "Xiao Xi, say what?" A pair of eyes or charm or evil look at her ~ ~ It is estimated that one table is not enough, heh heh heh - The first thing that Missy wanted to do was to take revenge, cultivate an immortal, and when she was successful, take her loyal dog and jump away from this post-apocalyptic world, but who can explain how this path went astray? Note: The female lead in this article is not a saintly mother, dark master see scheming. The main man is not a saintly father, powerful and spoiled with ideas. The first thing you need to do is to look at the pattern of abuse and love of the white lotus saint mother of the pro caution.

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