The Demon King Addicted to Robbing the Bride

The Demon King Addicted to Robbing the Bride

Author:xian you
Chapters:455 | 3.2


A thousand years of grudges and feuds, who is playing in the palm of their hands? The devil loves to steal the marriage, the heavenly ruler protects his wife, the little hedgehog in line with the noble ideal of "sitting on the immortal, do the queen of heaven, magic power", and finally where does the love return? But with the fairy to the god of flowers was born an identical look, why the little hedgehog has become the gods and demons of the war plate food? Even if the body full of thorns upside down, you are not afraid to be pierced with a thousand holes and blood, but also to hug me a hug? But what the devil is grabbing, what the heavenly ruler is protecting, is it an old love from a thousand years ago, or a fleeting reflection? Falling thousand flowers, falling thousand flowers, falling thousand flowers you do not pick up ...... ------ ---------- ---------- -- The newest book, "The Little Savage Wife", is being serialized in 17K, with humorous rebirth style. The book friends group 111042948, the knocker is to enter the name of your favorite character

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