The daily practice of immortality by the scrappy sister

The daily practice of immortality by the scrappy sister

Author:cao mu lin
Chapters:9 | 0.0


"The system is not a series of sweet little coats. After Jiang Leyan wears a book, she is determined to cultivate immortality. As a genius, her cultivation level is increasing by leaps and bounds. The only problem is the system that black-hearted cotton, every day issued sand carved tasks, not to complete the kind of lightning struck. Bitter, even the tribulation is the darling of the heavenly dao without the thunderbolt, she was actually coerced every day, yielding to the force of the system. On how to avoid the villain big brother and fiancé blackened on the road to the devil? A: Then use the warmth of love to touch him. System: "Ding! What to save you, my blackened fiancé series. Please host within ten minutes to express the gushing love for the eldest brother, the number of words is not less than twenty words, failure please accept the punishment of lightning, success will get ......" Jiang Le Yan expected the big brother is certainly not nearby, the voice is particularly loud and boisterous: "I love the big brother most in this world, I crave him to cook the red meat for a long time!" Damn the system actually automatically wind through the muffled sound. "I crave him for a long time la ...... la ...... la ......" echoed in the air... ... More tragically, feeling the atmosphere is not right Jiang Le Yan turned to the ink-clad, clear dust, stunning posture of the figure, instantly stiffened. Su Yexun is distressed and enjoyable, suddenly his long-lost fiancée has become his little sister. The senior sister is white and soft and beautiful, but overly sandy. ---- Jiang Le Yan: "My life is up to me, not the sky, free and happy immortal." Su night Xun: "Forever and ever, you are mine, and only mine! The world for the sacrifice, for you into the devil into the cycle of reincarnation, only wish you peace and freedom."

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